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How to become an influencer

Many people want to undertake in the field of digital influence. It has become a recurring and fashionable fact on social networks, especially on Instagram. Since there are more than 800 million active users per month, Instagram has therefore become a fertile ground for the sale or promotion of a product and therefore for obtaining profit.

Indeed, most purchases made by followers are based on recommendations from influencers . This is exactly their role, influencers exist to influence purchases. In addition, the influencer will be charged for each post made. This can quickly escalate depending on your reputation .

This is also the reason why many people want to become an Instagram influencer . This section will give you extensive information on this, but above all answer the question, how to become an influencer ?

Become an influencer

Define a point of interest

To be among the most reputable influencers on the web, you must first define your center of interest. As an influencer, you will need to research and post content in your chosen area of ​​interest that you know best. It is therefore important to choose an area that you are passionate about , that matches your personality and on which you will like to spend your time.

You must therefore master your subject and feed your page with everything that revolves around your center of interest. Your posts should reflect what interests you. And your Instagram feed should have a good balance of posts on all of these topics.

Automate your instagram account

You must accelerate the development of your community by performing mass actions. To increase your Instagram visibility , it is advisable to follow and like. To boost your account, you need to formulate a content strategy and perform several actions by automating your instagram account.

Create a Remarkable Biography

To become an influencer , it is important to create a bio that captures people's attention. But not only, to engage people to follow you, your bio must be able to tell your story in an attractive way. Above all, you have to handle the art of storytelling.

It's the first thing potential subscribers notice first, so it's an important part of making a good first impression. To influence others to like what you post, your posts must not go unnoticed.

Share your stories

Obviously the photos speak for themselves especially if they represent a place or a product. Still, you should not overlook the accompanying caption to get more instagram followers . A story is another way to communicate with your followers. You need to stay authentic as much as possible in order to gain more likes and subscribers.

Moreover, the brands of brands attach great importance to the number of subscribers . Therefore, your posts must imperatively be well received by Internet users to have a high enough engagement rate.

Boost your instafeed

As an influencer, it is a prerequisite to adhere to a general theme and to make your photos visually appealing. Some influencers follow a particular editing style for photos. They must be taken in high resolution and the photos in the feeds must look good.

Some influencers prefer to mix in some content from their personal lives, to better connect with their audience. Adding posts about their daily life helps influencers seem more authentic and closer to their audience. This strengthens their bond with their audience.

Switch to a professional account

If you intend to become an influencer , you should upgrade to a business account, as this opens up many more possibilities including becoming certified . Most platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook offer the possibility to create a business account in the profile settings.

On this professional account, you can access additional information. Along with seeing the demographics of your followers, you'll also get insights into which posts are driving better engagement . In particular the favorable days and hours for making publications.

Subscriber demographics are one of the best ways to nurture and work with brand names. The figures show the notoriety of your account. Indeed, data speaks louder than pictures. The possible collaborations therefore depend on these famous demographic data of the subscribers.

Besides, a business account also allows you to run ads. To promote your account, ad campaigns can be inserted into your posts. It is a relevant solution to obtain other additional commitments.

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Choose good hashtags

To allow other users to find you, you need to choose the right hashtags . On each photo to be published, Instagram allows the use of 30 hashtags . To optimize your account, it would be a good idea to choose a combination of hashtags whose search volume varies between 10,000 and 1 million.


 Why ? Because hashtags with low search volumes that don't exceed more than a million are likely to get more engagements. You will therefore have a better chance of appearing and being highlighted with an unpopular hashtag.

 Use instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to attract potential followers. Over 200 million Instagram users share posts in stories. In addition, stories are visible to all users, even those who are not your subscribers.

To gain visibility, it is advisable to put hashtags or a link to your stories. In this way, many users can discover you. Also, if you have more than 10,000 followers , use the "swipe up" option to include an outbound link in your stories.

Tag and contact relevant brands

To start a campaign on Instagram, the easiest way to do this is to tag relevant brands on your posts. To contact them, join other platforms including Grin, InsihtPool, HYPR, etc. to collaborate with relevant brands.

But before you get to that stage, remember to meaningfully engage with your followers. Engagement makes it possible to attract potential subscribers and gain notoriety. Feel free to respond to comments, conduct surveys, give feedback as much as possible. These tips help increase your engagement with your followers.

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