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Instagram has real potential for both individuals and businesses. This platform offers everyone the opportunity to establish new relationships and meet interesting people. The challenge of the social network is all the more considerable for companies. This social network makes it possible to expand catchment areas, promote the visibility of the company and win many more customers. But it is still necessary that users know how to gain notoriety and efficiency for their accounts. However, there are also other Instagram tools to promote your Instagram account, such as Supremeboost.

Zoom on the operation of this tool.

Combine: what is it?

It is a tool specially designed for Instagrammers. He ensures the proper growth and development of accounts. It allows us to regularly monitor the number of our subscribers, as well as the quality and relevance of these. We can also, thanks to Combin, identify potential users who match our needs. We will be able to benefit from a good management of all our Instagram activities and thus make our account as efficient as possible.

Two software at our service!

1- The growth combo

This software is mainly concerned with targeting, sorting and managing audience and account activities.

Regular review of account performance

Combin growth regularly informs the user about the situation of his accounts, based on statistics. The Instagrammer will thus be able to realize his impact through the number of his followers, the number of subscribers who have stopped following him, the number of Likes or comments that the person has received during the day, week, month or month. 'year.

Quality research

The software provides rich and relevant results through user searches. It provides us with several choices to make the search as precise and rigorous as possible. 

Instagram search

- For publications searches: we can direct the investigation according to several parameters such as the place, the date, a hashtag, the number of likes or comments, etc.

- For user research: the software helps us identify accounts that may be of interest to us, including people who like or comment daily, users who have the same target audience as us, etc. 

User Search

In addition, we can use other criteria such as the number of followers, the gender of the user (female or male), the language that suits us, the bio, etc.

The guarantee of an active and engaged audience

Combin growth saves us from phantom subscribers who are neither active nor interested in our activities. These just fill the list of followers and bring us nothing, so we might as well get rid of them. In addition, there is a daily threshold for subscriptions, likes and comments that should not be exceeded. So, better spend them wisely.

However, care should be taken to ensure that Combin growth does not mistakenly unsubscribe accounts that are important to us. Therefore, it is wise to filter and put in an excel file the list of these users.

Ability to manage multiple accounts

From now on, it is possible to administer many accounts, while ensuring the good growth of each of them. This is advantageous for companies that often have to use several in the course of their activities. Note that a user can connect with a maximum of fifteen accounts from a single computer.

The tool automatically takes care of our regular Instagram activities

Managing an Instagram account is not easy. And it gets more complex when we don't have just one. Indeed, to maintain our online presence, we will have to manage discussions, Instagram likes, comments, etc. on a daily basis.

These are simple tasks, of course, but they risk becoming tiring if you have to deal with them on a daily basis. What's more, we don't just have to do that! Combin Growth is stepping in again to make our lives easier. We will just have to prepare comment templates, response templates according to various topics and Combin Growth will take care of it. 

Instagram post

2- Combin scheduler

The second software is more focused on managing instagram content such as posts, stories, posts, etc. Indeed, to keep and increase the notoriety of our accounts, we must be very present on social networks. Publishing something from time to time is therefore necessary.

  • Instant posts

Combin Scheduler is at our service to automatically schedule the publication of our stories, our posts and our reposts. We are spoiled since we can control everything down to the smallest detail and the software ensures publication on time.

To do this, we just have to choose the photos, the date, the time when we want to make the publications. Here are other settings also available in the software to give style and influence to our posts.

  • Choose the size of the image: the software allows us to adapt the format of the photo to that supported by the platform. In this way, the user can freely set the image size and orientation (portrait/landscape) in advance.
  • Target a specific location: Mentioning the location of the publication helps attract accounts from the region where we are.
  • Put hashtags or mention accounts: To generate more visibility, the software has a feature that allows us to put hashtags. We may also identify users in our captions.

Note that thanks to this software, users can also publish many stories with just one click!

How much does the software cost?

Both software are sold at attractive prices. Indeed, for personal accounts, the price is 15€ per month for Combin Growth and 7€ per month for Combin Schedule. While for business accounts, the price rises slightly to €30 per month for the first software and €21 per month for the second. Instagrammers (personal or business) are all entitled to advanced features.

However, it should be noted that there is also a free version of the software for those who want to start. The performance is obviously not as high as paid software.

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