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Did you know ? The instagram story format attracts over 500 million active users every day. The stories that have been very successful allowing influencers and companies to have better visibility on instagram. For brands, stories are an effective way to promote their products and increase their sales volume. The good proof, nearly 60% of people say that presentations of brands or products in stories attract them more than those that appear on the classic publication feed. Currently, more than 4 million brands use the Instagram story format to generate traffic on their website and encourage interaction with their audience. Would you also like to take advantage of the potential of the Instagram story ? Discover in this article some tips for creating an impactful IG story .

I - The Instagram story: what is it exactly?

The Instagram story is one of the most popular features of this social network acquired by Facebook. Very similar to the Snapchat concept, the Instagram story format allows users, influencers and brands to create and post short photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Powerful Instagram Story

This tool, which has been phenomenally successful, is one of the reasons why Instagram is still so popular in 2021. Moreover, given the success of the instagram story format , social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have also launched a feature similar on their platform.

II - What is the point of making stories on instagram?

Stories are a way to stand out, offer unique, original content and provide a unique user experience to people who follow your Instagram account. As a content creator, Instagram stories can help you become more influential and increase your number of followers. This feature is a particular asset for brands looking to gain awareness and attract customers on Instagram.

Instagram story

Indeed, according to a study by the Social media Examiner site , content shared in stories obtains better engagement than those published on the news feed. The same study tells us that 59% of the links that brands add in their Instagram story redirect to their purchase page, and it is more than 25% of Instagram users who click on these links created via stories. As you will have understood, the Instagram story format is one of the best ways to encourage your target audience to buy and therefore increase your sales volume.

III - Tutorial: how to make an instagram story?

Are you convinced of the potential of the Instagram story format ? Follow this tutorial to create quality IG stories.

To create your first story, all you need to do is:

-          Click on your profile picture with the + sign or swipe your screen to the right.

How to make an Instagram story

Once done, you will see the interface dedicated to the creation of instagram stories . At this level, two options are available to you. Either you look for a photo or a video in your gallery that you will publish in story, or you make your story instantly by capturing a photo or recording a video from the interface.

Please note that to post photos or videos from your gallery to an instagram story , you just need to click on the camera icon located at the bottom right of the story creation interface or swipe your screen upwards. Instagram by default allows you to add items you've saved to your phone within the last 24 hours. However, you can still add less recent items to it by clicking the drop-down menu next to the Last 24 Hours option .

-          Choose a shooting mode: if you want to make your story instantly from the creation interface, you will have to choose a shooting mode. The button embodying two rotating arrows allows you to switch between the front and rear camera of your smartphone. The choice will depend on whether you want to take your Instagram story in selfie mode or not.

Make Instagram Story

-          Select the type of story to create: still from the instagram story creation interface , you can explore the different options available to choose the type of story you want to create. It is possible to make an accelerated story in boomerang mode, to take a photo, a video or simply to write text. Buttons to access these tools are available on the right side of the story creation interface.

Instagram story

-          Take your insta pdp or record your video by holding the big white button on the interface: after taking your photo or video, you can customize it by adding text, gifs or filters. This step is not mandatory but can help you make your story more original.

-          Once you've finished recording, click Send to and then Share to your story . It is also possible to post your story from your computer.

Make Instagram story

As you can see, the process for making an Instagram story is quite simple.

IV - How to make your Instagram story impactful?

Instagram has implemented a few tools that allow brands and influencers to personalize their Instagram stories and make them more original. Here are some things to include in your IG story to make it more impactful.

1) Music

Adding music to your Instagram story is one way to create emotion. Depending on the type of music you add, and the type of story you tell, you can make your audience laugh, make them smile or arouse their compassion.

Make Instagram Story

To add music to your story, just save your photo or video, then click the emoji icon at the top and select the music option.

2) Texts

Adding text to your Instagram story will make it easier to capture your audience's attention. Moreover, the instagram story writing tool is quite varied. It allows you to have access to diversified fonts, to underline your text and to use several colors.

Instagram story text

What create a certain harmony in your story and more easily hold the attention of visitors. To add texts to your instagram story, you must first save your photo or video and then click on the Aa option to access the font and color palette.

3) GIFs

Using gifs in your insta stories is one of the best ways to make them more impactful and lively. To add an instagram story GIF , click on the emoji icon, then on the GIF option and choose from the list of GIF stickers offered.

Instagram font story

You can also search for specific gifs by entering relevant keywords.

4) Survey stickers

These are among the most used in stories. Indeed, the poll stickers allow you to easily interact with your audience, to have their opinion on a subject. They help you to know their preferences and therefore to develop content but also products and services that are more relevant to them.

Instagram Stories

To do a poll on instagram , first create your photo or video story. Next, click on the emoji icon. To add a poll to your Instagram story , just tap on the Poll sticker and you're done.

V - 5 ways to view an Insta story without being seen

To remember :

Here are the essential steps to follow to successfully make an Instagram story:

-          From your news feed, swipe right to open the stories creation interface.

-          Choose a shooting mode.

-          Click the big white button to take a photo and hold for a video.

-          Spice up your story with music, text, gifs, and more.

-          Share your instagram story.

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