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Instagram offers its users many filters to enhance their photos or embellish their stories. There is therefore a panoply of beautifying effects available on the social network and the list is growing day by day. Indeed, in addition to the basic options offered by Instagram, some users create filters on the platform, thus helping to diversify the offer. Having become Instagram icons today and acclaimed by thousands of users, filters are the perfect tool to enhance an Instagram story , add a fun effect to it or make it visually more attractive. It will also allow you to get more Instagram followers. Everything is good today to stand out on Instagram, you can change your bio and make it more cool and stylish to attract more people. Change your Instagram font with the Instagram Fonts generator developed by Supremeboost.

What are the best Instagram filters ? Discover our top 5 in the rest of this article.

I - The 5 best Instagram filters

An Instagram filter can be used to beautify your photos or stories. You can also use it to create a luminous, vintage, old school effect, just to add more pep to your Instagram content . Influencers are particularly fond of it because the filters allow them to hide their dark circles and imperfections in order to present themselves in their best light to their community. Whether you are a content creator or a brand, filters can help you make your content look much better.

1) The Hey Darling Instagram Filter

This Instagram story filter is one of those that you absolutely must try because it perfectly highlights facial features. Do you want to have a fuller pout, hide a pale complexion or a face that looks not very awake? No need to look far, this is the filter for you!

Indeed, it acts by creating gray areas on your stories. This helps smooth the contours of your face, minimize imperfections and achieve a warmer look. If you're looking for the best Instagram filter for your stories, this one is well worth checking out.

Hey Darling Instagram Filter

2) The Bahamas filter by @bryant

This one looks like it was made for Instagrammers who swear by selfies. On stories or vacation photos, this is the filter to use absolutely to give the impression of having a more luminous skin and to add radiance to your publications. What is special about this special effect? It's simply the tropical touch it adds to your photos and videos.

Did you take advantage of a sunny day to take pictures in your alley? Or did you take pictures at the swimming pool or at the beach? The BAHAMAS filter by @bryant is perfect for highlighting this type of decor. In addition to enhancing the landscape in which you took your shots, it will transform your stories and photos into a real masterpiece! Impossible to go unnoticed on social networks using this effect which is definitely one of the best Instagram filters .

The Bahamas filter by @bryant

3) The RETROdust Instagram filter created by Yulya.kors

The ReTROdust is the one we like to call influencers' favorite Instagram filter . Super effective to make the instagram story format clearer, it is also possible to use it as a photo filter for Instagram . It is a safe bet for many influencers who use it to eliminate small details that can spoil their content. We recommend that you take advantage of the sunlight to use it in order to obtain a very sparkling effect.

The RETROdust Instagram Filter

4) Noholitas Freckles Filter

Here is another effect on which almost all influencers have already cracked. For good reason, this Instagram filter allows you to display pretty artificial freckles. Want to know what you would look like if you had beautiful freckles? Test the Noholitas Freckles effect to find out. Just click on the filter to take a photo and like magic you will end up with a pretty little ginger look. The icing on the cake, the filter allows you to color your virtual freckles and put as many as you want on the face.

Instagram filter

5) Kylie Jenner's Instagram filter

On her 21st birthday, Kylie Jenner gave her fans a filter. Quickly entered the batch of the best Instagram filters, this one allows you to virtually test the shades of Lip Kit lipsticks from the Kylie Cosmetics brand. Its beautifying effect is also used to obtain a more sparkling skin. It is therefore to be preferred for making your insta stories or for taking selfies to publish on your Instagram account . It is specified that to use this filter, you must be subscribed to Kylie Jenner's Instagram account .

Kylie Jenner Filter

II - The most used Instagram filters

Looking for a trendy Instagram filter ? Alongside those mentioned above, some story and photo beautifying effects stand out.

1) The Glitter on white filter by @janmahavan

Do you want to add glitter to your stories? This is exactly what the new Glitter on White Instagram filter created by @janmahavan offers you. As you can guess from its very evocative name, it allows you to add sparkling white glitter to your photos or videos in stories or on the news feed. If you are a regular on Instagram, there is little chance that you have missed this filter which is increasingly used on the social network.

janmahavan filter

2) Beauty Skin created by Carmushka

This Instagram filter simply allows you to magnify your face. Thanks to the small blurred effect it has, it is very effective in concealing small skin imperfections and embellishing the face. You are not wearing makeup, not to your advantage but still want to take a photo or an Instagram story ? It's the perfect effect to give you a healthy glow in one click.

Beauty Skin created by Carmushka

3) The Portrait filter

This filter is preferred to bring a blurred effect to the decor of your profile picture on Instagram . Note that you can use it on photos as well as in your videos.

4) The Puppy filter created by Instagram

Pet owners and lovers of furry animals can no longer live without it. This Instagram filter simply adds charm to your photos and videos. Who knows ? It may make you want to adopt a dog or a feline. You see it in almost every Instagram story . Anonymous and influencers use it to embellish their cuddly moments with their pet friends.

Puppy Instagram Filter

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