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Many children enjoy watching videos on YouTube . So it seemed logical that Google would create an app specifically for the online video service's younger fans . YouTube Kids offers a colorful and easy-to-navigate environment, a wide range of high-quality videos, parental controls, and fun features for kids. 

However, it faced issues with advertising, branded content, and inappropriate clips that escaped the selection process. So, is YouTube Kids kid-friendly, or not? 

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With its whimsical visuals, goofy sound effects, and image-based navigation, YouTube Kids is fun and user-friendly, and unlike its parent site at all. Kids can browse a huge menu of age-appropriate YouTube videos by swiping the mouse left or right. They can also view channels through the categories at the top of the screen. 

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a YouTube portal designed for children. It features TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-generated content. It is designed for children from preschool to 12 years old and is available as an app and a website. YouTube Kids lets you create individual user profiles for each of your children, so they can log in and watch age-appropriate videos. 

One of the best features of YouTube Kids is the timer, which lets you set a limit (up to one hour) for your kids to play on the app. 

What kind of videos are on YouTube Kids?

As there are regular updates, channels and videos are subject to change. The "Shows" section offers clips and full episodes of popular children's shows; the "Music" section includes clips of classic and contemporary children's songs. 

The "Learning" section provides access to educational clips from sources such as Khan Academy, PBS Kids and TED-Ed, and the "Explore" section offers a wide range of user-created content, toy videos (including many "unboxing" clips) and a more random array of children's content, as well as channels created by brands such as McDonald's. According to Common Sense Media's 2020 research report, most of the videos kids watch are primarily entertainment, not educational content. 

Are there any ads on YouTube Kids?

Advertising is ubiquitous on YouTube Kids, appearing in 95% of early childhood videos, according to our research. Ad design can also be a problem. These include banner ads that block educational content, sidebar ads that can be mistaken for recommended videos, and video game ads that show doctored versions of popular characters. 

If parents sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription, there are no ads and kids can watch the videos offline. But kids will still have access to branded chains from fast food or toy companies. 

How do I set up parental controls and profiles on YouTube Kids? 

To set up parental controls on YouTube Kids, sign in with your Google Account. You can create a personal passcode, which acts as a master key to access app settings, or you can use the random multiplication test whenever you want to log in. The app allows profiles to be created for up to eight children, each with their own avatar and settings, including time limits and a personal code for each child so they cannot access the profile of the child. 'other. 

Most importantly, you'll need to decide if you want to allow your child to search freely within the app or if you want to rely on content settings by age (4 and under, 5-7, and 8-12). which offer videos that are generally appropriate for each age group. By selecting "Approve Content" yourself, you disable search and instead offer Video Collections, which are age-verified videos. 

All profile settings can be accessed via the padlock icon on each screen, you can update them as often as you like, and they apply to the app and website immediately. 

How do I set content filters on YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids does not offer content filters. To control what your kids can see, you can use Parental Controls to only allow content you've approved. Otherwise, the app displays videos according to the age range you specified (kids 4 and under see more developmental content, while kids 8-12 see more video games, for example). 

If there's something you absolutely don't want your kids to see, you'll want to block those videos when they appear. 

What age group is YouTube Kids for? 

The app store says YouTube Kids is for ages 4 and up, but Common Sense Media recommends it for ages 7 and up. Besides ads, commercialism, and the risk of seeing inappropriate videos, we think it's best to wait until the kids are a little more mature or watch the videos with your young children. 

Why does YouTube Kids have annoying videos?

You may have heard or seen videos that seem aimed at children but clearly aren't. These videos can use familiar characters from children's TV shows or cartoon images, such as cars and trucks. The videos have seemingly kid-friendly titles and start out normal, but then get weird and even extremely disturbing. 

The person creating these videos, dubbed “YouTube Poop,” figured out how to use tags (the code that helps Google categorize content) to fool the algorithm. Disturbing videos are more common on the main YouTube channel. YouTube is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it by tightening human controls. But there have been isolated instances of disturbing videos appearing in the kids' app, including a high-profile incident of "suicide instructions" inserted into a cartoon video. 

What is YouTube doing to make the app safer for children?

Along with Parental Controls, Video Collections, and Disabling Search, YouTube has made some changes to its policy in an attempt to improve the app. The company announced that when videos are flagged on the main YouTube app, they are automatically age-restricted and therefore blocked in the kids app. This measure will also remove the financial incentive for the producers of some of this strange content, by preventing them from serving advertisements on age-restricted content. 

The addition of human reviewers to review flagged content and proactively search for disturbing content (which Google implemented after concerns were raised about disturbing videos passing through the algorithm) should be a big help. And the app's partnership with content providers like PBS and Kidzbop further reduces risk. 

Still, it's important that parents keep an eye on everything and actively use the in-product controls to keep kids' experiences fun and safe. 

What should I do when my child sees disturbing content? 

Like any media product that contains user-generated content, it's a good idea to watch closely and watch together when you can. If you find a video disturbing, you can block it, which helps prevent it from reappearing. You can also report it, which alerts YouTube to offensive content so that its team can review it and remove it if necessary. If your children are afraid of what they see, try these methods to comfort them. 

Download youtube kids app 

You can download the app on Ios and android. If you want Youtube kids for android go to google play store on their android smartphone or tablet. Then type the name of the app to download. Enter the name of your mobile app here. Youtube Kids is the corresponding official app. 

You will see several Android apps appear. The corresponding Android application is the one displayed at the very top. Download your new app by clicking download or the install app button. 

Your apk should download normally if you have access to an internet connection. When your smartphone app has finished downloading and successfully installed, you can now use it on your Android device. 

The developers have made great efforts to design this android app which allows to limit in a good proportion the access to inappropriate content for children. 

This is a free application on android and ios. That is to say that you can also download it from the Apple Store and even on Windows phone. 

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