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With 45% of Instagram accounts suspected to be fake, it becomes more than important to give yours a touch of authenticity. If you don't have a verified Instagram account , there are tricks you could use, such as having a verified account follow you. Good news, this can have interesting impacts on your credibility and notoriety . We suggest you learn more through this article.

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Get the right person's attention

Many influencers put numbers over quality first. This may be advantageous in various ways. But equally, and perhaps more, it can damage their business. Because given the 40% rate of fake influencers that threatens the market, companies are pursuing more advanced policies in the choice of their virtual ambassadors. On Instagram, owning the blue badge is owning the Holy Grail that will ensure you several opportunities. To attract the attention of this celebrity you can also learn about what interests him by reading articles about him as is the case for Caroline Receveur. In addition to guaranteeing you access to monetization features for your account, this guarantee of trust leads more than one to take your post seriously.

The implications are pretty much the same if you get followed by people with this badge. Indeed, your account alone does not give any guarantee of being a real one. On the other hand, if your posts are of interest to well-known people or companies, then your followers on the other end of the screen may take you a little more seriously.

Increase your notoriety

To make an Instagram account profitable, you need to generate as much traffic as possible. Follow , likes , comments , views in story, these are all possible ways. But since it is not easy to generate such traffic so easily, many influencers are turning to other techniques to increase their notoriety. They can do it simply though.

Many dream of being buddy-buddy with their favorite stars. But when it's a classmate who is lucky enough to have an autograph from him, then there is room for wonder or jealousy. The operation is the same on the Internet. By being followed by accounts with Instagram certification , it is easier for you to generate interest among your followers. Even if it means belonging to a network of proven influencers , being followed by a verified account considerably increases your notoriety.

Increase your credibility

There is a real gap between increasing your notoriety and increasing your credibility. Because, while it is possible to buy yourself Instagram accounts to increase your notoriety, gaining the trust of people in the same way is not. Rather, you should prove yourself. One of the well-provided ways to do this is to be a verified account yourself. But since Instagram has set the bar high enough for its subscribers , we should play with the means at hand in the meantime.

You should know that social networks in general work on the principle of networking. Indeed, one person is linked to another and this other to another as well, forming networks. While Jean will be reluctant to help Dean, whom he does not know, he will be more inclined to do it for Jacques' friend, his cousin. By increasing the number of verified accounts at your following banner, you not only come out in the person's followers banner, but more importantly, it sharpens your image and your credibility . If he follows you in return, he offers you the possibility of being part of a network of influencers worthy of the name.

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