The youth of Instagram. Who are these young people who drop everything to become an influencer?

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Fashion photos, partnerships with major brands, product placement… Every year, hundreds of young people embark on the business of influence marketing on Instagram . An activity that interests more and more brands. But who are these young people propelled to the rank of starlet of social networks?

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On Instagram, Cyrielle questions her followers, the people who subscribe to her account. The 24-year-old blonde has nearly 10,000. On her profile, hundreds of photos. Fashion or travel. And almost with each post, Cyrielle does not forget to mention the name of the brand that offered her the garment or the trip and offer a promo code to users. On average, snaps have 1,000 likes and 200 comments.

Like dozens of young people, Cyrielle has embarked on influencer marketing on Instagram. “I was a nurse for 2 years, I had a stable situation with a permanent contract. But it didn't fit anymore. I discovered the world of social media marketing. I said to myself, if I want to try my luck, it's now or never”.

As a result, Cyrielle has become what is called an influencer or a certified Instagram account . For remuneration or exchange of gifts, Cyrielle must post, all day long, pictures of her wearing the clothes or products of a brand and advertise them. “At first, we had to approach brands to offer them my services, but it was very complicated: I had few subscribers and therefore low visibility. Today it's different, it's the brands themselves that appeal to me. If they are small brands, they send us a message on Instagram or through specialized platforms. But the well-known brands, rather appeal to communication agencies. “Today Cyrielle, life of this activity but on this subject, she still wishes to remain discreet but admits to earning between 500 and 1000 euros per photo.

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Selling your image, along with products on social networks. Each year, only a dozen manage to cross the course. Because to become an influencer , the path is still complicated.

At 26, Ophélie also dreams of becoming an influencer. In vain. On several occasions, the young blogger tries to canvass brands . “With 2,000 subscribers, brands give us little importance. It must not be profitable for them. »

But without a partnership with brands, it is difficult for her to increase her number of subscribers and become a celebrity on the networks. “It's a vicious circle, if you have partnerships with brands, it gives you more credibility and visibility . »

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become an instagram influencer is a site specializing in the promotion of social networks and in particular on Instagram. The agency undertakes for a fee to boost the number of followers , likes on your posts , views and comments. The results are visible within a maximum of 24 hours. Depending on the formula chosen, the Instagram account can grow from a few hundred followers to several hundred thousand.

Profiting from the rise of Instagram has become a goal for many young people. 1 billion users since the app was created in 2010. According to a study by influencer marketing agency Reech, 69.2% of influencers say Instagram is the preferred social network for posting content in 2018, compared to 42.9% in 2017.

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