Embarrassing: Madonna photoshops her face on Amélie Goldie's body

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The seemingly benign photo created a big buzz on Tik Tok . Above, we see Madonna , sitting on what could be a bed and wearing a t-shirt by the post-rock group Division and a skirt. Said photo was shared in 2015 on the star's Instagram account and looks like a montage. The singer had indeed published it on her social networks as part of the promotion of her album Rebel Heart . 6 years later, this shot is trending on Tik Tok .

Madonna uses photoshop and tricks her followers

The owner of the body resurfaces

It is not Madonna 's body that appears in the photo. In reality, the visibly photoshopped body of the star would belong to a 28-year-old young woman named Amelia Goldie . To justify his rights to the shot, Goldie published the original photo and compared it with that of Madonna . A very convincing comparison. Many media have also been quick to relay the version of Amelia Goldie . The famous New York Post also devoted a passage to it.

Madonna Original Photo

Imposing your face on the body of another person, thanks to Photoshop and without crediting the individual in question, sounds like a big mistake according to the reactions of some Internet users. Especially when you're a diva like Madonna.

" Madonna photoshopped her head on my body and it's still on her Instagram ," Amélie Goldie said in her message to her Tik Tok community. On the May 1, 2015 post, Madonna captioned, " I look Kewl ."

" It's hilarious "

Madonna on tiktok

The tiktokeuse certainly did not expect her tiktok post to become so viral . She was in shock, she confided to her fans. " I told my parents and they still think it's a joke and can't figure out how or why it happened ." " It's hilarious ," she said, adding that she was very surprised that the image still appeared on Madonna 's account after the outcry her complaint had generated.

Goldie says she doesn't know how the pop star got hold of the original photo. She said, however, that she has tried to contact Madonna 's team several times via her social networks but has not yet received a response.

Comments are flying from all sides on the photo published in 2015

Since Amélie Goldie revealed her story on Tik Tok , more and more Internet users have taken to Madonna's Instagram post on which the montage is still clearly visible. Under the post dating from 2015, the new comments are multiplying. If the photo could have gone unnoticed a few years ago, the Internet had definitely not yet said its last word on the subject.

instagram comments regarding Madonna photoshop

It took me forever to come here but lmao ”, commented a surfer who took great pains to bring up this 6-year-old photo. “ You need a better Photoshopper ”, “ Credit Amélia and erase this image ”, are among the reactions under the montage which castigate the act posed by the pop diva. “ The Photoshop is so obvious ”, “ what a waste ” are some elements that are part of the multitude of reactions under this photo which, for once, has been completely unearthed.

For the moment, Amélie Goldie who "had her body stolen" is still trying but in vain to contact Madonna's teams . The latter, despite the fact that she has already made several publications on her social networks since the scandal broke out, has still not spoken on the subject.

Madonna used to scandals

Definitely, Madonna will never finish making headlines with the multiple controversies at the heart of which she finds herself. We remember that the singer of Portuguese origin Lio had already accused her of plagiarism two years ago. Following this accusation, Lio was able to benefit from the support of Nubia, his daughter, but also from other influential personalities such as Carla Bruni . In 2018, Madonna also found herself at the heart of a scandal. A model by the name of Amanda Cazalet who took part in the filming of the clip for the song Justify my love has indeed accused Madonna of harassment .

Brandishing evidence, the model claimed to have received several love letters from Madonna for two years after the filming of the clip in which she had participated. One of the letters read: “ the most beautiful woman in the world”. "Amanda, how are you?" Where are you ? Why don't you call me? Seeing you again is as difficult as seducing the Pope! […] Send me pictures of you, full! I'm dying to kiss you again. I dream of you all the time ” The missive containing this statement was reportedly sold at auction for over $50,000.

The model claimed to have become a real obsession for the pop diva. “ At the time, I was not offended, but looking back, I realized that I was taken advantage of at that time and that it was by my boss ,” she confessed during for his open-hearted speaking out on the subject.

She also returned to the scene of the clip, claiming that Madonna would have stolen a kiss from her which in reality was not in the script of the clip which had been presented to her beforehand. “ I entered the room where we were filming. I was told to kiss Madonna. Suddenly she put her tongue in my mouth. I continued. I was professional. It was not in the job description and I was in a position where I could do nothing , ”she confided before this case fell into oblivion.

The least we can say is that scandals and controversies, Madonna knows them very well. More often than not, she responds with silence. Anyway, Internet users are waiting for the Ciccone to explain the Goldie affair or at least to delete the montage.

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