From how many followers can you monetize your instagram account?

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Do you want to become an influencer and earn money on Instagram ? Are you wondering how many followers you need to have for your Instagram account to become profitable? You should know that the answer to this question is far from simple. It all depends on your goals but above all on the amount of money you would like to receive. If you want to brew millions of euros on Instagram , you will obviously have to become a macro influencer and have more than 500,000 or even 1 million subscribers on Instagram . If, on the contrary, you are only looking for additional income, 5000 subscribers and a good engagement rate are already enough to monetize your Instagram account . So it all depends on the amount of money involved. How to go about making money from Instagram ? We provide some helpful resources for you later in this article.

Make money with instagram: what you need to know

The first thing to keep in mind is that to make money on Instagram , you need to have a lot of followers. 500, 1000 or even 3000 subscribers will not allow you to monetize your Instagram account . To be successful in getting something out of your account, we recommend aiming for at least 5000 followers at first. Admittedly, it is not easy to succeed in building a solid following on Instagram. But by dint of quality content or by opting for the purchase of followers, you will be able to succeed in blowing up your Instagram subscriber counter in record time.

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The other thing to consider is that most influencers have diverse sources of income. Product placements better known as the Instagram sponsored post are therefore not the only way for them to make money. Influencers can also be paid to go to events or to do affiliation. They can also use their followers as a customer base to proceed with building their own brand. As you can see, the larger your audience size, the greater your opportunities to generate revenue.

How much money can you make from Instagram?

The best known way to earn money on this platform is the realization of instagram paid partnership . This is what the vast majority of influencers do for a living through social media . A nano influencer who has less than 10,000 subscribers, for example, can earn between 25 and 100 euros for a sponsored publication in story or on the news feed.

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On the other hand, an account with more than 200,000 subscribers can easily claim more than 1000 euros to do the same work. As you will have understood, the more your number of subscribers increases, the more you can get paid more. The proof, celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo with more than 200 million subscribers manage to earn nearly 500,000 dollars for a single sponsored Instagram post .

How to guarantee your profitability on instagram?

To make money on Instagram, you need to be profitable. And it's not just about having a large number of subscribers. Other parameters also come into play. Indeed, it is not Instagram itself that remunerates content creators. It is the brands that work with influencers who pay them. These companies have a marketing budget and to make this expense profitable, they make sure to work with influencers who can provide them with a quality return on investment.

Thus, brands rely on three main criteria to select the influencers to whom they offer sponsored posts on instagram . Among other things, there is the number of subscribers, the engagement rate but also the niche in which the influencer evolves. Let’s take a closer look at these 3 different criteria.

-          The number of subscribers

Influencer marketing is certainly an asset for brands. This type of marketing relies on a sort of win-win partnership in which influencers get paid to advertise for businesses. In return, these companies take advantage of the large community available to influencers to make themselves known, gain notoriety and thus reach a wider clientele. This is also the reason why brands prefer to collaborate with Instagram accounts that have a large number of subscribers.


The number of followers is therefore the first criterion that comes into play in their selection. Indeed, the 150,000 subscribers of an influencer on instagram constitutes for a brand, 150,0000 potential customers to reach. But if the number of subscribers is important, it is not the only factor to which brands confine themselves. On the contrary, they combine other complementary criteria in order to make a relevant selection of the influencers with whom they will collaborate.

-          The engagement rate

Alongside the number of subscribers, brands also take into account the Instagram engagement rate . Indeed, even if an influencer has 500,000 subscribers and does not have a good engagement rate, it may not be profitable for the brand. An influencer's engagement rate measures the number of times their subscribers interact with their content. If your engagement rate is good (above 1%), this means that your Instagram followers see your content but above all that they listen to you. This data also means that your subscribers "like" you, that they potentially trust you and that they would be willing to buy products and services recommended by you.

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This is a stat that brands are particularly sensitive to. This is why they may prefer to work with a micro influencer who has 50,000 followers but a good engagement rate rather than a macro influencer with 500,000 Instagram followers who has a low engagement rate.

This is why quality should be favored over quantity. Better to have 10,000 loyal subscribers who interact with your content and trust you than 200,000 subscribers who do not interact with your content.

Brands will only pay you if your community is sufficiently engaged, interactive and therefore likely to buy only the products you recommend.

-          The niche in which the influencer is located

To become an influencer and make money from Instagram , you must specialize in a promising sector. This is about positioning yourself in a profitable niche on Instagram . Of course, brands work with influencers who work in the same field as them. A company that markets sporting goods, for example, will naturally make an Instagram partnership with a fitness athlete since they both have the same target.

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Here are the areas to explore if you are looking for how to make money on instagram :

-          Fitness and wellness.

-          Journey.

-          Fashion and beauty.

-          Finance management.

-          Personal and professional development.

-          Lifestyle

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