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On Instagram, more and more influencers are emerging. But are they all worth it? Beyond the number of followers , which makes it possible to differentiate influencers and classify them as nano, micro, or macro influencers , other factors also contribute to distinguishing them. Among these is the engagement rate . This parameter, as its name suggests, makes it possible to analyze the level of commitment of an influencer's account on instagram . That is to say, to know if its community is reactive, engaged, if it interacts with its publications, etc. Influencers who have a good engagement rate on instagram are generally the most adored but also those who have the most influence on their subscribers. How to calculate the engagement rate of the influencers you follow? Are you a brand and want to collaborate with an influencer for product placement ? Here are some useful resources to calculate your instagram engagement rate before you engage with this one.

Instagram engagement rate: what is it?

Before showing you how to calculate the Instagram engagement rate , let's first look at the term itself. Indeed, the engagement rate is a piece of data that makes it possible to measure the level of activity of an influencer's subscribers on the content published by it. This Instagram statistic therefore refers to the number of Likes, comments and shares that an account receives on its publications.

Instagram Engagement Rate

As you will have understood, the engagement rate simply makes it possible to determine whether an influencer's subscribers interact well enough with his publications. You should know that the subscriber counter has no influence on this rate. In other words, it is not because Mr. X has 12 million subscribers that he will necessarily have a very good rate of commitment. On the contrary, a micro influencer with 50,000 followers can have a better Instagram engagement rate than someone with an account of 500,000 followers.

In addition, you should know that the engagement rate can be influenced by a number of factors. Among other things, there is the quality of the content published, the type of content, the times when the publications are made, etc. All of these are metrics that can contribute to getting a good or bad engagement rate on Instagram .

How to calculate the engagement rate of an influencer on instagram?

There are several ways to calculate an influencer's engagement level on Instagram . Either you do it yourself, by performing a manual calculation, or you go to sites that collect social network data to calculate the Instagram engagement rate automatically.

Calculation of the engagement rate of a post

Here's how to go about determining an influencer's engagement rate :

-          Based on the posts he has made in the last 30 days, collect the number of likes and comments obtained on each post and add it up. It is therefore a question here of making the total of likes and comments that the account has obtained on its publications during the last 30 days.

-          Once you have the total number of interactions (Likes and comments) obtained on the publications over a period of 30 days, it will be necessary to divide this instagram statistic by the number of posts that there were over the same period .

Here is an example to make it easier. If the influencer has made 15 posts in the last 30 days and he has obtained a total of 50,000 reactions (Likes and comments) on these 15 publications, here is the calculation that will have to be made: 50,000 reactions/15 posts. You will get 3333.33. In the case of this illustrative example, the result obtained after the calculation (3333.33) represents the average engagement per post of the account .

-          The third step is to divide the account's average engagement per post by the number of followers the influencer has. Going back to our example, if the influencer who has an average engagement per post of 3333.33 has 400,000 followers on Instagram, the calculation will be: 3333.33/400,000 = 0.0083.

-          For the last step of the process, you will have to multiply the result previously obtained by 100. This will allow you to obtain the influencer's Instagram engagement rate as a percentage. The result to be obtained generally varies between 0 and 10. Still continuing with the starting example, here the calculation to be made is quite simply: 0.0083 x 100 = 0.8%.

The engagement rate of the fictitious instagram account in the example is 0.8%. Please note that you will be able to follow this method to calculate your own engagement rate or that of any influencer you are planning to offer product placement to .

The tools to calculate the instagram engagement rate automatically

Some online tools make it easy to calculate Instagram engagement rate . On the other hand, most of them do not allow you to determine the statistics of Instagram accounts that you do not own. This is the case for example of Instagram Insights or Webstagram. To calculate the instagram engagement rate of an influencer , you can turn to platforms such as Tanke or Social balde.

-          tank

To use this tool, just download the Tanke Insights Chrome extension for Instagram . Once the application is installed, all you need to do is enter the username of the influencer account to analyze in the search menu. Within seconds, the tool will collect the necessary information and calculate the account engagement rate for you.

Instagram engagement rate

-          social blade

Like the previous tool, this website also allows you to calculate the engagement rate of any Instagram account for free . All you have to do is insert the influencer's nickname and you get a whole detailed report on the level of activity on their account.

Insta engagement rate

With Social Blade, you will be able to have not only the influencer's engagement rate but also the growth rate of their community as well as a forecast of the evolution of their number of subscribers based on their past performance.

How to interpret the instagram engagement rate?

If the calculation of the instagram engagement rate is important, it is the interpretation of the result obtained that will allow you to choose the influencers to favor for a product placement for example. So, you need to analyze the figure obtained in order to know if the engagement rate of the account is rather good or bad.

Here is the scale that allows you to assess and analyze the engagement rate of an Instagram account :

-          Less than 1% = low engagement rate.

-          Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate.

-          Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate.

-          Above 6% = very high engagement rate.

As you can see, when an influencer's Instagram engagement rate is less than 1%, it means that their community reacts very little to their content. Various reasons can explain this: lack of regularity on the part of the influencer, uninteresting content, badly chosen publication schedules, etc.

On the other hand, the influencers who have a commitment rate higher than 1 or even 3% are those who succeed in not only creating a community but manage to captivate it and arouse its interest on their publications.

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