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How to get more Youtube views


Work by sharing your passions: this is the credo of Youtubers these days. The salary of a Youtubeur can be very attractive: it is determined from the number of views . Being able to live from your passions, see your YouTube trending videos , influence younger generations and convey an important message can be very interesting.

This is what motivates more and more people to become Youtubers . However, becoming a YouTuber is not easy. Many criteria must be taken into account in order to retain a community on a Youtube channel. Through this article, discover the 5 important steps to take to become a Youtuber .

Step 1: creating the channel

This step is logical: in order to publish content and be active on Youtube, you need a channel.

You must not forget that Youtube has more than 4 million users. You must then make sure to find a unique name, but above all easy to remember and to search on the address bar. There is only one objective: to mark the spirits with the name of your channel.

Your channel name can also be related to your content. As an example of a channel, we can cite: “Carl is cooking” which specializes in cooking and videos that revolve around food or “The Doll Beauty” which is a channel that talks about beauty and makeup. As you will have noticed, choosing a name associated with your specialty and your content can also add real value to your channel.

To be able to create an account, you will only need a Gmail account.

Step 2: be authentic

Once your channel is created, all you have to do is customize it to your image.

The first thing to do is to write a biography: it must be both short and effective. This biography, in addition to the name of your channel will help attract new subscribers.

You then need to choose a profile photo and a cover photo. You have to make sure to stay true to yourself and authentic. The first thing subscribers will see when they watch your channel is your channel personalization.

In addition to putting beautiful typos, you must harmonize the style and look of your channel. Use different colors for example. It is advisable to create a unique identity that is easy to recognize. But you must always stay true to yourself, using your ideas and exploiting your tastes.

Your subscribers should find you in your personalization. Either, you do not have to be a graphic design pro but you can still try to show your personality through the photos you choose to put online.

Step 3: Choose the right materials

To become a Youtuber, you don't have to skimp on your filming equipment. The good quality of the images is also a major criterion for Internet users to be attracted to your videos and want to see more of them.

What type of camera is right for you? Depending on your goals, you should bring a professional camera if possible. But, everyone started with the means at hand.

Ask the opinion of a specialized seller before spending money on a camera, because it will surely be expensive and will represent a real investment. Do not neglect the accessories to have a professional look. Aside from the camera, consider buying a tripod, microphone and headphones if needed.

For your beginners, a tripod and a camera like the Canon T3L is a good alternative. The material is not given, you can buy the bare necessities and develop your equipment later!

Step 4: Perfect your edits

Editing is a crucial step in the profession of Youtuber. It is also a difficult task, especially if you are an amateur in the field.

Luckily, there are plenty of channels on Youtube that offer tutorials for editing beginners.

Plus, you'll be spoiled for choice as to what software you want to use.

Among the easiest free software to handle, we can mention Windows Movie Maker or Blender. There are also paid software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 5: the quality of your content

In the beginning, you should focus on the main theme of your channel: do not disperse. Indeed, you must keep a certain consistency in the content you publish to maintain quality.

Indeed, you must not forget that you are a beginner. For this reason, you need to build your identity: what style of videos do you offer? What is the main theme of your channel?

The content should be well thought out following the guidelines of your YouTube channel. You then need to set the boundaries to ensure a certain quality. The work of YouTubers requires a lot of time and perseverance. You have to have a good idea, a good concept.  It would be wise to study the content well before shooting. To have original content, take inspiration from other youtubers.


Obviously, later, you can turn to other types of videos. This will be an opportunity to attract more people and give your channel a fresh start.

Behind a short video is a long day of work. Filming equipment must be used wisely to have a good result. Pay attention to lighting during filming, for example.

For more notoriety, you must master the special effects. All this is not done in a single day, the ideal would be to learn more from other Youtubers without stupidly imitating everything they do.

If you are considering becoming a Youtuber, it is best to start with these basics. You could then consider other alternatives in relation to your channel. Including a website, promotions, presence on other social networks. With a few techniques and good content, your channel will quickly take off.

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