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Making an insta bio may at first seem like something trivial and quite simple to do. However, curating your Instagram bio so that it is originaland impactful, which will help you turn visitors to your Instagram account into followers, is a more complex exercise. You should know that a visitor will take on average less than a second to decide whether or not to subscribe to your Instagram account. To make this decision, it will be based on an essential parameter: the content of your profile but especially that of your bio insta . Whether you use Instagram to grow your brand or on a personal basis, it is therefore important that you make a good impression on your visitors by opting for an original and attractive biography. To do this, do not hesitate to modify your Instagram font . Here is a Top 10 of the most original insta bios to inspire you.

1-      The informative and concise Instagram biography

As you know, the space dedicated to the biography on Instagram is only 150 characters. To optimize it, it is better to give as much information as possible about you or your brand while remaining concise. It is therefore not the ideal place to write a long paragraph or to tell in detail how you came up with the idea of ​​starting your business. It should rather make a summary of the essentials of what your future subscribers should know about you or your business. The insta bio of the Le Slip Français brand is one of the best examples of this.

Bio Instagram Le Slip Français

How to win this bet? It is very simple. Answer the following questions in no more than two sentences:

-          What is your job or what products or services does your brand offer: this is a question of listing your skills or your service offer. You can also choose to simply highlight your areas of interest.

-          Your added value: what sets you apart from your competitors.

And then that's all. So go to the essentials and stay precise.

2-      Inspirational insta bio

Do you want to become a source of inspiration for your subscribers or for all the people who visit your account? A great insta bio idea is the inspirational one. Here, it's about adding a touch of your personality to your bio. To do this, you will need an insta bio quote that your followers or potential visitors will not soon forget.

Dior Instagram bio

If you are a company, do not hesitate to use your brand's slogan if it has one. For example, in its insta bio , the famous luxury brand Dior used a popular quote from its founder Christian Dior : “ Women, with their intuitive instincts, understood that I dreamed of not only making them more beautiful, but also more beautiful. happy ”.

3-      A biography with a hint of humor

Are you looking for an original insta bio idea ? Humor is always a good bet for a successful presentation. Bringing a touch of humor to your bio on Instagram is one of the best ways to make it original and allow you to gain followers. It will also help you stand out and make your bio stand out from the typical Instagram presentations.

Innocent Instagram Bio

However, be sure to stay authentic. Whether it is for your brand or your personal profile, there is no point in repeating a joke already known to everyone at the risk of obtaining the opposite effect to that intended. Instead, bet on original humor that is specific to your personality.

4-      An easy to read presentation

The most original insta bios are especially those that remain easy to read. Want to hold the attention of your visitors? Make sure that your description is easily readable and above all that it is easy to understand.

Bio Instagram LouYetu

In other words, keep it simple and air out your bio. There are several ways to create an easy-to-read bio: using emojis, bullet points, and making line breaks rather than making a condensed paragraph.

5-      The authentic insta bio

To get an original insta bio , you will have to be authentic. You can always take inspiration from the bios of your competitors or people/brands with whom you share the same values.

Bio Instagram lapotegenante

But it's important that you can think things through and create a bio that is as representative of your personality or brand as possible. We must therefore remain true and not fall into the trap of duplicity.

6-      The creative insta bio

The best Instagram biographies are the ones that incorporate a creative touch. Instagram is a social media centered on the fun side, the entertainment. This is the place where you can allow yourself to be more relaxed and avoid the seriousness of LinkedIn. Take the opportunity to make a creative insta bio . In what doing? By opting for a presentation that is out of the ordinary. The idea here is to be able to make a cool insta bio but which remains in line with your personality or the values ​​of your brand.

Bio Instagram Mcfly

An example of a very successful creative insta bio is that of videographer Mc Fly . The latter was able to make a presentation that totally matches his funny and super relaxed personality. Puns, emojis, a punchy quote, it doesn't take much to get creative with writing your Instagram bio .

7-      A rare Instagram biography

Are you looking for an original insta bio idea ? You will have to forget all that is classic and turn instead to simple but effective techniques to stand out in your presentation. One of the best ways to make an original insta bio is to change the font.

Bio Instagram Le Slip français

Indeed, by using a generator such as the one available on the supreme boost site, you will be able to modify the font of your Instagram biography . This is a great way to make your bio unique, grab your visitors' attention, and even get them to hit the subscribe button .

8-      The short description

Have you ever read or heard that everything small is cute? This also applies in the context of making your presentation on Instagram . The shorter, the better.

Instagram Bio

Moreover, the social network does not allow to exceed 150 characters. Hence the need to optimize your description as much as possible so that it is rich in information but small in size. Remember: the best insta bios are the shortest ones.

9-      The bios of fitness professionals

In case you haven't noticed, the subject of fitness is experiencing a real boom on social networks, especially on Instagram. This is an extremely exploited niche and on which many people are specialized. The competition is naturally tough there and to stand out athletes are forced to make superb Instagram bios to gain subscribers.

Instagram influencer bio

If you are looking for a great insta bio idea , don't hesitate to check out the fitness accounts. They do the neatest bios and their presentations are both concise and original.

10-  Travel Account Biographies

Instagram being an image-based social network, it is the best place to highlight your photos of travels and adventures from one end of the world to another. As with the fitness sector, many anonymous people and influencers want to position themselves in the travel niche.

bio instagram travel

Thus, the bios of travel instagram accounts are also very creative and original. If you are looking for a source of inspiration to make your insta bio , this is also an avenue to explore.

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