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Happy Birthday Instagram! The social network giant blew out its tenth candle on October 6, 2020. And to mark its 10 years of existence with dignity, Instagram has decided to offer a few little surprises to its users. Among them: the possibility of changing its famous logo on your smartphone. How to do ? Follow the guide !

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I) Instagram: 10 years already!

10 years already! 10 years of sharing, 10 years of photography, 10 years of Instagram. It's as if, today, Instagram is an integral part of our daily lives. Moreover, the application has succeeded, on its own, in completely upsetting the way of life and consumer habits. But before being one of the flagship social networks of our generation, Instagram has gone through several key dates.

October 6, 2020: the start of a new adventure

Instagram's first step into the app world. Its story begins with Burbn, the first application developed by two young students (ambitious and eager to change the world). The concept ? Share tips for going out and share photos of the night via satellite location.

Unfortunately, this concept of Systrom and Krieger is too close to a concept already in place, Foursquare. To pull the pin of the batch, the two young students then decide to concentrate only on a functionality: the sharing of photos. And that's where Instagram was born. The success is immediately there because Instagram makes 25,000 downloads per day.

December 2011: Instagram and its first “prize”

After 1 year of great success, it's no longer a surprise: Instagram is named "iPhone App of the Year" by Apple.

April 2012: Instagram X Facebook

It was in 2010 that Facebook bought Instagram. The $1 billion app then had 100 million users and 15 employees.

August 2015: the arrival of landscape format

Since its first steps, the application gave users the possibility to import photos in square format. But in 2015, they were able to start importing photos in landscape format: length or width.

March 2016: a new algorithm

So far, posts are presented to users in chronological order. 2016 marks the end of this era. And for good reason, from now on, the publications are presented according to the interests of the users. This is the beginning of the Instagram algorithm .

August 2016: stories

2016 is a year full of surprises for users. A few months after the arrival of the Instagram algorithm, the social network announces the arrival of several features. This is, in particular, the case of Instagram Stories. Thanks to this feature, users can now share photos and videos daily in "Stories". An application that Snapchat users know very well.

November 2017: more refined advertisements

Instagram is a very effective means of communication. When the first batch of advertisers arrived in 2015, “paid partnership” joined the ranks. This then opens up new opportunities for influencers. The same year, advertisers cross the 2 million mark.

June 2018: 1 billion users!

ENORMOUS ! Instagram counts in June 2018, the bar of one billion active users every month.

June 2018: IGTV

If Instagram has been promoting photography since its inception, 2018 is a new turning point for users. Thanks to the native IGTV tool, it is now possible to create short videos (or not) in vertical format. These contents can go between 1 minute and 1 hour. The goal here is to compete with giant YouTube.

June 2020: Reels

With Reels, arriving in June 2020, users can enjoy a new format à la TikTok.  Thus, it is now possible to mix: audio, video and other content effects. Great success because in 2020, videos represent 80% of Instagram content.

A gift for 10 years!

10 years later, success is still there. And Instagram is not done suspending its users. To celebrate this decade of photo and video sharing, the social network allows users to change the logo on the home screen. The social network then invites users to taste this experience: “To celebrate our anniversary, we invite you, this month, to change the icon of your application to your favorite”. You will then have the choice between different icons : the current, the classic, the classic 2 (which is the polaroid of 2010), the original, the code name, the twilight, the sunrise, the aurora borealis, pride, gold, dark, very dark or light. As you will have understood, there is a wide range of choices! You can treat yourself throughout the month of October.

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II) How to change Instagram app logo?

You only have one month to take advantage of it, so why deprive yourself of it? To change the Instagram app logo , here are the steps:

1. Update your Instagram app .

This is the first step as the change logo feature is only enabled for those who have the 162.0 update.

2. Refer to app settings .

It's in the menu, top right, when you're on your profile. You just need to click on the “three menu bars” and then Settings.

instagram logo

You are now in the settings. Instead of scrolling down, scroll up. You will see several smileys there. If so, good luck, you're on the right track. Keep scrolling up. Don't stop until you see the birthday cake. This is the one Instagram wants to share with its users!

3. Choose the logo you like the most.

You will have the choice between 13 icons. As soon as you click on your favorite, the icon will immediately appear on your smartphone's wallpaper. You can relive Instagram's first year with the old logo or choose the new logos, specially designed for the occasion.

instagram logo

Enjoy your new Instagram logo!

III) Other new features on the agenda

That's not all ! Instagram is also adding other features that will definitely make you happy. Here they are :

The Story Map

Stories have become a must for Instagram users. If for your subscribers, these photos or videos disappear after 24 hours, for you, they remain for life. You can then consult them through the chronological grid.

Unfortunately, many people find this feature far too difficult to pick up. The tenth year of the application is the perfect opportunity to rectify the situation. Thus, to make this task easier, Instagram has created two new display modes for archived stories. In the "calendar" version, you can see when your stories were taken. In the "map" version, you can see where the archived photos and videos were taken. Please note, for this second version to be active, you must add a location sticker to the photo or video you want to put in your stories.
A stronger commitment against online bullying.

2019 also marks Instagram's official commitment to the fight against bullying and cyberbullying. It must be believed that the success of social networks has also made this intimidation easier. For this, Instagram has already taken several measures. And the managers are particularly proud of these measures taken: “in less than a year, we have observed a marked decrease in the number of negative interactions in comments and captions”.

Not to stop at such a good start, Instagram has decided to add other features that are even more powerful and efficient. The most important is the one concerning the implementation of an artificial intelligence that automatically hides all comments similar to those that users have already reported before. The user will be able to view all hidden comments, by referring to the "view hidden comments" tab.

With the arrival of features related to hidden comments, the social network already allowed users to receive a notification (a warning) when they published a comment that could be offensive, today they will receive an additional alert, to prevent if a user attempts to post a series of malicious comments. Instagram wants to emphasize the consequences of the negative words and phrases that some Internet users post on social networks.

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