Why and how to get verification (blue badge) on Instagram?

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Given how quickly and easily it is possible to create accounts on Instagram, it can be difficult to determine if the accounts are really what they claim to be, especially since nowadays anyone can buy instagram followers . How do you know if you are following the real Cyprien and not a fake ?

One way to determine whether an account is genuine or not is to look for a verification badge . Verification badges confirm that celebrity , public figure, or brand accounts are legitimate.

A simple blue badge next to your profile name can make a big difference when it comes to increasing your follower count and brand awareness. The main social platforms that verify brands are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • Youtube

But of all the platforms, getting Instagram verification is the hardest.

Why get the verified badge on Instagram?

Account verification prevents identity theft. This is why instagram certified accounts are exclusive to celebrities, public figures or global brands. Verification means your business matters because it's important enough to risk impersonating someone else.

What are the benefits of being certified on Instagram?

Increasing brand awareness

Instagram certification can also increase your brand awareness and follower count . This is because instagram-certified profiles appear at the top of search and in suggested accounts on Instagram. The algorithm also favors content from verified accounts, which results in higher engagement per post.

The blue badge can also bring opportunities to your brand. Even if a potential influencer or partner has never heard of your business before, verification on Instagram indicates that your company is a major leader in the industry.

Greater reliability

Being certified on Instagram increases your brand credibility . Since less than 1% of accounts are verified, having the blue badge means your brand is both important and relevant.

Some Instagrammers may be skeptical when they see a post that might look like a scam. But if they see a verification badge next to the account name, they are likely to consider the account trustworthy since it is Instagram certified.

Access to special functions

Another benefit is that Instagram Certified accounts get access to Instagram features that can help monetize accounts. For example, the “ swipe up ” function in Instagram stories to link to a website. A brand needs at least 10,000 followers to access this feature. But verified accounts have access to this tool, regardless of their number of followers.

How to get verification on Instagram?

The Instagram verification process has become increasingly selective. When verified badges were first introduced in 2014, users had the option to request verification . But later in 2015, Instagram removed this option.

As part of its policy, Instagram does not disclose the process for deciding which accounts should be verified . Often, users aren't even notified when their account has been certified . They only have to log in one day to see the blue verification badge next to their account name.

While there are few options for a brand to get verified , there are several strategies that can make your business a more credible candidate for being verified on Instagram :

Have a large and engaged community

Instagram places great importance on the quantity and quality of your account. If you have few followers, likes and comments, your chances of being verified are next to zero.

The fastest and most effective way to increase the amount of followers is to buy followers on Instagram . While the best way to increase engagement is to buy likes on Instagram.

Be sure to respond to followers who engage with your content. Instagram wants to make sure you're active on the platform and connected with others. You need to show that your account is important and that people are paying attention to it.

Post frequently

If you don't post much on Instagram, there's not much chance Instagram will consider you eligible for verification . Posting about once a day is recommended. Also consider filling out your profile, including a photo, biography, and link to your website.

Establish a strong presence on other social networks

A strong following on other platforms shows that you are credible , well- known , and someone worth following. This is especially effective if you have a lot of followers on parallel platforms like YouTube . For example, you can buy views on YouTube to further increase the credibility of your brand.

Next steps

The Instagram certification certainly has advantages. But unfortunately, getting verified is not a seamless or straightforward process. Instagram is working hard to make verification requests public and easily accessible within the app, but until that feature comes up, finding the right tricks can help speed up the process.

By striving to produce quality content on Instagram, gain national and international recognition and engagement , and gain popularity on other platforms, your business will have a better chance of earning the famous verification badge. Instagram .

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