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How to make a great story on Instagram? What are the key points for a successful story on Instagram? Which application to use to make an Instagram story ?

make a great instagram story

Stories allow you to interact spontaneously with followers , generate leads , promote products and services or even bring visibility to an account.

Note that to become an influencer on Instagram, knowing how to publish or modify a story on Instagram is essential.

To create beautiful Instagram stories that attract at first sight, it's here!

I - Applications to create beautiful stories on Instagram

When looking to post beautiful stories on Instagram , it is recommended to use another app rather than the built-in Instagram stories tool. The results obtained by the latter are automatically compressed and are of poor quality.

1) Create an eye-catching story with Adobe Express

Adobe is never far away when it comes to photo editing. Specially designed to facilitate the creation of illustrations for social networks, Adobe Express brings together the best features of the brand's products.

Formerly known as Adobe Spark, Adobe Express is one of the applications that helps to create and edit Instagram story combining photo and video. This application offers a wide choice of filters, text effects and many templates easily customizable in a few clicks.

Hobbyist or professional, Adobe Cloud Express gives you the ability to combine multiple templates into one. This very powerful tool is free with advanced features that are paid for.

The free version already offers up to 2GB storage, thousands of templates, Adobe Fonts, design elements and effects for photos and videos.

2) The Unfold software

Unfold is one of the best-known Instagram story design apps. Easy to use, this tool offers a series of 25 dark and classic templates.

As on Adobe Express, it is possible to customize them by adding text in different fonts, colors, gifs or even displaying several stickers of the same story. This application supports photos and videos.

Note that there is an option to preview the story before publishing as well as paid options to work in detail on your publication.

3) Inshot editing software

Also easy to use, Shot tool is one of the apps for making a variety of graphic and video creations. It has various interesting stickers to enhance an Instagram story.

Very sophisticated, this application can convert the size of a video into Instagram story format without losing its quality. It is also able to modify the source of the video.

Using Inshot, users can adjust speed, merge multiple clips, cut middle part or partition video. A wide choice of fun music and sound effects is also at your disposal to create a beautiful Instagram story.

With a premium version, InShot is part of this top 3 for the best application for insta stories.

II - Instagram story, content of great importance

make a story on instagram

Stories on Instagram are designed to keep followers coming back to your feed. This publication is not necessarily a photo, it can be an image, a video or both combined with a text, all for a duration of 15 seconds.

This short content expires after 24 hours, but can be viewed as many times during this time. In addition, it is possible to save your stories on your feed with the Featured Story option.

Thanks to its spontaneity, the story is the most popular content for Instagram users. To captivate subscribers, a story must be well designed and meet these few conditions.

III - A story to tell

make an instagram story

A story on Instagram is not only a beautiful creation that attracts attention. As its name suggests, at first glance, this means of communication must tell a story. So there should be a beginning, a middle and an end.

It is therefore important to visualize the story as a whole rather than individually. Through a post, the objective is to imagine a story that users will enjoy seeing during the day in order to generate interaction with their community.

An engaging story should cover a specific topic, complement and respond to each other. Depending on the objective, this content can be an anecdote, an announcement of a new product, a good address for a restaurant...

IV - Vary the type of story to embellish your posts on Instagram

Instagram allows its users to post different instagram story format . This option is a real plus for animating, developing and interacting with your community.

Alternating video stories, scenes of life, texts, anecdotes, landscapes, quizzes, each day will surprise subscribers who will not hesitate to come back to the page.

It is also recommended to create content expressing feelings. Put humor, joy, be authentic in each of the stories to capture attention and attract new followers.

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