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Did you know that every day, nearly 200 million people consult a professional Instagram page? Whether you are a brand or a content creator who wants to increase your number of followers on Instagram, this is information to take into account to improve your presence on this social network. Instagram is becoming a real showcase for brands, even a second website. It is therefore important to take care of your Instagram bio and thus your profile on this social network because it is on the basis of this that your visitors will decide whether or not to subscribe to your account. And right at the heart of your profile is your bio. It is at this location of choice that you must present yourself to your visitors. This 150-character tab is also where you'll need to show them why they should follow you and engage with your brand. So how do you make an insta bio likely to arouse the interest of your target audience? This is what we will focus on in the rest of this article.

I - How to make a beautiful insta bio?

To achieve a perfect Instagram bio , you must take the time to fill out each section well so that the presentation of your page is as optimized as possible. Even if Instagram only gives you 156 characters in the bio section to express yourself, that does not mean that you will have to rush or even rush your presentation. On the contrary, it is crucial to take care of your insta bio , to look for creative ideas to make it more original so that it is consistent with your personality or the tone of your brand.

1) Highlight your skills

Your insta bio is the perfect place to showcase your skills or those of your company. In the draft, do not hesitate to list your strengths and the reasons that will make your future subscribers want to buy your products or services. Briefly state what you do, describe the offer you are offering. When reading your insta bio , visitors must be able to clearly understand who you are and what you can bring them.

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Above all, highlight what distinguishes you, your particularity. In addition to presenting what you offer, also specify your differentiating element compared to the competition, your added value. In addition, to highlight your skills, turn to keywords related to your activities. This will allow you at the same time to improve your referencing at the level of search engines.

2) Add a powerful call to action to your insta bio

To make an effective Instagram bio , you need to add a call to action to it. The latter must be not only effective, striking but also simple and unambiguous. So be sure to be clear in your call to action for people who visit your Instagram profile . Also called a call-to-action (CTA) in marketing, the call to action is simply what you want visitors to do after discovering your Instagram profile.

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Do you want them to read your latest blog post? Do you want to redirect them to your newsletter subscription link? Would you like them to discover your Facebook page too? To push them to do this action, all you have to do is encourage them with a powerful Instagram bio sentence . This behind can be " Subscribe to our newsletter " or " Make your first order on the site and benefit from -10% ". Choosing the most relevant CTA will depend on your current goals.

3) Inspire your visitors with a slogan or quote

Does your company have a slogan? Or is there a quote for insta bio that you like? Feel free to add it to your presentation. This will allow you to inspire your audience. Having a slogan specific to your company on Instagram is also a good way to reinforce your brand image, to stand out from your competitors and to mark the minds of your prospects.

Nike Instagram bio

The famous American brand Nike specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods, for example, took up in its bio on Instagram its famous slogan “ Just do It ”.

4) Have fun with emojis

Emojis are fun and simple characters that are loaded with information. Using them will allow you to save space in your bio by presenting and promoting your brand without having to put a lot of text.

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Here are some examples of emojis that you can use as needed to make the bio of your professional Instagram page :

ü  Location pin emoji: You can use it in front of your business's physical address or to signify your current location.

ü  The Envelope emoji: to be placed in front of your e-mail address.

ü  A finger pointing down: to add more pep to your call to action or to emphasize the clickable link in your insta bio.

It would also be more relevant to put emojis relating to your sector of activity. A lipstick emoji if you specialize in makeup, a green plant icon if you have an organic cosmetics brand, etc.

5) Put spaces

A beautiful insta bio should be readable and not condensed. To do this, put spaces and make line breaks. The idea is to avoid having a compressed text that is not very pleasant to read.

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To make a line break when writing your instagram bio , all you have to do is press the enter key on your smartphone or computer keyboard. Also, using emojis could help you spruce up your presentation and achieve a simple yet impactful Instagram bio .

6) End with hashtags

It is quite possible to add hashtags in your Instagram bio . This is a great way to promote hashtags related to your brand and track content that is associated with your business.

II - How to find a good insta bio idea?

For inspiration to write your insta bio , do not hesitate to look at companies that are in the same sector as your company. You can also take inspiration from large companies or influencer accounts to find an original insta bio idea . It is certainly not a question of reproducing the same thing but of inspiring you to create a cool and original insta bio.

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Keep in mind that the best Instagram bio for your account is one that is representative of what you stand for as a person or business. Thus, your insta bio must captivate your visitors, make them want to follow you and learn more about what you offer. By following the tips that have been given above, you will succeed in creating the perfect Instagram bio for your brand.

III - How to change the font in your Instagram bio?

It is possible to use an instagram bio Font to stylize your bios. You may have already noticed that some brands and even influencers use special fonts on Instagram . This allows them to stand out and stand out. How do they add these fonts to their Instagram description . Why change the font in his Instagram biography ?

1) What is the point of using special Instagram fonts?

Beyond the classic font available on Instagram and which everyone uses, it is possible to opt for a unique and stylish Instagram bio Font . This will allow you to arouse the curiosity of visitors to your profile. Indeed, using special Instagram fonts is a way to stand out, draw attention to your bio and therefore increase your statistics on Instagram.

Instagram Sananas

Likewise, a personalized font can help you as a company to reinforce your brand image. The idea is to be able to choose a font that reflects your company's personality and introduce it in your insta bio so that your followers associate this font with your brand. It's a simple tactic that will allow you to be more present in the minds of your target audience and therefore of your potential customers and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

2) The trick to creating an Instagram bio font

By using supreme boost online font generator , you can easily edit your insta bio font. It is indeed a web platform that allows you to write texts in an original way. You can access it both from a computer and on a mobile.

Instagram Font Generator

To use this font generator for Instagram , just log on to the site. Once on the platform, you just have to enter your text in the dedicated section. Then choose the font you prefer from those offered to you in the drop-down menu. Finally, you will simply have to copy your text (with its new custom font) and then paste it into your Instagram bio .

By implementing all these techniques, you can easily create a perfect Insta bio .

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