The 20 photos with the most likes on Instagram in 2023

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Of all the things to break a record for, having the most liked photo on Instagram (given there are now a billion monthly users, and 3.5 billion images of likes per day) is probably one of the biggest challenges. Some even resort to means such as auto Like or the use of apps to quickly gain Instagram likes and Instagram followers, which are not that free! That said, these celebrities broke the record last year without all these tools!

20. Selena Gomez, selfie number 1
Selfie Selena Gomez

Here is the first photo of Selena Gomez in the list, taking the top two spots. Showing once again the power of the selfie.

The instagram content of the photo is just a simple selfie, while her other post on the list is just her hanging out with her friends. It is clear that Gomez has very good Instagram followers.

19. An egg with a crack

An egg with a crack

You might not expect to see an egg on this list with such an instagram audience, when there were two before. This was used for promotion and preparation for a marketing event.

The mystery has since been revealed, and is explained at the end of this post, but such was the popularity of The Egg, it managed to take its own spot in the top 20.

18. Cristiano's Christmas Elf Family
Cristiano Ronaldo family

This list is ranked using data and data only, but it's definitely my favorite of them all.

No matter how famous you are, Christmas is Christmas. Everyone wears a silly hat. Everyone decorates with more or less ridiculous ornaments. And everyone in the family has their ups and downs throughout the day - look at the mix of facial expressions that go on here, ranging from utter joy to complete indifference.

17. Ariana Grande's tribute to Mac Miller
Ariana Grande Mac Miller Tribute

Grande posted this photo after the death of rapper Mac Miller, who unexpectedly passed away in September 2018.

The couple met in 2012 and announced they were a couple in 2016. The relationship ended earlier in 2018.

The news of Miller's passing shocked the music industry and many big names came out to pay their respects.

Here we have Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi, dressed as Kylie Jenner. Do what you want with it. Stormi is specially dressed to match her mother's famous outfit at the Met Gala in 2019.

Technically, it's a post from Kylie because it's from her Instagram, but we'll say Stormi deserves all the credit.

15. Stormi is one month old
Stormi 1 month

Kylie Jenner's next placement on the list celebrates the first month of her 'baby angel's birth.

The pair are pictured wearing what I would call lazy day wear, a fashion trend I fully support.

14. The Jenners snowboarding
= Stormy Snowboarding


The tried and tested Kylie and Stormi combo win again, with Jenner taking another spot. This time we have a very cool Stormi learning to snowboard. She seems completely oblivious to the task at hand and she clearly has a knack for carrying.

13. Spiderman and Iron Man Reunion
Spider-Man and Iron-Man

This is actor Tom Holland's only appearance on the list. He poses with fellow MCU actor Robert Downey Jr.

Both actors have played major roles in the latest Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe films, so it's clear fans are happy to see the two pals hanging out together off-screen.

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12. Kylie celebrates Travis Scott's birthday
Travis Scott birthday

Kylie is back, this time with a series of photos celebrating her boyfriend's birthday.

In addition to a sincere message, the post resonated with their Instagram followers, quickly increasing the number of Instagram Likes.

11. Biebs arrives
Instagram post Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber's only entry on our top 20 list is this long and loving post dedicated to Hailey Baldwin.

This latest post from Bieber as well as his recent behavior tells us that he's grown more mature and sees life differently. Hopefully it will continue like this.

10. The Jenners as Avengers
The Jenners as Avengers

Very recently entering the list, Kylie Jenner occupies another place with this position of her family disguised as Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Thor.

Jumping on all the excitement surrounding Avengers: Endgame, this post shot straight to the top echelons of this list.

9. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Jenner hasn't finished our list yet. This rather provocative photo of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, showing his interest in her and her family, is a great way to get many Instagram Likes, no need to resort to Instagram autolikes!

8. Selena Gomez goes to Italy
Selena Gomez in Italy

Another Selena Gomez snap, but not the last. Our most recent post on the list sees Gomez posing near a river in Italy.

For some reason, people can't get enough of Selena on Instagram.

7. Selena Gomez hanging out with her friends
Selena Gomez with her friends

A previous post by Selena Gomez was higher up this list but was pushed back by a second egg and this photo. It is also currently the most recent photo in the top 20.

The photo is of Selena Gomez on the beach celebrating her best friend's engagement and looks exactly like a photo your own friends would take in the summer.

6. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Wedding
. The Rock's wedding

It made news all over the world, and it was also a hit on Instagram. Our newest entry on the list comes from Dwayne Johnson's wedding. Owner of the People's Elbow and global movie star, he also has one of the most followed accounts on Instagram.

The image itself is a super happy and heartwarming photo of the happy couple in Hawaii.

5. Jennifer Aniston with some friends from Friends
Jennifer AnistonFriends

His first position and already in the top 20 of all time. Jennifer Aniston gathered her friends for an Instagram photo. Although not of the best quality, it proved to be massively popular and garnered reports around the world.

Aniston also broke a record, becoming the fastest person to get 1m insta followers the day before. The feat took him only five hours and 16 minutes, the record being confirmed by Guinness World Records.

4. A like for a tree
A like for a tree

Much like our number one spot on this list, this post is a relative newcomer that pops up out of nowhere.

As part of a drive to plant more trees, the post promises to translate Likes into forests. At a time when the environment is such a big topic, it's no surprise that this topic has risen to a high position here.

3. XXXTentacion's latest Instagram post
XXXTentacion's latest Instagram post


This is rapper XXXTentacion's last post before his death in June 2018. It's actually the only photo on his Instagram feed.

As grim as it may be, the music video for his song "Sad" was released posthumously showing the rapper attending his own funeral.

2. Kylie Jenner and Stormi ruled for a while
Birth Stormi

This is Kylie's 7th post on the Top 20 list, and it's her most-liked photo so far.

She rules Instagram, there's no doubt about it. And she held the record for most-liked Instagram photo for quite a long time with that post, too.

Then the egg came. At least for a little while. For months, Kylie lost her top spot to a simple egg, but it was dropped without warning in October 2019, meaning Jenner reclaimed the top spot. But for how long ?

1. An egg.
egg instagram post

This photo of an egg has broken Kylie Jenner's Instagram record by far, with over 50 million Instagram likes at the time of writing.

The world_record_egg account launched a campaign to set the world record for the most liked post on Instagram, and it was an invitation people couldn't refuse.

The account was a success, and didn't need to resort to instagram auto-likes to do so either.

The cheeky egg even got a response from Kylie herself.

There was a lot of speculation about who was behind the egg, and over time the egg started to crack.

Literally, she posted pictures of herself cracking up.

The big reveal came during the Super Bowl when it was revealed that Hulu had partnered with the egg to raise awareness about mental health.

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