5 Ways to View an Instagram Story Without Being Seen

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Whether you want to watch Instagram story anonymously or download Instagram story , it will be quite complicated for you because Instagram does not offer its features. But as you know, it is always possible to bypass social media restrictions. In this article, we give you some effective tips on how to view an Instagram story without being seen or how to download an Instagram story .

Anonymous Instagram Story

I - Why see Instagram stories without being seen?

There are several reasons why you may need to watch an Instagram story without being seen . In some cases, it's best if the account owner doesn't know that you've viewed their stories. Indeed, looking at a person's Instagram story can sometimes be seen as a kind of demonstration of interest in that person.

In other words, the person whose Instagram story you are looking at might think that you have an interest in them, even if this is not necessarily the case. This can be if it is, for example, your ex or a friend with whom you are no longer on good terms. In these cases, it's best to avoid letting that person know that you're still seeing their Instagram story . You may also be forced to see an Instagram story without being seen if it is:

-          From a competing brand to your own: indeed, if you look at your competitors' Instagram stories too often, they may feel that you are spying on them. The best in this case is to watch their Instagram story anonymously so as not to add an Instagram view and thus go unnoticed.

-          From an account whose performance you don't want to contribute to: watching an account's story helps improve its analytics. If it's a competitor's account that you'd rather not see grow, it's best to watch their stories anonymously to avoid contributing to their notoriety development.

II - How to see Instagram Stories without being seen?

Even if the social network does not allow to download an Instagram story or to see an Instagram story without being seen , you will still be able to maintain your anonymity by using certain tricks. Here is a list of some strategies to see a story on Instagram without being seen .

1) Watch an Instagram Story in Airplane Mode

This is an obvious solution to watch an instagram story anonymously . Why didn't you think of that sooner! But you are probably wondering how you will be able to log in on Instagram if you are in airplane mode. It is true that by being in airplane mode, your network and internet connection no longer work. But that's exactly how you can watch an Instagram story without being seen . Here is how it works in steps:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: Once Instagram is open on your phone, wait for your post feed to refresh, videos, stories and other content from your page to load. Of course, you will also have to wait for the account whose Instagram story you want to watch without being seen to also share a story.

Step 3: Once the Stories are loaded, including those of the target account, you can put your phone in airplane mode. Your internet connection will therefore be automatically deactivated.

Step 4: Go back to Instagram and open the stories you want to watch anonymously.

Indeed, when you connect to Instagram in Wifi or 4G mode, the latter refreshes your feed and automatically loads the publications and stories that have been shared. These contents that have already been loaded are stored in the hidden memory of your smartphone. You will therefore be able to watch them even when you are offline because they have already been loaded on your smartphone. You will therefore no longer need to be connected to the internet to see them. As long as you don't close the Instagram app, you can always come back to view stories with your connection disabled.

Viewing an Instagram Story in Airplane Mode will not tell the account owner that you have viewed their Stories. This is because your connection is off when you watch said stories. Instagram will therefore not be able to count you in the list of people who have viewed the story. This trick allows you to satisfy your curiosity and watch anyone's stories without being seen.

Once you are done watching, you can turn on your internet connection again by disabling airplane mode.

2) Click on the next story and swipe back

This technique is as effective as the previous one for watching an Instagram story without being seen . But to succeed, you have to be meticulous. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Find the profile whose Instagram story you want to watch without being seen . Next, click on the profile that is right next to your target profile.

Step 2: Looking at the story that precedes or follows that of your target profile, gently slide your finger in the direction of the story you want to watch without being seen. You will then be able to view this Instagram story anonymously .

This method is quite tricky because you have to drag the story to watch anonymously very slowly. If you make a gesture too abrupt, the owner of the account will be able to see you among the people who have viewed their story.

3) Watch stories through apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Some apps allow you to view an Instagram story without being seen. They are also useful for uploading an Instagram story and other tools allow you to make an impactful story .

Applications to see a story without being seen are: Insta-Stories.ru and Insta DP .


Anonymous Instagram

Easy to use, just log in to view an Instagram story anonymously or download an Instagram story :

-          The first step here is to provide the name of the account whose story you want to watch without the @.

-          Then enter the account name with the @.

-          Then put the Instagram url of the account.

Once this is done, you will be able to watch their stories without the account owner being informed. From this site, you will also be able to download the Instagram story by clicking on the download button. This method therefore allows you in one click to download an Instagram story and share it on your account if necessary by modifying it in order to make a beautiful Instagram story , by adding an Instagram filter for example. You will find in our blog other articles on this subject, in particular to know how to post a story from a computer or what videos to post in Instagram stories ?


see Instagram story without being seen

To use Insta DP to view an Instagram story without being seen or download an Instagram story , you must:

-          Connect to the insta DP site.

-          Fill in the form which is proposed to you the user name of the target account.

-          Then the site will offer you a number of accounts. You can then choose the account that interests you from the list of suggestions that will be displayed.

-          Once the right profile has been chosen, you just have to click on scan profile to watch the stories of the account without being seen.

You can also take advantage of the download Instagram story option to save it to your smartphone if you wish.

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