Who has the most Instagram followers in 2023?

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In October 2022, Instagram celebrated its 12th anniversary. For nearly a decade, this platform has been acclaimed by content creators , brands, but also by celebrities from the fields of music, sports, cinema, etc., who use it to get closer to their fans. Despite competition from Tik Tok, Instagram has become an essential application for its followers. If the number of subscribers on the platform continues to increase, it is above all the follower counter of influencers that continues to explode. So who has the most Instagram followers in 2023 ? Here is a top 10 account with the most followers on instagram right now.


The account with the most subscribers on instagram in 2023 is that of instagram itself. Does that surprise you? With more than 628 million subscribers , Instagram is the first in the ranking of the most followed accounts in 2023 on its platform. So what does Instagram do on Instagram? In the spirit of its own social network, Instagram uses its page to publish cool content and to maintain strong links with its followers. The page mainly reposts content. It therefore republishes the most successful photo and video content. Instagram also communicates about its new features and supports certain humanitarian causes. His last communication in this sense concerned the Stop Asian Hate.

who has the most followers on instagram

If you too are a content creator on Instagram , you could have the chance to be reposted by the social network account and thus take advantage of its 628 million subscribers in order to gain popularity. Otherwise, you can also buy Instagram followers to develop your business.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7

Master on the football field, Cr7 is also the boss on Instagram. The first most followed celebrity on Instagram, with 571 million subscribers, the five-time Golden Ball winner was the first person to have exceeded 200 million subscribers on Instagram in 2020. His reputation therefore goes far beyond the pitches football in which he excels.

who has the most followers on instagram

In addition to being one of the highest paid athletes , he is also one of those who generate the most income thanks to Instagram. Indeed, according to a report published by the British agency Attain, Cristiano Ronaldo generates more than 40 million euros thanks to Instagram.

3. Kylie Jenner

Aka the most popular of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner is an Instagram star in the truest sense of the word. Placing herself in 4th position with her 332 million subscribers , she shares her life with her fans on Instagram. She often publishes photos of her daughter Stormi there, also appears with her friends and shares snapshots of her vacation.

who has the most followers on instagram

Beyond her Instagram page, she also has a Youtube account on which she does challenges, vlogs in which she shows her family moments or does cooking sessions with her daughter. However, she is much more active on Instagram. It is not for nothing that she entered the very closed circle of personalities who have exceeded the bar of 300 million subscribers on the platform.

4. Selena Gomez

Always popular, Selena Gomez now has 315 million subscribers on Instagram . With her many fans who adore and adulate her, the singer took the opportunity to set up a cosmetics brand called Rare Beauty . The brand's Instagram page already has more than 2 million followers.

who has the most followers on instagram

3rd most followed personality on instagram , Selena Gomez stood out in 2020 by managing to place one of her posts among the 20 most liked publications on instagram in 2020 . She had obtained the 15th place in the ranking. Active since 2001, Justin Bieber's ex is one of the celebrities of the 2000s who knew how to stay the course.

5. The Rock

First in the ranking of the highest paid actors in the world , the ex-wrestler converted into a movie star is one of the celebrities with more than 300 million subscribers on Instagram . To celebrate the event, he had also made an announcement on his social networks.

who has the most followers on instagram

A wink as a thank you to his fans which did not go unnoticed on instagram. Currently Dwayne Johnson nicknamed The Rock has 312 million subscribers on Instagram .

6. Ariana Grande

If a few years ago Selena Gomez was the most followed female personality on Instagram , this is no longer the case. It is now Ariana Grande , actress and singer born in Florida who bears this title. In addition to the great musical success that she has known thanks in particular to songs such as Problem , Bang Bang or Thank U Next , other reasons explain the popularity of Ariana Grande on instagram . Indeed, she owes her big audience to her perfect looks. When it comes to fashion and beauty, she is a real inspiration to everyone on IG.

who has the most followers on instagram

Better, she responds to messages from some of her subscribers and allows them to see her daily life. She also publishes excluded from her next collaborations or clips. Always sharing, she also posts pictures of her pets that are making the buzz on instagram.

7.Kim Kardashian

In 2022, Kim Kardashian broke a new record. She had just passed 300 million subscribers on Instagram . who has the most followers on instagram

She is now the 2nd most popular personality of the Jenner-Kardashian family on Instagram , with 304 million subscribers , placing just behind Kylie. In the family, Kim is followed by Kendall Jenner who has 233 million subscribers on Instagram . This is followed by Khloe Kardashian with 238 million subscribers , then Kourtney, the last in the ranking with 172 million subscribers.

8.Lionel Messi

7 times Golden Ball and considered one of the greatest players in the history of football, the Argentinian Lionel Messi reached 322 million subscribers on Instagram , less than a week ago. But as he stated in the publication that accompanied the announcement, having exceeded this bar is not for him “a cause for celebration”. Instead, he took the opportunity to launch an awareness message against abuse and discrimination on social networks.

who has the most followers on instagram

Much loved by the public for his footballing talent, he is also greatly appreciated for his humility and his attitude.

9. Beyonce

With 252 million subscribers , Beyoncé ranks 8th among the personalities with the most subscribers on Instagram . Unlike other stars who follow their friends' accounts, Beyoncé doesn't follow anyone on Instagram and has exactly 0 followers.

who has the most followers on instagram

On the menu on his account: his photos, images of his work and sometimes personal messages.

10. Justin Bieber

Number 10 in the ranking of accounts with the most followers on Instagram, Justin Bieber has 232 million followers. His music, his tumultuous relationship with his ex Selena Gomez but also the many scandals in the middle of which he found himself contributed to blowing up his subscriber count on Instagram .

who has the most followers on instagram

Active since 2007, it was in 2010 that he really made a name for himself, notably with the title Baby. Now married to Hailey Rhode Balwin, Justin Bieber's photos and videos always catch the attention of his fans.

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