How to promote your products in video on Instagram?

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I - How to promote your products in video on Instagram?

Second most popular social network in the world, Instagram has become essential for major brands and companies that want to assert themselves. Do you also want to bet on this network? Would you like to integrate video into your product promotion strategy? The article tells you everything you need to know about it.

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II - The challenges of the visual on Instagram

The video format is very important for a social network, more specifically for Instagram. Indeed, it is an effective and essential vector of community on this platform. Launched automatically on the news feed, it captures the attention of Internet users and leads them to the Instagram feed . This ensures the dissemination of your message. However, to generate maximum traffic and to gain subscribers, it is advisable to post only quality publications. In this way, your videos should always reflect your brand and your values. These are the tools to use to make a difference and to grow your audience. They are the guarantee of the promotion of your products and your offers. They also testify to the quality of your service and allow you to maintain your relationship with customers. These are the reasons why many businesses are opting to buy Instagram seen to boost engagements on their posts.

III - Criteria for a good video post on Instagram

Currently, more than 2 million advertisers use this platform to gain visibility with the public. With video, they can focus the attention of Internet users on their products. Indeed, to be able to stand out from the competition, companies can resort to sponsoring their visuals. This practice is very effective for placing an advertisement in a user's news feed natively. Companies can also use an influencer to promote their brand or just buy Instagram views.

As on all existing community platforms, certain rules must be followed in order to be able to broadcast a message correctly on the social network. The file to be shared must above all be in MP4 format for this. Its duration must not exceed 60 seconds and its volume is limited to a maximum of 50 MB. It is possible to publish a video in portrait or landscape, however, the square shape remains the most recommended. The quality of the rendering must obviously be up to the technological evolution. In other words, it is necessary to post only content in HD or Full HD in this perspective.

Other formats must also follow certain criteria to be optimized. The story, for example, must be designed properly so as to become compatible with all types of mobiles. With a limited duration of 120 seconds maximum, the file must be in vertical format and type MP4 or Mov in extension. The size of the video should also not exceed 4 GB. When it comes to visuals for IGTV, they should always be mobile-friendly. Able to be oriented in landscape or vertical mode, these contents can last 10 minutes and even an hour for verified accounts. As for the volume of the files, this criterion must not exceed 3.6 GB.

IV - The basic rules for promoting your products on Instagram

Posting a video on Instagram is not done lightly. It must be done under certain conditions to hope to generate engagements and to avoid having to buy Instagram views all the time. Thus, to build a brand image and an undeniable notoriety, it is advisable to:

  • Clearly define your objectives: you must not disperse and ensure your communication strategy. You need to know the reasons that lead you to create the account and the people to whom it is dedicated in this way. Indeed, setting goals often requires a good understanding of your targets.
  • Post original visuals: you must try to highlight the products, the brand and the brand in your publications, whether images or videos. The establishment of added value is essential to make the difference and to create quality content. For this, you can consult our articles on the types of video content to publish on Instagram
  • Put an adapted description: the dialogue is a very important parameter on Instagram. The use of action verbs, emojis, catchphrases or sentences in the form of a question is therefore essential in this perspective.
  • Finding the right hashtags: these are powerful elements for gaining organic visibility. There are different types that you can choose from depending on your publication. Namely: trending hashtags, general ones, descriptions and themes. It is advisable to use "niche" keywords to have more visibility.
  • Post at the right time: Although each company has its own audiences, it is still possible to identify the most suitable times to publish a video. As a general rule, action should be taken between 8 and 9 a.m. and around 5 p.m. in the evening.
  • Focus on storytelling: it is the art of telling a story. Instead of posting a simple visual, you should instead try to tell a story with your photos or video. In other words, you have to stage what you intend to sell to the public through an animated image or not.
  • Leverage Stories: These are the things that get the most engagement on Instagram. These publications are highlighted and in this case offer excellent visibility. However, you must use them wisely to achieve your goals.
  • Insert visual quotes: Just as effective as storytelling, these alternatives can also bring your account to life and generate interactions. These are sentences that are placed on a background image.
  • Use influencers: Influencer notoriety can help you build brand awareness quickly. However, small accounts should not always be neglected in this way. Indeed, even with only 50,000 subscribers, they can add value to your products.
  • Involve the audience: a classic technique in digital communication, this method makes it easy to encourage action. Just let your imagination run wild in this way.
  • Exchange with the public: by taking an interest in the content of your subscribers, you can build an important relationship with your Internet users. Reactions, shares and comments can be reciprocal.
  • Stay active and regular: the frequency of your publications must be controlled to keep your audience properly. You have to know how to stay in the memory of your audience.

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