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With the advent of the Youtube platform, many people are embarking on the creation of videos of all kinds to create buzz on social media. This race for popularity derives its source from the advantages relating to the quantity of subscribers to the youtube channel. The fierce competition between youtubers to acquire more followers, leads many Internet users to wonder who has the most subscribers on Youtube. This mini guide presents the journey of the best youtube videographer who holds the record for the number of subscribers. Well, this ranking does not take into account whether the Youtube has adopted the strategy of buying Youtube subscribers or not.

who has the most subscribers on youtube

I - PewDiePie has the most subscribers on youtube

From his real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, PewDiePie is the youtuber who has the most subscribers on youtube. The youtube user who has more subscribers on youtube is Swedish. In 2022, this user of the youtube platform has 111 million subscribers on his youtube channel. The influencer created his channel in April 2010 and he played video games at the beginning to share his passion with followers on Youtube .

He gained his popularity by developing more than 4000 videos on various topics which he tackles with fanfare and provocation. The gaming industry allowed him to create views by making comedic comments about video games . In two years, PewDiePie has reached one million subscribers when he makes funny videos, vlogs...

To have its current notoriety , the promoter of the brand image PewDiePie has worked for a long period. His career went through many strains before he achieved his current success. The youtuber had to compete with competitors to succeed in increasing the number of subscribers tenfold over time. Although he has a well-established lucrative business, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg continues to post new videos on his youtube channel .

II - The journey of the youtuber who has the most subscribers on youtube

Famous YouTuber PewDiePie didn't become popular overnight. His career is made up of many exploits.

1) Launching the PewDiePie youtube channel

After creating a channel called Piedew in 2006, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg forgot his Google account password . He then decided to renew the experience in 2010 by creating the new youtube channel PewDiePie. The youtube user begins by offering a video in which he tests video games that he comments on for viewers.

The player's shouts and exclamations helped build his reputation and in 2011, the youtuber had around 60,000 subscribers to the channel. The video creator of the famous youtube channel PewDiePie wowed fans with his humor through Lets Play and weekly vlogs. Thus, two years after the launch of the youtube channel , the company PewDiePie Production had reached one million subscribers. In September 2012 his youtube channel had two million followers .

2) Changes in the number of subscribers to the PewDiePie channel

The dazzling success of youtube user PewDiePie enabled him to sign a partnership agreement with a multi-channel network in 2012 to increase his notoriety. Thus, his famous channel reached almost 19 million channel subscribers in 2013. Between this year and 2015, the videographer collaborated with the game subnet of Maker. This partnership is at the origin of:

  • creating a website,
  • the development of a viewing application for the PewDiePie channel and
  • the creation of an official electronic store in the name of the PewDiePie brand.

The collaboration also allowed him to boost his popularity, as PewDiePie gained nearly 25 million subscribers in 2014. After opting for the production of short films and vlogs on existential themes, the youtuber acquired 50 million subscribers to the channel in 2016. The youtube channel had reached a new record of 100 million followers in 2019 following a competition for the number of subscribers with the famous Indian channel T-series.

3) PewDiePie channel view records

With the notoriety of his youtube channel, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg's videos have allowed him to achieve many views three years after the launch of his career. Indeed, the PewDiePie youtube channel got around 1.3 billion views on youtube in 2013. The following year, interesting views increased to 4.1 billion as its subscribers grew.

On his youtube page, video creator PewDiePie shot videos to satisfy the demand of his audience. In doing so, these followers allowed him to exceed ten billion views in 2015. In the period, the youtubeur generated 68.8 million views with the video posted ''A Funny Montage''. This content was the most watched video on the youtube channel at the time. Currently, the famous youtube channel PewDiePie has nearly 28.4 billion views in total.

III - PiewDiePie's sources of income

For having achieved several feats in terms of popularity on Youtube, videographer PewDiePie was able to earn money from youtube views. From the first years of his career as a youtuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg lived largely from advertisements for youtube. For example, this internet buzz brought his company net income of 4 million euros in 2013 and 7.4 million euros in 2014.

Creating views earns PewDiePie an average revenue per subscriber in ad revenue. Indeed, the notoriety of its youtube channel allows it to sign contracts for product placements with companies. The youtube user is then the ambassador of many brands that promote clothing and consumer products.

Between 2013 and 2020, PewDiePie also organized fundraisers (crowdfunding with other youtubers) to finance altruistic actions. According to an estimate by Forbes, the entrepreneur videographer has a current monthly income of over US$350,000. Thus, the financial value of the youtuber increases every year and he is likely to exceed one billion views on youtube.

IV - Ranking of youtubers with the most subscribers

Apart from PewDiePie who holds the record for the youtuber who has the most subscribers on Youtube, other channels also have a large number of subscribers. Here is a ranking of the top five youtube pages.

1) The youtuber Kids Diana Show

With nearly 98.3 million in July 2022, the youtuber author of the youtube channel Kids Diana Show occupies the first place in this ranking. The web videographer is a Ukrainian-American called Eva Diana Kidisyuk. She launched her youtube channel since 2015 to broadcast content dedicated to children and her popularity exceeds that of Squeezie.

The notoriety of the young Start of the internet buzz was built through instructive entertainment videos and role-playing young people. With her parents, she edits audiovisual content centered on the unpacking of toys and small sketches. This is how the youtuber acquired millions of subscribers. She has reached a total of 77.82 billion youtube views since the launch of her career.

2) YouTuber Like Nastya

Originally from Russia, Nastia is a popular youtuber in the kids category. To date, it has nearly 98 million subscribers far ahead of Norman and Cyprien. She is accompanied by her parents to create a youtube channel in order to publish videos for children on the youtube platform .

On her youtube channel called Like Nastya, she broadcasts short films to educate an audience of her age. The contents of his videos are about the benefits of honesty and kindness. The YouTuber child also recounts family adventures with her father and other members of her family. Thus, the popularity of his youtube channel allows him to make interesting views with the number of his subscribers .

3) The youtubers Vlad and Niki

Launching on youtube in 2018, youtubers Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov (born between two years apart) together host a youtube channel. The young web videographers managed to reach an impressive 83 million followers . To reach this new record, youtubers offer content focused on the presentation of toys.

The attractiveness of their content helped create views to generate ad revenue. For the publication of a video, children get help from their parents. Thus, their youtube channel Vlad and Niki has signed a partnership agreement with an Australian company for product placement. These young youtubers also praise the merits of the products of a manufacturer based in China.

4) YouTuber MrBeast

With nearly 90 million subscribers acquired in 2022 on his channel, Jimmy Donaldson rose to fourth place in the ranking. This youtuber who has the most subscribers on youtube started his career in 2012 by creating a youtube channel based on performance activities. At the beginning, the content of this video reached an average of 1000 views.

MrBeast's recent success began with a video posted in 2017 titled "I count to 100,000". Marked as the most watched video on the youtuber's channel, its popularity exploded from then on on the youtube platform. On his youtube channel, you can watch several hours of videos shot to show the web videographer's charitable works.

5) YouTuber JuegaGerman

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis better known as Germán Garmendia is the fifth youtuber with the most subscribers on Youtube. He started in 2011 with the youtube channel HolaSoyGerman on which he broadcasts videos related to common situations in human life. His most watched video is titled “Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida” which means in French the “Obvious things in life”.

The video has been seen several times on the channel. Following this success, the youtubeur created in 2013, a second youtube channel under the name of JuegaGerman. On the youtube page, the videographer focuses on posting gaming videos. This theme has interested many youtube users who subscribe to the channel. To date, the youtuber has 46 million subscribers on this secondary channel.

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