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Whether it's to increase the reach of your posts, to have more followers on Instagram or to advertise, hashtags can be very useful to you. Instagram , Twitter, Tik Tok , etc., there are many social networks that give pride of place to hashtags for Instagram . You can use these to improve your visibility or develop your brand on social networks . But for the hashtags to be useful to you, you will have to select them well and especially choose them among the most relevant according to your activity or the field in which you specialize. In this article, we invite you to discover the 5 best tools to generate relevant hashtags . Top, let's go!

1-      All Hashtag: a tool to better search and use hashtags on social networks.

All Hashtag as its name suggests is a hashtag generator that allows you to better use hashtags on social networks. If at the base it was a simple hashtag generator , it now offers a multitude of features allowing influencers and companies to set up a real hashtag strategy on social networks . Thanks to this tool, it is therefore possible to:

-          Generate the best hashtags on Instagram and for other social networks.

-          Create your own hashtags.

-          Analyze the hashtags you use to assess their performance and their relevance in the development of your online business.

-          Find the most popular hashtags of the moment and the most relevant to your field or activity.

To use All Hashtag , you will need to start guessing hashtags on the generator input menu. Based on this proposal, the hashtag generator will give you a top 30 of the best hashtags related to it. Better, All hashtag also offers you three options to filter the hashtags namely Top, Random or Live.

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Thanks to the filtering modality called Top, you will be able to carry out a more efficient search for popular hashtags related to your initial hashtag or keyword. As for the live mode, it is useful for finding Instagram hashtags that are not directly related to your keyword but have been associated with it at least once in the past. Finally, the last modality concerning filtering, randomness, as its name suggests, allows you to generate hashtags randomly from your main hashtag.

2-  Hashtagify: a complete tool to generate hashtags

Hashtagify is one of the best tools for generating hashtags . For good reason, it is very complete and is specialized in a single social network. It therefore allows you not only to find relevant keywords but also those that are most effective on the social media you use.

tool to generate insta hashtags

Indeed, a keyword that works well on Instagram can be less efficient on Twitter for example. This is why Hashtagify only focuses on a single social network in order to bring accurate and relevant information to these users. Very popular, Hashtagify is perfect for people who want to implement a strategy based on hashtags on Twitter . Among other things, it allows you to:

-          Find relevant hashtags.

-          Calculate the historical popularity of these hashtags.

-          Evaluate recent performance of selected hashtags based on charts.

-          View profiles that tweet about hashtags.

-          Monitor the activity of your competitors who use these hashtags.

-          Select hashtags based on their reach or influence on posts.

As you can see, this is a go-to hashtag generator if you are looking for relevant Twitter hashtags to get more followers and build your notoriety on this social network. It is available in a free version. But to enjoy maximum functionality, you will need to subscribe to the premium version.

3-  Keyhole: a handy hashtag generator

This Hashtag Generator claims to be the world's best solution for finding hashtags. Indeed, the tool makes it possible to generate hashtags but also to follow them and analyze their performance in real time. You can start by using any keyword in the application menu. You will then be able to find associated keywords as well as everything you need to know about the keyword you are looking for.

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Equipped with artificial intelligence, the Keyhole keyword generator is able to make predictions on the evolution of the performance of your keywords. Based on these predictions, you will be able to make the best choices based on not only current but also future performance of the hashtags you opt for.

4-  Seekmetrics: an effective Instagram hashtag generator

Seekmetrics is an application that uses the Instagram API to find hashtag ideas .

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It is useful for:

-          Find a list of 30 Instagram hashtags from a keyword of your choice.

-          Sort hashtags by popularity.

-          Choose hashtags based on their performance and number of times they've been used.

-          Identify hashtags banned by Instagram and avoid using them.

Like Hashtagify , this hashtag generator focuses on a single social network. Thus, it allows its users to favor the keywords that actually work on Instagram. The fact that it uses Instagram's API helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of this tool.

5-  BuzzSumo

We end this top with a paid tool that allows you to generate hashtags: BuzzSumo. Easy to use, just enter an initial hashtag in the search bar and Buzzsumo will generate other relevant keywords related to it for you.

top most famous hashtags

BuzzSumo is one of the best tools for generating hashtags for several reasons:

-          Beyond the search for hashtags, it is also possible to use it to identify the influencers linked to the hashtags generated.

-          You will be able to evaluate the impact of each hashtag on the engagement rate obtained by your publications.

-          Sort the best performing hashtags from those that have a weaker effect on the reach of your content.

In addition, Buzzsumo is an effective tool for companies and community managers who want to monitor the Internet . By investing in this hashtag generator, you will be able to have real-time access to the latest trends in your field and monitor your brand's e-reputation through the monitoring of generated hashtags .

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