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Focused primarily on the image, Instagram is a social network on which photos but also videos occupy a place of choice. In recent years, the video format has also been very successful. Indeed, on Instagram, a video post generates on average nearly 150 comments against 100 reactions for a photo or images in carousel. These figures, correlated with the success of applications such as Tik Tok or the reels on Instagram, clearly show that Internet users have a strong appetite for the video format. As a brand or content creator, you therefore have every interest in taking advantage of the Instagram video format to get your brand off the ground by attracting more Instagram views . How to post a video on instagram ? What is the right technique to integrate instagram video into the recipe for your success on social networks? We address these concerns in this article.

I - How to put a video on instagram?

Posting an Instagram video is a priori very simple. To do so, simply log into your account. Once this is done, you will then have to:

-          Click on the + icon at the top of the application: you will then be redirected to your phone's photo library to choose the video to upload.

-          Select the video to post on instagram .

-          Add a caption to your video: this is the small text that accompanies posts on instagram.

-          Finally, publish your video.

Instagram Videos

You can follow these steps to post videos under 60 seconds on instagram. On the other hand, if your video exceeds one minute, you will have to publish it in the form of IGTV.

II - What are the steps to follow to publish an IGTV?

The IGTV format is a feature implemented by Instagram that allows you to publish longer videos in vertical format.

Instagram Videos

The goal of this app is to allow brands and content creators to post longer duration videos bypassing the restrictions of the classic post tool.

To publish an IGTV, you must:

-          Login to your instagram account.

-          Click on the + button located at the top right.

-          Select the video in vertical format that you want to publish.

-          Upload the video to IGTV: If your video exceeds one minute, Instagram will give you two options when uploading, either post it in a short version, or post the entire video on IGTV and show a preview in your instagram feed . Naturally, you will have to choose the second option.

-          Once you've uploaded the video, add a title and description to optimize it and improve its visibility.

-          To keep a certain harmony in your feed, you can import a photo to put on the cover of your IGTV.

-          Finally, click on “ share ” to publish your instagram video.

III - How to publish a Live video on Instagram?

There is another Instagram video format , namely lives. As its name suggests, the live instagram allows you to record an Instagram live video . It is indeed a way to share videos on instagram in real time.

instagram video

To record an Instagram video in live format, you will need to use your smartphone. Here are the steps to follow:

-          Login to your instagram account.

-          Once on your news feed, swipe the screen to the left: you will then see the story creation screen appear as well as the options post , Reels , or live.

-          Click on the “ liveoption to start your live video: as soon as you start your live, your subscribers will receive a notification. They will be able to join you during the Live.

It should be noted that you have the possibility of sending an invitation to another person present on instagram so that this one participates in your live. Here is the procedure to follow to make a live for two on instagram:

-          Press the new icon at the bottom right of your Instagram application screen ,

-          Click on “Add” to invite a friend to join your live stream.

IV - How to publish an instagram story?

A concept inspired by Snapchat, the Instagram story format allows you to share short videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can use it to share the backstage of your business or show how a day in your life is going. Internet users are particularly fond of this format.

Instagram video

Here's how to share an Instagram story :

-          Open the insta app and click on the + button that appears on your profile picture.

-          Then press the big white button to save your instagram video .

-          If you already have a video in your gallery, you can import it too.

-          When you're done saving the story, tap Send to and then tap Share in Your Story .

V - How to make your instagram video editing?

To make an instagram video editor , you can turn to the various video editing apps available in the market. The most popular being inShot, Adobe Spark, VSCO or Filmora. Available in both free and paid versions, these apps could be useful to you even if you only have weak editing skills.

Instagram Stories

-          The technique to make a Reels montage on Instagram

To edit a video from Instagram , you have to use the new Reals tool.

Step 1: Shoot one or more videos from the Reels or import images or videos from your gallery.

Step 2: When the recording of the videos is done, add music to it or import an audio file from your smartphone.

Step 3: Edit video speed and add effects, stickers, gifs, effects, etc.

Step 4: After the editing works are done, click on share to publish your Real edit.

VI - How to integrate video into your Instagram strategy?

Given the great success that the video format is currently experiencing on instagram , it would be a shame not to put it at the service of the digital growth of your business. It is precisely possible to integrate video into your Instagram strategy in several ways:

-          Make a product demonstration in video:

In Instagram story , IGTV or video on your feed, the product demonstration could help you better understand to your audience the usefulness of your products or services. It's also a way to explain to them how your product works and how it might meet their needs. This video content format will catch the eye of your customers more than a written description, for example. Better still, it could positively influence their purchasing decision.

insta story

In addition, if your product demonstration is well done, it can potentially become a viral video on Instagram, which will allow you to gain considerable notoriety on the social network. As you will have understood, opting for the video format on Instagram can allow you to improve your visibility but also to win customers.

-          Make an instagram video to announce a collab/product launch

Did you manage to land a big partnership? The best way to announce it by reaching the maximum of your subscribers is the video format. It is also possible to use the videos on Instagram to announce the latest news from your business.

In addition, as a brand, it is recommended to publish Instagram content in video format quite often because it will allow you to improve your communication with your customers. Likewise, the video format, especially stories and lives, brings you closer to your audience and helps increase interactions on your account.

Don't forget to bet on quality videos in order to do well.

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