How to get more views on Youtube?

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How to get more views on YouTube?

Youtube views

Becoming a Youtuber is not as easy as it seems. To succeed in this area, you have to combine good visibility and quality content. The number of views of each video determines the number of times the video has been played by users. Therefore, the higher this number, the more visible your videos are on Youtube. Obviously, it is not easy to obtain a considerable number of views at once, especially when you start unless you buy your Youtube views . Nevertheless, there are several 100% free ways to get more views on Youtube.

First of all, you should know that Youtube has a referencing system based on the following criteria: the title of the video, the description of the video, the keywords used in the description of the video, the duration of the video, the number of subscribers, comments, blue thumbs and red thumbs (likes and dislikes) and sharing of the video on other social networks.

SEO techniques

After Google, Youtube is considered the second largest search engine in the world. For this reason, its statistics are staggering: 4 billion active users, 4 billion views per day and more than 100 hours of videos uploaded per hour. With these impressive numbers, you have to know how to guide the users most likely to be interested in your Youtube channel to see your videos. For this, the simplest technique is natural referencing or SEO.

As we mentioned earlier, the description of the video plays a convincing role in the referencing of the latter once put online. So you should not skimp on this step.

The description of your video should be as complete as possible. The more detailed it is, the more you allow Google to reference your video. To do this, opt for a description of 250 to 350 words, highlighting the keywords related to your theme.

You should also not forget to put keywords when uploading your video. Choose simple keywords, likely to be typed in the search engine: the more the better!

We agree: finding relevant keywords is not easy. However, you can choose to use the “Google Trends” tool.

Share your channel

SEO plays an important role in your video's SEO, but it's not enough. Like any brand or company, the key to good visibility is advertising and image promotion.

To be more succinct, you should share your channel on social networks or forums. Nevertheless, it is necessary to determine which community do you want to target. To do this, there is nothing more effective than joining communities likely to bring together people interested in the subject of your videos.

Youtube sharing

Do you have a cooking channel? Why not join the groups or pages on Facebook with the theme of cooking?

Similarly, if you have a channel that talks about marketing, you can choose to join networks like LinkedIn, or others.

The more you post, the more likely you are to attract new subscribers. However, you should not spam the communities you join. Indeed, you must do everything to be active on these, so as to increase your visibility.

It is to avoid this risk of spam that it is important to determine the communities likely to be interested in your videos before sharing them.

Arouse the interest of Internet users

Once people click on the links you've shared on the forums, you've successfully completed the first step: attracting new people to your channel.

However, this is not enough. You then need to encourage them to subscribe to you and leave a thumbs up or a like. You can also ask them to click on the little notification bell, so that they don't miss any of your new videos.

You have understood: do not hesitate above all to make “call to action”. If you're starting your channel, it's best to make it a call to action at the start of the video and another one at the end of the video.

Youtube features also allow you to embed “subscribe” buttons directly into the video. From the moment you have more and more subscribers, Youtube put your videos forward because it will judge that your content is interesting.

Today, even the greatest Youtubers never forget these calls to action: it proves that they remain an important step for the development of the Youtube channel.

The number of subscribers is therefore a determining factor in improving your visibility. Blue thumbs are less important. However, they allow Youtube to determine if your videos are likely to attract more people. Therefore, if this number is high, you are more likely to end up on the first page of searches.

Feel free to create playlists

Attracting new subscribers is one thing, but keeping them is quite another. In order to retain your subscribers, do not hesitate to reorganize your videos daily. If you have several themes, you can create playlists.

Your subscribers will then be more likely to come across several videos in a row that may be of interest to them. If your videos are disorganized while you manage several themes, you risk losing potential subscribers and even people who are already subscribers.

You now have all the tricks to generate more views on Youtube. You can also turn to other articles around the same subject such as: how to become a Youtuber in 5 steps, the most viewed Youtube videos , how to become a trend on Youtube or even advertise on Youtube .

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