How to integrate video into your Instagram strategy?

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With more than a billion active users each month, Instagram has become a social network highly acclaimed by influencers but also by brands. If a few years ago, the platform was very focused on the image and in particular the photo, the trend has evolved since then. These are now the videos that have reigned supreme on instagram for quite some time. For all people and brands looking to have more visibility on insta today, video creation remains essential. Are you looking to break into Instagram , to develop your brand there? In this article, we provide you with some useful tips that will allow you to put the Instagram video format at the heart of your social media strategy.

I - Gain more followers through instagram video

To integrate video into your Instagram marketing strategy, you can first test the effectiveness of classic video posts. This is the first instagram video format that was developed on this social network. This style of video to publish on the news feed of your subscribers allows you to upload content from 3 to 60 seconds. These are usually videos up to 50MB in square format. To be in line with the aesthetic environment of Instagram, it is preferable that they are in HD or in full HD. This way, they will more easily attract the attention of your audience.

instagram video

These short instagram videos automatically play when they appear on your followers' News Feed. They therefore do not need to click on play to start them. Instagram videos of less than 60 seconds can be integrated into your social media strategy to help you promote your product and or service offer. You can use it for:

-          Create content showing the usefulness or relevance of your products or services.

-          Make a product demo.

-          Announce contests and promotional offers.

-          Or inspire your community by making them discover the universe of your brand.

With your communication teams, use your creativity and analyze the needs of your target audience in order to offer them Instagram video content likely to interest them.

II - Create a solid community on instagram thanks to stories

The story tab is arguably where Instagram users spend the most time. If influencers use it to strengthen links with their followers and get closer to them with more authentic content, companies are also doing the same. If you want to build a solid bond with your audience, stories are your best ally. Beyond traditional posts on the newsfeed, stories allow you to communicate in a more intimate way with your followers, to show yourself without filters and to get closer to them.

instagram stories

The instagram story format has been so successful with users that it has taken all social networks by storm. Even Twitter and LinkedIn have gotten into it. Before sharing an insta story in your social media strategy, you should know that the duration of this type of video is 15 seconds. However, if you stream longer videos there, they will be subdivided into 15-second mini videos. Note that you can spontaneously create your instagram story but also import photos and videos from your gallery. How to bet on the instagram story format to create a responsive, engaged community that buys your products or services?

-          Create authenticity by posting videos showing the backstage of your company, show what you do during your days off, share behind the scenes of an event that your brand is organizing or to which you have been invited.

-          Post helpful tutorials for your followers using your products.

-          Make videos in front of the camera to introduce yourself, explain the why of your brand.

-          On social networks, users are curious: show what you do with your days or how a working day unfolds on your premises.

As you will have understood, Instagram stories are fun, relaxed content that allows you to animate your community and at the same time to get closer to it. If you want to make longer stories, we recommend that you go through the live instagram option . In the same spirit as stories, this type of Instagram video allows you to broadcast content in real time or give a virtual conference on a topic of your choice.

III - Inform and educate your target audience with Instagram video

IGTV format is the best way to save longer instagram video . If your video is longer than a minute, you will need to publish it as IGTV . This type of Instagram video allows you to address the concerns of your target audience with longer content. The purpose of this type of video? Inform or educate!

instagram video

The recipe for this to work is to carefully analyze your persona, that is to say the profile of your ideal client or your target audience, in order to offer them videos that will correspond to their areas of interest. How to add a touch of IGTV to your social media strategy? Several solutions are available to you :

-          Do interviews with professionals who can respond qualitatively to the needs of your audience: media such as Brut or Loupsider are very successful with their IGTV.

-          Make a detailed tutorial to better show the usefulness of your products or services to your audience.

-          Do you sell sportswear, for example? You could partner with a fitness influencer, invite them to your channel and offer a free sports session hosted by the sports influencer to your subscribers. This through an IGTV video.

By using this instagram video format wisely , your subscriber count may explode very quickly along with your sales volume.

IV - Take advantage of the dazzling success of Instagram Reels

Reels are Instagram's latest innovation. This feature, which, it must be admitted, strongly resembles the Tik Tok concept , is very successful on the platform. It was to be expected. Users are more and more fond of this type of short and entertaining video. This is what contributed to the success of Tik Tok. It is therefore to dance to the same rhythm as the competition and encourage users to spend more time on its platform that Instagram has launched this new format.

Instagram video strategy

The advantage with instagram reels is that they attract people and can therefore help you easily capture the attention of your target audience. In addition, you have the possibility to share any content there. The main thing is to add a little touch of humor if you want it to be a hit. Here's how to put Reels to work for the development of your Instagram account:

-          Capture wacky, weird or funny events or facts that can easily go viral.

-          Is it the good mood that reigns in your company? Why not share your backstage?

-          Surf the instagram challenge videos: Take them back by adapting them to your sauce without ever forgetting to add a touch of humor.

-          You can also remix a Reel : react to a funny or unusual Instagram video to generate interaction on your account.

Story , IGTV , Reels , Live …., as you can see, there are several video formats on instagram . By using them to create content with high added value for your target audience, you will succeed in increasing the engagement rate of your account and, in turn, reach a wider clientele.

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