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When you want to become an influencer on Instagram , there are some very important points that you must know, such as the engagement rate . This is a very important element to take into account for a successful presence on this social network. This is why we have written this article for you to provide an update on the Instagram engagement rate , how is it calculated and what are the tips to put in place to improve it and thus break into Instagram . Let's go!

Instagram engagement rate

I- What is the Instagram engagement rate?

To put it simply, the Instagram engagement rate is a number that gives us a clear idea of ​​the level of activity of followers on published posts.

In general, the rate is between 0 and 10%. To be sure of having your place as an influencer on Insta, it is advisable to have a rate that exceeds 5%. Thus, you will be sure to be contacted by the brands.

Remember that the number of followers on your Insta account does not directly influence the engagement rate. However, certain points can make this figure take off, such as the type of content shared on the social network, its quality , the time of publication of the post, etc.

II- How to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram?

Before knowing how to become an influencer, it is essential to understand how to calculate the engagement rate on Insta . This is one of the most important numbers brands consider when choosing the right influencer. To calculate it, just follow these four steps:

- Add up all the interactions of all the posts published over the last 30 days;

- Divide the figure obtained by the number of publications;

- Divide the figure obtained by the number of subscribers on your account;

- Multiply the figure by 100 to get a rate;

Note that there are dozens of free and easy-to-use tools to calculate the rate in seconds.

III- How to improve the Insta engagement rate?

You have calculated your engagement rate on Instagram and it is no longer up to your expectations? Fortunately, there are simple tips to put in place to boost the engagement rate on Instagram .

1) Focus on video content

In recent years, video content is attracting more interest from subscribers. According to experts, video generates three times more engagements than a simple photo. Remember that it is strongly advised to share short videos .

2) Post Stories regularly

On Instagram, professionals advise to publish no less than 7 Stories per day on Insta. This type of content generates more engagement.

3) Don't forget the stickers

To further engage your community, feel free to add stickers to your posts. In most cases, this technique elicits reactions and helps to get more comments.

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