Youtube music: an opportunity for artists

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Youtube music: an opportunity for artists

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The proliferation of so-called independent musical artists has prompted Youtube to create a platform dedicated to music to promote the talents of these creators. Google then launched Youtube Music, a mobile and web application that it puts at the service of amateur and professional musicians. The music platform provides artists with the tools to launch and manage their careers. Faced with the growing notoriety of Youtube music, some are learning about the opportunities available on this marketing channel for artists. Point !

What is youtube music for artists?

The giant Google has launched the Youtube music platform to help so-called independent artists share their musical content with Internet users. Thus, the platform offers new artists the opportunity to promote their talents without going through the workings of the classical music industry.

Contemporary music lovers can self-produce their music albums on youtube and enjoy the resulting spin-offs. In fact, amateur and professional musicians use Youtube music streaming services to reach millions of users looking for music. The objective is to create musical titles to make subscribers to the channel and to earn money.

Beyond the music streaming aspect, the music platform allows artists to interact with subscribers using a classic youtube channel . This youtube channel will be used to promote the musician's musical content and shows. Also, Youtube Music provides artists with an analysis tool to discover and locate fans of their youtube music.

The specificities of Youtube Music for the promotion of musical content

Youtube Music is the music listening platform that replaces Google play music . It is exclusively intended for the promotion of musicians. Thus, the application offers specific tools for music career management.

Intuitive Algorithms for Artist Visibility

One of the particularities of Youtube music is to allow Internet users to be able to listen to music according to their musical taste. In this area, the giant Google has created intelligent algorithms to connect the public with the music library they enjoy. Indeed, when a youtube user searches for an Mp3 title or a video, the algorithm directs him to the best answer.

Also, the millions of youtube users will be able to see music content similar to the Youtube music they are looking for. This specificity of the music platform makes it possible to discover new artists whose original content is not the subject of research on Youtube music. In principle, similar results to the user's search encourage the youtuber to spend more time on the music application.

The principle of recommending musical content on Youtube Music

Unlike the algorithms of the classic Youtube platform, the number of youtube views does not impact the exhortation to play an Mp3 title on Youtube Music. In reality, the mobile application's algorithms recommend to Internet users the musical content on which YouTubers spend the most viewing time.

Thus, the more visitors will watch a musician's video, the more the music platform recommends the music in the similar results. In addition, the sound quality of Youtube music is an element that impacts the presentation of musical titles to Internet users. Therefore, opt for the best possible audio quality in order to promote your music on youtube .

Observation of artistic performances on YouTube Analytics

Youtube Analytics is a tool included in the Youtube music streaming service. It allows the artist to monitor and understand the impact of their musical content on the millions of subscribers . Indeed, the analysis tool lists the reactions received by the youtube channel of music lovers after the publication of a certain number of titles .

So new artists and professional users of this youtube app can view statistics, reports and other data. This information concerns:

  • the number of views,
  • traffic sources,
  • demographics, etc.

The Youtube Analytics tool indeed offers the musician to understand how subscribers listen to their music on youtube . In practice, these elements are useful for optimizing the visibility of videos in order to reach a wider target audience.

Sources of income for artists on Youtube Music

By promoting their musical art via the Youtube music listening platform , new artists have the opportunity to earn money to live from their passion. To achieve this, youtube offers several sources of income that can be accessed through Youtube Music.

Participate in the Youtube partner program

The YouTube Partner Program is a system set up by the platform to allow content creators to generate income through various options. Indeed, new artists can earn money through:

  • advertising revenue,
  • the merchandising section,
  • channel subscriptions,
  • YouTube Premium revenue and
  • super Cats and Super Stickers.

In a simple way, Youtube takes advantage of music streaming to pass sponsored advertising content. Also, the music platform gives you back part of the recursive monthly payments made by subscribers to your channel to benefit from special prerogatives. In addition, the musician has the possibility of selling official products to fans of his music library.

To exploit the source of income of the merchandising section, it is possible to sell accessories such as t-shirts, caps... Also, other income comes from stickers purchased by your fans in order to highlight their cats . Similarly, when subscribers to the YouTube Premium service watch the musician's video, the latter receives a portion of the subscription fee.

YouTube Shorts Funds

Youtube is developing the opportunity to promote artists who create original content through Youtube Shorts funds. The music and video streaming service platform initiated this funding to reward users who work for the development of the short video format. The shorts are indeed short video sequences of less than 60 seconds filmed in landscape.

This Youtube source of discretionary compensation is available to a handful of new artists chosen by Youtube Music's algorithms. The youtube channels eligible for this funding are selected by Youtube. The music platform contacts creators of shorts who have published unique content that has generated a high rate of engagement.

Tips for using Youtube Music and promoting your artistic talents

To benefit from the promotional services of Youtube Music, the musician must create a youtube channel from a Google account. This space allows him to develop a brand image as a creator of musical content.

Create your artist profile

To get started on the music platform, it is imperative to define an artist name memorable until posterity. Keep in mind that the easier the name is to pronounce and spell, the easier it will be remembered by millions of YouTube users. Also, consider creating an icon or logo that allows you to associate your artist name with a unique image that reflects your artistic profile.

In the absence of the logo, the musician can add a profile photo to his image which gives an overview of his style of music. All of these visual elements highlight you as an artist or your group of musicians. Therefore, it is advisable to be professional at the stage of creating the artist profile.

Promote your musician channel on youtube

New artists must create a channel banner to make their youtube channel visible. This is to reproduce a digital banner that dresses your youtube channel. The banner is also a tool that provides information on the next events in your artistic journey. Also include a channel overview to let visitors know what types of music content to expect.

The description can also tell the story of the musician, a brief history of his project including these objectives, the frequency of publication of the original contents, etc. Beyond these notorious elements add a short video as a trailer that shows your flagship titles, albums... It can contain popular musical extracts.

Organize your channel on Youtube Music

To get people to listen to music on your youtube channel, organize the youtube channel by creating playlists. If you do not yet have an idea of ​​all the titles of your future albums, create and classify Mp3 music according to a theme or a musical rhythm. This allows visitors to follow you. Also, use Youtube cards to engage your audience through calls to action. It is a marketing strategy that helps increase subscribers and views.

The problem of copyright on Youtube Music

To take advantage of the opportunity offered by Youtube music, namely the promotion of independent artists, you must have the copyright of your musical content. Indeed, the music platform requires music lovers, new contemporary music artists and music groups to authenticate their music videos.

Thus, you can request the creation of an official artist channel to take advantage of the many advantages of YouTube Music. An official youtube channel for musicians is an offer allowing artists on Youtube to consolidate all their content and subscribers on a single dashboard. These music youtubers also have access to tools for artists like Analytics.

To benefit from this free service, the classic youtube channel must respect the rules of Youtube and the Conditions of use of the platform. Also, compliance with copyright and community guidelines is mandatory. In principle, you must upload three official music videos to which you have the copyright. Certification must be provided by a record label or music distribution partner.

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