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When it comes to Instagram marketing, you hear a lot about gaining followers and increasing engagement. But what if you want to generate sales from Instagram?

Instagram has become a huge sales channel for online stores and e-commerce brands, and with new features like product tagging and stories, you have more ways to convert your followers into customers than ever before!

But it's not just about using a new feature: you need to have a strategy in order to drive sales from Instagram , especially with the upcoming holiday season.

Discover in this article our tips to help you achieve solid sales via Instagram.

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Find the feature that drives sales

When it comes to shopping on Instagram, in 2019 there are three ways to drive traffic to your product page and encourage your followers to buy it: by tagging products in posts or stories, using the "swipe-up" function in story, or by creating traffic via the link in your Instagram bio.

But what is the most effective feature?

It turns out that right now there is no core functionality when it comes to making sales from Instagram, and since every audience is different, it's important that you test each feature to find out what works best for your account.

Here's an overview of each shopping feature on Instagram:

1. Identify (or tag) products to make sales from Instagram

Thanks to new Instagram features, you can now tag individual products in both your Instagram posts and stories.

If you are a business that sells physical goods, you can link your inventory or e-commerce site to your Instagram account, which allows you to identify products in your posts: www.facebook.com/business/instagram/ shopping/guiding

Subscribers can find more information about the product, such as price or size, and therefore easily click through to your site to buy it. Product tagging is very important if you want to promote a sale on Instagram because it makes it easier for people to find the products you are selling.

For some audiences, tagging a product in an Instagram post might seem like too much of a sell, so you might end up with a lower engagement rate. It can also be problematic for a product that is no longer in stock to remain tagged in an Instagram post.

2. Swipe-up in stories

Brands with a business account and more than 10,000 followers can add a link to their Instagram story, then encourage their followers to swipe to buy the item or learn more.

Some brands have even created their own "swipe up" GIF to be able to use it as an Instagram story.

You can tell a lot of stories in your stories to encourage your subscribers to go to your e-commerce site.

Sometimes people need an extra push to see what's so great about a product. And Instagram stories allow you to view the product from every angle, much more effectively than in a post.

In addition, subscribers can interact on stories. If they have questions about the size, for example, you can send comparisons of different sizes so that your followers have a better idea of ​​the final rendering.

The disadvantage of stories, however, lies in the short lifespan, only 24 hours. However, you can pin it to your profile to make it more easily accessible after it expires.

3. Instagram bio link

Even with stories exploding in popularity, driving traffic through the link in your Instagram bio is still an effective way to make sales from Instagram.

To get the most out of your bio link, make sure your site is responsive, meaning optimized for mobile traffic, since people will click on it from the Instagram app on their phone.

For some brands, link-to-bio conversion is the highest when it comes to making sales from Instagram.

Many followers always want to browse a brand's Instagram feed to see what other products are out there.

In reality, the behavior of Instagram users mixes the three features: they discover the stories, then go to the Instagram account, scroll down a bit and say: “Oh my God, I love this product!”. And then, they can click on the link in the bio and shop there.

So if there's no better way to make sales on Instagram, what should a brand do?

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You need to experiment!

For example, if your products are complex and require a lot of explanation, it may be best to focus on creating high-quality Instagram stories that capture the finer details, then use the "swipe-up" feature to return. visitors to your product page.

On the other hand, if you get a lot of engagement on your Instagram posts, it might be better to create beautiful product photos and tag your products.

Depending on your audience and products, you need to find the Instagram Shopping feature that works best for you.

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