How to use the "buy" button on Instagram in 4 steps?

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Instagram is: 500 million monthly users worldwide and more than 10 million French users. With such figures, this social network has become a real godsend for companies wishing to effectively promote their product on the internet. In fact, according to statistics, unlike users of other platforms, Instagram users are 70% more likely to complete an online purchase. To ride this trend, companies have been able to transform their business account into an immersive store for the past few weeks using the “buy now” button available on Instagram. Indeed Instagram is taking an increasingly important place in online commerce. But how do you use it to get the most out of it?

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How to add the "buy" button?

Not everyone can take advantage of the buy button on their Instagram photos. But unlike the "Swipe Up" option which requires a minimum number of followers, it is not necessary to buy likes to have the "Instagram Shopping" option. On the other hand, here are the prerequisites necessary to be able to take advantage of this new feature:

I         Have a professional Instagram account

II        Have the latest app update

III       Have at least 9 posts published on their profile

IV       Have a site to sell physical products

V        Have an integrated catalog on Facebook (via Shopify or BigCommerce)

But respecting these 5 main conditions is not enough. To activate the "buy" button on Instagram, you have to go through a few steps:

1-      Synchronization of the product catalog on Facebook

The first step you need to take is integrating your e-commerce platform with your Facebook Business page. Indeed, when your Facebook shop is activated, it will be easier for you to synchronize the products to Instagram. But the steps are different depending on the e-commerce site that hosts you: Shopify , BigCommerce or Woocommerce .

2-      The Facebook and Instagram link

Now that you've synced your store to your Facebook Business account, it's time to take the next step. To allow Instagram to identify all the data relating to your products available on Facebook, you must specify which page hosts your catalog:

-          Go to your Instagram account settings

-          Go to “linked accounts”

-          Open the “Facebook” tab

-          Login

3-      Activation

Now that your Facebook Shop and your Instagram Business are linked, you can activate the "buy" button on your account.

-          Go to "Settings" of your Instagram account

-          Go to "Company Settings"

-          Select the “Shopping” tab

The activation of the button in question may take a few days. But once the account is approved, you will receive a notification. If after four weeks you still have no response, your account is not eligible.

4-      Enabling Shopping features

When you receive the notification from Instagram, head to the screen that appears and select the Facebook store (from step 1). Normally, the synchronization of the two accounts will be done automatically. Now you are ready to sell on Instagram. But to maximize your profits, consider switching to the site.


With Instagram's Shopping option, it's not just about getting more likes. Indeed, when you really think about it, this new option allows you to enjoy several great advantages.

Increase your visibility

Instagram's 4% engagement rate makes it a great social interaction boost. Instagram is, in fact, an involvement rate 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter. It is therefore a very effective tool to increase both its visibility and its referencing.

Boost your sales

Instagram does not only allow you to promote your products on Instagram. In recent weeks, users, thanks to the Instagram Shopping button, can also make their purchases directly there. With the arrival of a whole new format that plays with interaction and information, Instagram intends to improve conversion rates. Which is a big boon to your sales figures.

Increase your leads

With the arrival of the "buy now" button, Instagram allows businesses to increase the rate of leads. And for good reason, this simple button will automatically send users who wish to buy to the e-commerce site concerned.

Customer loyalty

One of Instagram's main goals with this feature is to convert users into active buyers. By making it easier for them, it will be easier to make them loyal customers. And to entice prospects to do the same think about free Instagram likes.

How to promote Instagram Shopping?

Having the “buy” button on your Instagram account is one thing. Knowing how to use it to increase your turnover is another. To help you get the most out of it, here are some tips that will make this feature stand out:

Focus on quality photos

To encourage the user to buy your products, it is necessary to find a way to highlight your photos in order to have a maximum of "likes" mentions . The first thing to work on is the quality of the photos in your product catalog. The better the products are presented, the more the user will want to buy it.

Identify several products in the same photo

A photo can present several products at the same time. Your Instagram posts don't just have to look pretty, they also have to be totally practical and useful. So consider inserting several articles to increase the chance of attracting the attention of customers. It is also an effective way to increase the visibility of all the products you identify. Indeed, as soon as he clicks on one of the identified articles, all the others will appear automatically.

Make sure the tags are correct

It's obvious: the articles that you identify in your publications refer to elements that you will find in your Facebook product catalog. If you have, in said catalog, products with the same name, be sure to identify the correct ones. It is above all the speed of the purchase that we appreciate with Instagram Shopping. You're wasting the user's time by redirecting them to the wrong product.

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