The influence that Instagram likes and followers have on the credibility of your "social proof" account

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Nowadays Instagram has become a reference platform for professionals and influencers from all walks of life. This social network allows you to be known on a daily basis by posting photos and obtaining Instagram likes from your subscribers. To quickly increase your number of subscribers and thus increase your visibility, it is possible to buy likes and followers. How does this practice allow you to increase your credibility on this social network?

I - More followers for more credibility

Without social networks, it is now very difficult to make yourself known and succeed on the Web. Every company or influencer must have a presence on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The primary goal is to reach a large audience and develop more and more of its notoriety .

Getting started on a social network is one of the simplest things, just register, enter a few photos, a description, and you're done. The problem starts when you have to start making posts and gaining followers. This requires a lot of time and energy, both in terms of organization and personal investment in the various publications. Followers rarely come on their own, you have to go find them and make them want to join you. It will then be necessary to make them want to stay in order to keep them. Its not always easy.

Many people therefore have the idea of ​​​​starting by buying followers to quickly increase their community and take a shortcut for their presence to be successful on social networks. Buying Instagram followers therefore seems interesting, especially since with the increase in the number of followers the price of product placements made by influencers increases. Moreover, with a large number of followers, the credibility of your business increases.

Indeed, let's take the example that you are an individual who is looking for a photographer. You find two, one with ten followers and another with more than 300 subscribers. No matter how good the work, you're bound to be tempted to take the most popular on Instagram, and that's completely normal.


Currently, many sites exist in this niche market and have specialized in buying followers. For a few euros, or even several hundred, it is possible to buy follower packs ranging from 100 or 200 up to more than 50,000. In addition to subscribers, you can also have access to the purchase of options such as likes on your photos, comments, a gradual increase in the number of followers, etc.

One of the most popular sites is called . It is one of the market leaders and the prices are reasonable. For example, you can buy 100 followers for €0.99 or 50,000 for €249. Followers are delivered to you in less than 24 hours and come from real active accounts. Indeed, the site shares and promotes your content on its partner sites. The followers are international (mostly American or European). Among the options available, you can benefit from "credible and discreet progression" , which allows you to have a delivery that extends from 24 hours to 30 days and thus does not arouse the suspicions of Instagram and your community. You can also take out an “unsubscribe guarantee”. It prevents followers from unsubscribing for a period of 12 months. Indeed, if you do not take it, there is always a risk that they will not like your content or that it simply does not interest them. They are therefore free to unsubscribe at any time. Which, by the way, proves that the subscribers are real.

Finally, payments are completely secure and customer service is particularly responsive throughout the week.

As you can see, buying followers or likes is not that expensive. For a hundred euros it is possible to buy thousands of Instagram followers, and in a very fast time. In addition, the quality is very often at the rendezvous.

II - Methods to increase your Instagram followers and likes for free

  • ➔ Organize a contest with a prize to be won
  • ➔ Choose the most popular filters
  • ➔ Offer discount coupons
  • ➔ Follow targeted people who might follow you back
  • ➔ Accompany his follow with a friendly message
  • ➔ Use popular but targeted and varied hashtags
  • ➔ Use a beautiful instagram writing in your bio
  • ➔ Connect your instagram account to your other social media accounts


      III - Greater credibility for more sales


      One of the main features of Instagram is to be able to share its products with its subscribers. Indeed, the social network has become an essential way for online stores and e-commerce brands to promote their various products.

      Many features help convert your subscribers into future customers, and without going into details in this article, here are the three main ones in 2019: you can tag products in publications or stories to allow your subscribers to get an idea and encourage them to buy. You can also place your store's link in your Instagram bio so that customers only have to click through to see all of your products and potentially buy them. Finally, it is useful to integrate the "swipe-up" function into your product stories , which will take the customer directly to the page of the product in question.

      As you can imagine, to achieve a large number of sales via Instagram, it is better to have a lot of subscribers. Indeed, a large number of followers will strengthen the credibility of your brand or your company, and it is this credibility that will bring you sales and of course an Instagram remuneration. It is easy to understand that a person who wants to buy a garment must have guarantees behind it, and if many of your subscribers have also fallen for the same piece, you will have something to reassure this customer. Of course this is just one example of the power your followers can have.

      To get an idea of ​​the engagement rate of subscribers , it can be useful to test each feature independently and see which one works best!

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