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Have you ever noticed that some people use particular fonts on Instagram? Indeed, whether on posts, in bio or in comments, users manage to use different fonts from those offered by Instagram. Would you also like to test these Instagram fonts that stand out? You will have to go through web platforms allowing you to change your typo and take care of your Instagram bio . These applications generate special fonts that you can use on instagram but also on all other social networks. We invite you to discover in this article 5 of the best instagram font generators on the market.

I - How to change font on Instagram?

To create a new instagram font, you must go to the sites of web tools specialized in the generation of special fonts . From there, you will be able to select from the various options offered the writing styles you prefer. However, care should be taken. The instagram fonts offered by the various online tools are quite numerous. You can very quickly be spoiled for choice and choose a font that does not necessarily correspond to the theme of your Instagram account. This is precisely what should be avoided. The new fonts you create should have some harmony between them. You must therefore choose them in such a way that your texts are visually pleasing and easy to read.

It is better then to avoid overly wacky instagram fonts yes which, instead of helping you improve your brand image, could rather tarnish the image that visitors to your page have of you. Therefore, favor simple and easily readable instagram fonts. We also suggest that you do not write the entire caption of your publications or your Instagram bio with a special font. The best is to choose a few elements to highlight with a unique font . This method seems the most judicious to succeed in creating fonts in harmony with your instagram profile .

II - 5 effective applications to create a unique font on instagram

In this selection, you will find the best tools on the market when it comes to instagram font generation . Do not hesitate to test several in order to choose the one that suits you best.

1) The supremeboost font generator

Free and easy to use, the supremeboost instagram font generator allows you to generate new instagram fonts in one click. Just log in, type in the text you'd like to shape, and you're done. There you will find a multitude of options available to create more personalized writings on instagram .

change instagram font

This generator also offers emojis and special characters that you can use in your caption texts, in your Instagram bio or even on your stories.


2) Instagram Metatags font generator

Meta Tags is one of the most popular instagram font generators. In addition to allowing you to create unique fonts, it also offers a preview service. You will therefore be able to know what the font you have chosen will look like through a simulation of it on an Instagram profile. Unlike other generators on which you must first copy and then paste directly into your instagram account, Meta tags allows you to do the test directly from its application. Which is rather practical for people who would like to avoid going back and forth between the application and their instagram account, if ever the chosen font does not suit them.


By using Meta tags you will therefore be able to preview the rendering of the fonts chosen on Instagram without having to log in to your profile. Meta tags also offers you a wide range of instagram fonts . Whether you're looking for simple or more daring fonts, it should be able to do the trick.

3) Change font with Instagram Fonts

Just as popular as Meta Tags, Instagram Fonts is a pretty handy and easy-to-use font generator. Its main advantage remains its clean interface on both mobile and pc. It works like most font generators on instagram . All you have to do is enter or paste the message to be modified in the text box on the site. Then you can scroll down and see your text come in a wide variety of fonts.

instagram fonts

If you like a font, you will just have to copy the rendering, then paste it on Instagram, in your bio, in the caption of a post or to answer a comment. If you don't like the default fonts offered to you, you can always click on Load more to display others that might be of interest to you.

4) Instagram Fonts Generator

Not to be confused with Instagram fonts, this generator also allows you to create original fonts for Instagram . To use it, simply type or paste the words to transform into the text box on the site, then scroll down. You will then have access to a multitude of fonts that you can use in your texts on instagram .

instagram font

Instagram fonts Generator also provides its users with many emojis to add to their texts so that they have more styles. If you fancy mixing custom fonts and emoticons, this is a platform to go for.

5) Sprezz Keyboard

This is an application that is mainly used on mobile. It allows you to create custom fonts for use on social networks. It should be noted that the application is only available on Ios. However, you can still use it in web version. Sprezz Keyboard has a website where you can find Instagram fonts . It works exactly like the 4 tools mentioned above.

Instagram Fonts

You just have to connect to its site, enter or paste your text and take advantage of the multitude of fonts available to choose your favorite. Finally, copy the reworked instagram font you prefer and use it to style your instagram bio or the texts that accompany your posts.

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