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It is well known these days that Instagram is an effective tool to increase its popularity and position itself well. To achieve a satisfactory result, posting videos on the platform is undoubtedly the most coveted way to gain visibility. However, for more efficiency, using the Instagram story can make a big difference. But how to proceed? What kinds of content should be favored in this option? Answers!

Instagram Stories

I - How to use stories on Instagram?

Posting an instagram video in story mode is a bit different from the classic post on the news feed. With many important specificities to exploit, it should be used well to ensure the relevance of its communication strategy. Obviously, you have to know how to see the number of views on Instagram for this. Indeed, this type of format is a real data flow that generates maximum engagement in no time. To do this, you have to know how to balance entertainment, emotion and promotion in the content. In other words, it is important to broadcast a clear, attractive message that makes an impression without tiring the audience.

To succeed in gaining more visibility, it is also necessary to use the features of the story option wisely. In this perspective, it is then necessary:

  • Focus on localization: this parameter allows you to both widen and restrict the scope of the publication to a specific area. With the establishment of a suitable hashtag, it is also possible to easily increase its potential for discovery. The combination of these two key elements considerably increases its accessibility to the world.
  • Put links: this is obviously the "swipe up" feature that allows you to redirect Internet users to well-defined pages. This practice is essential to generate traffic naturally via a mobile.
  • Identify other accounts: the story option offers the possibility of mentioning partners or third-party accounts when posting. This not only makes it possible to highlight its associates on a product, but also to gain notoriety with a target audience.
  • Encourage interaction: with poll stickers and slider emojis, it becomes easier to encourage user engagement on a story without making any Instagram view purchases . Aside from consumer reaction, consumers can also share their opinion on a given topic or product. This criterion is very important for customer relations.
  • Ask questions: unlike the poll or slider emojis, this feature offers the subscriber the possibility of answering more freely and expressing themselves normally. Indeed, this sticker has a field where the Internet user can write a text to express his opinion on a subject.
  • Make a live Instagram and replays: more authentic and more effective, this practice is strongly recommended to improve your relationship with your audience. This is an approach technique that consists of sharing an insta story, i.e. live content. This method allows you to have a good Instagram story view ranking .
  • Properly exploit the Highlights Stories options: these features allow you to keep posts longer and display them directly on the corresponding account profile.

II - Which format to favor on Instagram?

Right now, the story is the most engaging format on Instagram. Of course, it is possible to buy Instagram views to have more notoriety with the public. However, by applying the criteria mentioned above, a company can easily make a difference and generate a lot of subscribers and engagements. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the platform is primarily intended specifically for mobile technologies. In this case, it is necessary to rely on content that is compatible with these devices to be successful with users. Thus, the format to choose at all costs is therefore always the vertical.

5 Ways to View an Insta Story Without Being Seen

There are now several formats that a brand can use to make themselves known on Instagram, more specifically in stories. Obviously, it just depends on each brand and their strategies for buying Instagram views . But anyway, there are four types of content that can be shared on this platform.

  • The image: this is the most classic element of the network. It is normally necessary to opt for dimensions of the photo of 1080 x 1920 pixels to ensure its quality during the broadcast. To preserve this criterion, it is advisable to take the pictures on your mobile first and modify or improve them on dedicated software before posting them directly to the account.
  • Video: this is the Instagram video format that is enjoying the most success on Instagram at the moment. Its minimum width is 500 pixels. On the other hand, it is advisable to always keep the dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels. To ensure a correct full screen display, the 9:16 format is to be preferred in this way. The file extension must be saved under 4 GB and a length of 60 seconds for the instagram video .
  • Audio: just like these two elements, the audio part also remains a format to consider for the story. According to some studies, you should opt for a setting of at least 128 kbps for audio. This helps to generate more interactions with the audience. The compression, for its part, must always be AAC.

It should be noted that the configuration of its contents beforehand makes it possible to ensure a good quality of rendering. Indeed, if the file does not normally follow these recommendation criteria, Instagram can resize it automatically. This could interfere with the display or the quality of the visual. To avoid these problems, it is better to make arrangements in advance. In addition, there are already some free tools that offer the possibility of creating Instagram stories that are both authentic and original. All you have to do is analyze the statistics of the publications and suggest improvements to successfully integrate the story into your communication strategy. Moreover, many professionals can be of great help in this direction.

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