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How to Buy Youtube Views

Youtube stats keep impressing a little more every day. With more than a billion active users each month, this platform is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Youtube is also considered the second largest search engine in the world after Google . Because it is an opportunity to make money through monetization , it is a platform that is attracting more and more people. But we must admit that the competition is quite tough. It is not always easy to publish a video on Youtube and to record a multitude of views there. To stand out, stand out from the competition and gain notoriety very quickly, buying 1 million views on Youtube is a fairly effective technique. This will allow you to gain exponential notoriety and improve your brand image on the platform. Want to become a successful Youtuber in 2021 ? In this article, we show you why and how you will be able to buy 1 million Youtube views .

What's the point of buying 1 million YouTube views?

Even if it might seem utopian, unachievable, it is quite possible to buy 1 million views on Youtube . It is a maneuver that is within everyone's reach. All you have to do is turn to a serious, reliable platform and you're done. Many content creators have already bought views on YouTube and are enjoying the benefits of this acquisition. Indeed, buying 1 million views on YouTube is a way to grow your audience faster.

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By opting for this investment, you will increase your visibility and in turn gain Youtube subscribers more easily. You should also know that the more a video has a large number of views on Youtube in a short time, the more likely it is to end up in trends. And this is precisely where the key to becoming popular on the platform lies.

Buying 1 million views on Youtube will also allow you to become more interesting not only to your potential audience but also to attract the interest of brands. You should know that Youtube users prefer to watch videos that have a large number of views. Indeed, a video that records many views is a priori considered by Youtube users as attractive. The number of views being a determining criterion for attracting users to a video, buying 1 million Youtube views will therefore earn you even more views.

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Brands may also be interested in you. By getting 1 million Youtube views , you become a target for companies who will contact you to promote their products or services. Of course, they will pay you for this work. The people who watch your videos can also build a potential customer base for you in case you want to start a business. Which is one way to make money. As you can see, buying Youtube views is a worthwhile investment in that you get a return on investment and proven results. This allows you to have real market value and therefore become an influencer .

How much is 1 million views on Youtube?

Before answering this question, you must first know that content creators on Youtube are not paid by the social network itself. Instead , Adsense pays content creators who post videos on the platform. Adsense represents Google's advertising network and at the same time the most important source of revenue for the Californian company. Equipped with an artificial intelligence system, Adsense generates advertisements and pays Youtubers based on a so-called Cost per thousand (CPM) formula, i.e. cost per thousand views. In other words, Adsense pays Youtubers per thousand views . Which means that for every thousand views a videographer gets on their content, Adsense pays them a given amount.

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On YouTube, the cost per thousand views is roughly $7.6 . But this amount is not fixed. It varies depending on several other factors. Depending on how long users spend watching the video, and the geographic distribution of a Youtuber's audience, their CPM could be slightly higher or lower than average. As you will have understood, the cost per thousand is never the same for Youtubers. However, considering the average of 7.6 dollars, a video that has 1 million views on Youtube could bring in 7600 dollars, or around 6800 euros.

How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views?

As discussed above , Youtube pays around $7600 for a video with one million views. However, it should be kept in mind that the Cost Per Mille varies depending on several other factors. It should therefore not be surprising to see Youtubers with a CPM of up to 10 dollars .

-          Marina Mogilko: an influencer who earns around 10,000 dollars for 1 million Youtube views

The YouTuber Marina Mogilko, for example, has 3 Youtube channels on which she obviously discusses different subjects. On her productivity channel, she earns an average of $10.73 per thousand views . Which makes him a total of 10,730 euros for 1 million YouTube views .

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On the other hand, on her Lingua Marina channel where she talks about language, she only earns an average of 4 dollars for every thousand views . This differentiation in price can be explained by the nature of the public targeted via the two channels, but also by the geographical location of the different audiences. Various parameters can therefore cause the remuneration of one YouTuber to fluctuate compared to another.

-          Austen Alexander: 6000 dollars for 1 million views

A soldier engaged in the US Navy, this YouTuber offers content on his channel such as motivational video, sports training and tips for becoming a professional sailor. Austen Alexander earns nearly $7-9 on her videos for every 1000 views. For 1 million Youtube views , this one therefore pockets around 9000 dollars . Again, the cost per thousand views is never fixed but undergoes several fluctuations.

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When asked how much Youtube pays for 1 million views , you have your answer. You will be able to earn between $7,000 and $10,000 , or slightly less/more, depending on the average CPM associated with your account. Buying 1 million views on Youtube is a marketing tactic to adopt, especially if you are new to the platform. This allows you, among other things, to gain credibility and lay the foundations that will help you create a responsive and committed community on Youtube .

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