The exchange of advertising with other Instagram accounts to increase its follower base

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In the world of Instagram, having a large number of followers is often seen as a sign of success and popularity. Swapping ads with other Instagram accounts is a smart strategy to grow your follower count and expand your reach. In this article, we'll look at how to take advantage of this method to grow your audience.

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I) Find similar accounts

The Instagram ad swap works best when both parties have similar interests or themes. Thus, their respective followers will be more inclined to follow both accounts. To find similar accounts, search using relevant hashtags or by looking at Instagram's friend suggestions.

II) Analyze the relevance of the partnership

Before offering an ad exchange, make sure the other account has a similar follower count to yours. A partnership between two accounts of vastly different sizes may not be beneficial for the smaller account. Also, check that the account in question is active, with a good level of engagement (likes, comments, etc.).

III) Make contact and propose the exchange of advertising

Contact the account owner via direct message or email and introduce yourself. Explain why you think their account would be a good partner for an ad exchange and offer ideas for posts. These ideas might include sharing photos, mentioning them in a caption or story, or even going live together. Be sure to clearly present the potential benefits for both parties.

IV) Create engaging and consistent content

Once you've found an advertising exchange partner, creating engaging content that's consistent with your brand is key. Remember, you want to convince new followers to stick around and engage with your content. Be sure to maintain a high quality in your publications and respect your visual identity.

V) Monitor results and adjust

After completing the ad exchange, it is important to track the results. Analyze engagement data, the number of followers gained and the impact of the exchange. If the partnership was successful, consider repeating the operation with the same account or looking for other potential partners. If the results are disappointing, adjust your strategy and learn from the experience.


Swapping ads with other Instagram accounts is an effective strategy to grow your follower base, provided you choose the right partners and create engaging content. Do not hesitate to embark on this adventure and develop your network on the platform.

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