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1- Be active but not too much

In order to have loyal and active followers , you have to develop a particular area of ​​expertise or original content that will set you apart. You have to think of your Instagram as a story or a film, in other words with a logical and chronological sequence. This will allow your followers to develop a sense of attachment. It is also necessary to publish on a daily basis ideally and to manage your Instagram content well. Do not publish to say to have regular content but post when it seems to you to bring real added value. Indeed an overloaded Instagram account or provided with similar publications which does not bring any new information will tire your community and cause unsubscriptions and the absence of interactions.

2 - Surprise your community

The comparison between the instagram account and a movie is very relevant. Indeed it takes action to be captivated. Surprise your community by posting unexpected content that is out of the ordinary. The mistake that should not be made is that of wanting to imitate a third person. There are several reasons for this, and the most obvious of them is that you can't do as well as someone who is just themselves. If you are an imitator, you will be at best a discount copy, at worst a caricature. The instagram community is so big that to stand out from it you need special content that is unlike any other. Instagram users face hundreds of posts from many Influencers . To have a chance of attracting their attention, your publications must be original. Don't hesitate to ask your followers to interact with your Instagram posts.

3 - Interact with your followers

The key to success is here. Depending on the size of your community, you can adopt two different strategies for retaining your followers. The first is valid with a small community. It is necessary to opt for a personal interaction, on a case-by-case basis, the proximity with your subscribers will allow you to retain them and to provoke in them a feeling of preferential treatment. They will feel valued and will be grateful to you. Once your community grows, case-by-case interaction is discouraged. First of all, you don't have enough time to take care of each of your members. Your community will not blame you, they will be understanding of this phenomenon. But to compensate for this you have to show them that you remain a simple and accessible person.

Little tip: do not hesitate in your posts and insta photos to directly encourage your subscribers to put instagram likes , to comment on your publication or even to subscribe to your account. This can have a boost effect on your account.

4- Gain credibility

The Instagram community has 700 million active users every month. To become an influencer in this huge community, one of the keys is the number of followers you have. These are your credibility and your guarantee of quality. gives you a boost by allowing you to buy instagram followers as well as likes and comments. This method gives you a chance to be taken seriously and thus have the opportunity to retain your subscribers . The impact of a large number of subscribers as well as likes on the publications can provoke and push new people to be interested in your content. You will thus obtain an exponential growth which perhaps would have been possible after several years of hard work. An influencer must have a high number of subscribers to have an impact on these different Instagram posts. In addition, having thousands of followers can allow you to certify your account and thus obtain the blue badge. Your followers are your showcase and your credibility.

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