5 ways to get noticed by a celebrity on Instagram!

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When a person fascinates us, we try to become his friend. When it's a public figure you're a fan of, you'll probably follow their Instagram page. However, this does not guarantee that she will notice you. Succeeding in entering the circle of friends of a star is a dream that is not won in advance.

So if you're having trouble getting a celebrity 's attention, despite being a subscriber to their certified Instagram account , here are some tricks you can implement. Apply these intelligently, and you may be able to achieve your goal.

1. Think before you write a comment and make sure it's original

Having original and personalized comments on Instagram makes it stand out

Writing out-of-the-ordinary comments is the best way to get a celebrity 's attention. If a post from her receives a large number of likes and comments , only those who intrigue her will get a reaction from her.

Above all, do not count on simple comments to have an effect on him. Don't expect her to respond to messages from followers who make a declaration of affection. Most of the time, the messages that are given importance are those that are the most "intelligent". They are very often hard-hitting to the point of boosting stardom . That's the way to go: find comments that intrigue and make you think. Bring out your emotions in your writing. Your post should be touching.

Now that you know what to say, think about when to say it. If you submit your comment when the celebrity isn't online, it risks being drowned out among the others. So remember to analyze the habits of your idol to determine the best time.

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2. Harness the potential of Instagram

being followed by a certified account on Instagram increases your credibility

Instagram's functions are very efficient and completely free to use. Two of the most frequent functions are the “Hashtag” and the “reposting”.

The Hashtag

This is a very useful function that allows you to categorize posts. The hashtag makes it possible to highlight keywords that are used in searches to be easily found in publications.

You are certainly wondering how useful it is in achieving your goal. Indeed, the hashtags you create will be seen by thousands of people who will be interested in them or not. Everything will depend on the consistency and relevance of the latter. You can also make it simpler by using existing hashtags. For this, a quick search on Google should provide you with the list of the most popular at the moment.


Reposting consists of sharing a post from someone else, in this case a celebrity , on your page. She will be happy to know that you are so interested in her publication. But also that you may share his vision. However, don't go overboard. Indeed, there is no point in reposting everything and anything. You will no longer have any interest in his eyes.

When your repost receives a lot of feed , i.e. a lot of interest from your followers , the celebrity behind the post will be a little more interested in you.

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3. Choose remarkable topics for your posts

Notoriety comes from the interest you arouse in others. Think long and hard about the topics you cover in your posts; this is how you will get new subscribers .

Post topics that might be of interest to the masses in general and your celebrity specifically. If your post grabs her enough attention, chances are she'll like and repost your post. The only way to find what interests him is to observe him, to determine his centers of interest and his passions.

One type of post that is drawing crowds today is the captioned photo. This is a photo of you that you consider above the lot with the caption: a sentence that inspires and touches. Avoid pretending to be someone else to impress a celebrity . So stay natural!

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4. Engage your followers

Ask your followers to follow your idol! You can tag it in your posts. It's important not to tag her in hateful or nasty posts. Be judicious!

Do it only on topics she might like. These kind of posts really help to increase the number of subscribers of the latter. And all the stars like that. Of course, if this trick works, she might also follow you back to thank you.

5. Be thorough in your posts


Now that you are paying more attention to the type of content you should post, think about the quality of that content. Be consistent in your news feed and take care of your publications. Impose yourself a graphic charter to follow in these. So avoid spreading yourself too thin.

When you start with a particular type, stick to it. Stay true, authentic and true to your principles. This might attract the attention of a celebrity who will follow you back. Some of your videos can go viral, for this we have prepared some advice for you in our article the most viewed videos on Instagram.

Of course, these tips only serve to show you the way to achieve your goal: to attract the attention of a celebrity on Instagram . The most important thing to do is up to you. You must be tenacious, patient and courageous. No relationship of trust is built overnight.

Remember, there are thousands of other people out there trying to get a star out there. So be patient!

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