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How to get more views on Youtube

Advertise on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube can attract a large number of potential customers. It's a good choice compared to television, which remains a medium that can only be used by advertisers with very large budgets.

Unlike television, advertising on YouTube is very affordable and offers many advantages. Today Youtube has over 4 billion active users and 4 million videos uploaded daily.

For this reason, it is important to go all out to compete against the competition. Advertising on Youtube is a good way to promote your videos and attract more followers. Here are the steps to follow for this.

Create a Google Ads account

The first thing to do is to create your Youtube channel. To do this, you only need to provide a Gmail address. Once this is done, you must also create an account on Adwords. Adwords is a tool allowing you to manage your ads in real time. You will also be able to access related statistics.

Youtube ad

Adwords is a tool allowing you to manage your ads in real time. You will also be able to access related statistics. Your Youtube account and your Google Ads account must be linked for the insertion of ads in your content to be functional. In fact, it's Google Ads that will automatically sort and send ads in your content.

Determine promotional goals

Today, YouTube's Trueview ads can be set up directly from the Google Adwords interface, simplifying ad campaign management. Therefore, you can use the various tools provided in the Adwords interface to precisely optimize your campaigns.

In all, there are two types of ad formats namely: instream trueview ad and discovery trueview ad. First of all, you must therefore determine what your promotional objective is and what type of ad you want to put forward.

Instream Advertising

The trueview instream ad is an ad that appears in the middle of your Youtube video. The Internet user will therefore have the choice of ignoring the ad after 5 seconds or reading it to the end.

The discovery trueview ad, on the other hand, allows a small advertising banner to appear at the bottom or on the right.

Youtube ad

Masthead banners: this format corresponds to an illustration of 970 × 250 pixels. If the user clicks, it can be expanded to a 970×500 pixel version.

Masthead banners for mobile: they appear on the home page of all versions of mobile phones and tablets.

Standard banners: they are published on various Google websites (Google Finance). They have a 300 × 250 or 300 × 60 format related to the video.

Once you have determined your objective, you can log into your Google Ads account and click on the “new campaign” button.

Personalize your campaign

After clicking on "new campaign", you can now choose your objective. It can thus be a sale of products or the search for prospects. To set up your campaign, simply choose from the offers offered.

You must select the video campaign and then associate it with a campaign objective. Then there are four content you can choose for your campaign: auction type, delivery network, targeting, and call to action.

For the auction type, you can choose the maximum amount of what you want to pay daily.

For the broadcast network, you have the choice between sharing your ad exclusively on Youtube or also on Google.

For targeting, you choose the age, city, gender, and any characteristics of the people you want to reach with your ads.

For the call to action, it will be a question of redirecting Internet users to your site.

Study your campaign

You've finished customizing your campaign. Now, all you have to do is analyze the data and the related statistics. It is advisable to do this regularly. This will allow you on the one hand to control your ads, but also to manage them in real time in order to be able to improve them.

To set up campaign content, you need to set the budget and bid type for your video. The advantage lies in the formality. In fact, you only pay for Internet users who have viewed at least 30 seconds or who have interacted with your video.

You can also expand the distribution network either only on You Tube or on all Google networks and these hundreds of partner sites.

Depending on your theme, have the ease of targeting your potential subscribers to have more credibility and notoriety. It is important to target the audience by selecting specific locations including countries, cities, regions...

You also need to do call-to-action. It's about sending people to your website or channel to learn more about your video.

Promotion campaign

After the launch of the video, it is advisable to analyze the promotion campaign. Indeed, advertising campaigns on YouTube can be modified according to your needs and desires.

As you go, analytics involves tracking your ad, audience, and interactions on your video. This also allows you to test the different formats, auctions and targeting criteria. It's a way to optimize ongoing campaigns to be in line with your objectives.

You also need to target your potential customers. You don't need to show ads to all users, only to users who might be interested in your products or services: sports, cooking, fashion, video games, etc.…

You also need to measure your performance and simply figure out how to improve it. Get real-time stats on how users react to your video ads. This will allow you to evaluate performance and see how to optimize it.

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