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A few months ago, Tik Tok was an application on which we only saw dance videos or playbacks. But things have changed a lot since then. Indeed, this application continues to grow in power. It has definitely established itself with young audiences and is increasingly shaking giants such as Youtube, Snapchat and even Instagram. Today many are looking to become an influencer or break through via Tik Tok . How to take advantage of the algorithm to have more Tik Tok followers ? We tell you everything.

1- Participate in trending challenges to gain more Tik Tok subscribers

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling on Tik Tok to realize that the platform often puts forward various challenges. These usually relate to a choreography or a popular song of the moment. These can also be related to current events or a buzzing event. What you need to know is that challenges are the best way to break into Tik Tok .

tiktok challenges

On this social network, you can see a multitude of videos through which content creators take up the same challenge. This is a way for them to encourage engagement from their followers . And Internet users are not tired of it. All you have to do is choose a popular challenge, put your own into it to create quality content and you're done. The number one rule for gaining subscribers on Tik Tok is to imagine variations of these challenges and publish them on your account.

For what you will propose, let your creativity run free. Take inspiration from what is already done or divert an initial video by putting it in your sauce.

Many content creators on Tik Tok are content only to make challenge videos and it works very well for them. Through these challenges, you can just as well highlight your know-how or a talent. Do you know how to dance, paint, sing? Now is the time to showcase that via a Tik Tok challenge . This way of doing things will allow you to easily break into the new social network.

2- Make your Tik Tok with popular music

Music is a key element on Tik Tok. To gain more followers on this network, you have to turn to the sounds that are trending there. We strongly recommend that you use sounds already available on the application or music that has been uploaded by other users. The more trending music you use, the more likely your content will appear on people's newsfeeds.

known tiktok influencers

Before doing a Tik Tok , surf the platform to identify the music that is associated with sketches, choreographies, or popular challenges. By reusing these sounds in your content, they will be more likely to attract people to your account. You will then get more Tik Tok likes and therefore more subscribers.

Don't hesitate to stalk the accounts of Tik Tok influencers to see what content they make and which works. By following their accounts, you will be able to know the

popular music on the network, good practices and how to use them to break through.

3- Favor very short videos

Another important thing to do if you want to gain a lot of followers on Tik Tok is to make videos fairly short. Especially when you're just starting out. Tik Tok allows up to 60 minutes of video. But usually few people stay that long.

Plus, if you're not well-known enough on this network yet, your content will struggle to keep users hooked all that time. Opt for an ultra short format. An impactful, trend-based video lasting 15 seconds or even 30 seconds maximum is preferred.

When you start to have more followers on your account, you can afford to make long videos. But if you are still looking to build a community, it is better to opt for short productions.

4- Make good quality videos to break into Tik Tok

On Tik Tok as on other social networks, quality is essential to gain subscribers . Your videos must be clear, crisp. If necessary, you can use effects,

filters and texts to better edit them. The choice of smartphone from which you will shoot your video is also not to be taken lightly.

The best thing is to invest in a device that has good video quality. This is essential to gain followers on Tik Tok . Another element that could affect the quality of your content is lighting. Make sure your filming scenes are well lit or at least have plenty of sunlight.

In addition, Tik Tok offers a multitude of beauty effects that can help you improve the quality of your content. Do not hesitate to use it.

Finally, in terms of the size of your videos, we suggest the 9:16 format. Your Tik Tok will thus have a better display on the screen of your future subscribers.

5- Bet on hashtags to gain Tik Tok followers

The usefulness of hashtags on Tik Tok is much the same as on Instagram or Twitter . Indeed, hashtags allow Tik Tok algorithms to understand the subject covered in your content. Depending on this, he will be able to categorize it and offer it to users who may be interested in it.

hashtags for likes

When you make a Tik Tok video based on a challenge or a buzz, do not hesitate to use the hashtags associated with it. This will allow you to gain visibility and have well-referenced content. No need to abuse hashtags in order to further boost your Tik Tok content . The maximum you can put, at the risk of being penalized, is 4 to 5. Do not go beyond that.

6- Post content on a regular basis

To take off on Tik Tok , you can't just post one content per month. Regularity is essential to have a lot of Tik Tok followers . Indeed, the more regular you are, the more the application will make your videos appear in the Trends. In addition, people who post regularly on Tik Tok are highlighted in the application's " For You" feed .

The contents appearing in this section are those that are recommended by Tik Tok to users. To get more views on Tik Tok , it is essential that your videos end up in this feed. This is The place to be to gain notoriety. Hence the need to create at least two to three quality videos per week. At this rate, chances are you can break into Tik Tok very quickly .

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