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If you are a regular on Instagram , you may have already noticed that some users on this network use specific fonts to fill in their bios . Indeed, changing the Instagram font allows you to obtain a cooler bio and to personalize your Instagram profile as much as possible according to your community. Are you curious about how to change the font on Instagram ? In this article, we detail the tips and tricks that allow you to change the classic style of Instagram font and especially to take care of your Instagram bio .

I - The steps to follow to change the font in your bio on Instagram

Have you come across a beautiful bio on Instagram , with fonts that are not available on the classic Instagram platform, and are you intrigued? Rest assured, you don't need to be a genius or use super complicated software to create an Instagram bio font . Just simply go to an online Instagram font generator and you're done. There are tons of websites out there today that allow you to create new fonts on Instagram . Once on these online platforms, you will need:

-          Type the text you want to process: once done, the web application will show you the different font options available. You can then choose from the drop-down list that will be offered to you, the most suitable font for your Instagram biography according to your brand or the type of subscribers you are targeting.

-          Highlight custom text: Once the perfect font is found, all you have to do is highlight the text and copy it.

-          Connect to your Instagram account: Finally, you will have to paste the text that you copied in step 2 in the Bio section to obtain a new Instagram font .

Be careful though! One thing is to change the font on Instagram but another is to be able to do it well. Using a special font for your Instagram account should be done sparingly. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect: a weird bio that is not pleasant to read.

It's best to choose only a few words and phrases to emphasize with a particular font. You can also choose to highlight a quote with an original font. The idea here is to be able to achieve a visually pleasing Instagram font writing that lives up to the aesthetic environment that Instagram is.

II - Some Instagram font generators

There are several sites from which you can create a new Instagram font . This is the case for example of Supremeboost , Instagram fonts , LingoJam , Cool symbol or Coolfont . There are a multitude of them. But you really don't have to try them all. You can test two or three generators to change Instagram font at first.

Thereafter, you can settle for the one whose interface and options suit you based on the quality of the user experience. So there is no need to look for multiple font generators for Instagram .

1) Supremeboost Instagram Fonts Generator

Many people agree that Supremeboost is one of the best platforms to create special fonts on Instagram . Indeed, this generator allows you to create an Instagram writing that is both beautiful, original and fun.

Instagram Fonts generator

However, it is quite limited as it offers a fairly reduced choice of fonts compared to other applications. However, if you want to avoid wacky styles and not have to choose between a thousand graphic designs, Supremeboost is made for you. It allows you to find the perfect font to write an original bio without being spoiled for choice, then you will see your number of Instagram subscribers increase.

2) Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts is one of the most used Instagram font generators today. Here you have more choices to change your Instagram font online . Whether you're looking for simpler typography or something pretty crazy, Instagram Fonts should have you covered.

italic instagram font

Thanks to this tool, you will also be able to put your fonts in italics, bold, add emojis, various symbols, etc.

3) Cool fonts

This generator has the particularity of offering the user a wide choice of special Instagram font . You'll find fonts that consist of only emojis, and others that include both text and emojis.

change instagram font

This application designed to change the font on Instagram stands out from its competitors by the possibility of creating giant writings on it.

III - What is the point of using special fonts on Instagram?

Using a special font on Instagram allows for a biography that is both authentic and unique. Indeed, the mere fact of changing your font on Instagram , and therefore having an unusual font, can be enough to draw attention to your profile. This is all the more important if you are a brand or even just a content creator who wants to have more followers on Instagram .

It's no longer a secret, to reach 10,000 or even 50,000 followers and more on Instagram , you have to be able to stand out. And one of the best ways to do that is to have an original bio . Changing your font on Instagram is therefore not a trivial gesture. On the contrary, it can have a positive effect on the size of your community.

1) Change Instagram font to add sympathy to your profile

Using a special font in your Instagram biography is therefore advantageous in every way.

organic spineapple instagram

If you use the options available on the generator sparingly, the chosen font can bring sympathy capital to your profile. It will give relief and personality to your bio.

Better, an original font brings more pep to your bio, improves its dressing but also is very useful to increase the interest of visitors for your profile.

2) To improve your brand image on Instagram

Last argument in favor of changing your font on Instagram , it allows you to look more credible on the social network. Indeed, depending on how your bio is made, a visitor could get a positive or negative idea about you.

different instagram fonts

Naturally, if your bio is poorly presented, unattractive, the Internet user will grant you no interest, no credit. He will have even less desire to subscribe to your Instagram account. On the other hand, if you make the effort to aestheticize your biography, to make it cool, with unique, beautiful fonts and lively emojis, your Instagram profile will immediately arouse the interest of the same visitor.

Whether you are an influencer or an anonymous person, changing the Instagram font is a way to work on your branding and better showcase yourself on Instagram.

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