How do I get more views on my Instagram videos?

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Video has become an essential format on all social networks, especially on Instagram. Influencers and brands alike simply can't do without it. Instagram video makes it possible to increase its visibility, gain subscribers, reach a wider clientele and generate leads. It is therefore a considerable asset for effective communication on Instagram. In addition, its attractive format will allow you to easily capture the attention of your target audience and bring them to your Instagram feed . How to make your videos successful on instagram? What techniques should you put in place so that your Instagram videos generate more views ? We tell you everything in this article.

I - Opt for relevant hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are of paramount importance. They are one of your best allies to improve the reach of your content and therefore to increase the number of views of your Instagram videos . Indeed, the hashtags you associate with your publications can have a positive impact on their statistics. By using the right hashtags, your Instagram video will therefore have a better reach and reach more people.

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You should know that there are an infinite number of hashtags on Instagram and that each of them relates to a very specific niche. You will therefore have to make sure to use the right hashtags, those which are relevant according to the field in which you evolve. This is very important to generate quality views, that is, to get your video seen by the right people. For example, if you create content on the subject of fashion or if you are a brand specializing in fashion, you will have to choose hashtags that are related to this field. By doing so, you will be able to attract people to your video who are interested in fashion content on Instagram and who are therefore likely to become your subscribers or customers.

By using tools like Meta Tags or Best Hashtags, you will be able to find relevant hashtags based on your niche. These tools can also help you find Trending Topics, i.e. the most searched hashtags on instagram based on your industry. By using them to promote your content, you can take advantage of their popularity to increase the views of your Instagram videos quickly.

II - Write a compelling description

Even if it is above all the image that reigns on instagram, that is not a reason to neglect the texts. Contrary to what one might think, users are very careful with captions. So don't make the mistake of not optimizing your description on Instagram. The texts that accompany your videos play a fundamental role in the user's decision. The description of your Instagram video or Instagram story must therefore be precise and concise. It must arouse the curiosity of the Internet user and make him want to watch the video.

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As you know caption texts on instagram are not showing fully. Users must click Read More to read texts of a certain length. We therefore recommend that you introduce relevant keywords at the start of your text that will capture the reader's attention. If possible, do not hesitate to add a title to your text, always to hold in suspense the people likely to be interested in it. Making a quality video is good, but accompanying it with an interesting text that will convince your subscribers to watch it is even better.

III - Publish at the right time

To get more views on your videos or insta stories , you need to know the times when your audience is present on this social network. It is therefore a question of publishing at the right time in order to obtain better results. So analyze your instagram statistics to know the hours of high traffic. By uploading your content during these time slots, it will have a better reach simply because there will be more people likely to interact with your videos at these times.

Instagram statistics

You should know that the maximum engagement of an Instagram video is played a few minutes after its publication. This means that if you publish your content and there are many people who are interested in it from the first minutes after publication, the algorithm will consider your content as relevant and therefore display it on the feed. news from more people. The number of views of your Instagram video will therefore naturally increase. On the other hand, if a few minutes after publishing your content, there are very few people who are interested in it, you will get the opposite effect and the reach of your video will be reduced.

This is why it is important to find out when your audience is present on Instagram in order to maximize the reach of your video . Some studies argue that the best time to post an Instagram video is Monday and Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. But instead of conforming to this standard, the best thing is to analyze your Instagram audience reports in order to see the ideal moments to obtain a good engagement rate on your content.

IV - Use paid options

Increasing the views of your Instagram videos for free is possible if you implement the solutions proposed above. But to have more efficient results and especially more quickly, you will have to go through the paid options. For example, you can use advertising and therefore sponsor your videos . Accompanied by good targeting, that is to say by clearly defining the audience you would like to reach with your Instagram video , advertising can allow you to increase your number of views quite quickly.

Besides, video ads on instagram are the most successful. They are therefore worth a try.

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Another effective paid option is buying Instagram views . Highly valued by brands but also by content creators, buying views on Instagram videos can boost the reach of your content.

The advantage of this method is that it gives results almost instantly. Buying Instagram views for your videos will also allow you to get more likes and if your content is interesting, to gain more subscribers on this social network. For this technique to boost your account in the long term, you must be sure to buy quality views . It is therefore better to turn to a secure and reliable platform that will allow you to increase your views at a natural rate without using bots.

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