Youtube Ads: focus on Youtube Ads

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Youtube Ads: focus on Youtube Ads

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With the development of social networks in the 21st century, web advertising has become a powerful communication strategy for companies. It consists of broadcasting audiovisual advertising through the many internet channels. The YouTube video hosting site is a powerful marketing tool for advertising on the internet. The Youtube Ads platform dedicated to the advertising branch allows advertisers to exploit the youtube channels of popular youtubers to display their advertising. Other advertising solutions are available on Youtube. Find out how Youtube Ads works for advertising.

Understand what Youtube advertising is

Youtube ads are advertising content delivered by advertisers to influence the actions of youtube users. Advertising on youtube via youtube ads is one of the many advertising solutions developed by the giant Google. It allows companies that have understood the advantages of web advertising to reach a specific audience in their field of activity.

In fact, creating a social media ad campaign is an ideal way to drive conversions to your website to maximize your ROI. In this regard, advertisers use the youtube site to target a target audience with a type of advertisement. This targeting technique is better than the Google AdsWords advertising strategy.

For the distribution of advertising, Youtube uses the youtube channels of youtubeurs with a certain notoriety on Youtube. In principle, the advertising content is broadcast on a youtube channel that has a thousand subscribers to the Youtube channel and having accumulated an average of four thousand hours of viewing. Also, the youtubeur responsible for a youtube channel must activate monetization on his youtube videos so that your advertising campaign is visible on the youtube page.

Targeting advertising audiences on Youtube

To launch your first advertising campaign on Youtube, it is essential to understand how targeting works on social media. In this regard, an advertiser can use different options to target his target audience.

Simplified targeting to do some advertising

Youtube ads is a powerful tool on the youtube platform to target audiences related to your advertising campaign. This web advertising tool offers a powerful targeting method ideal for reaching:

  • internet groups
  • categories web communities and
  • specific youtube users.

It is enough to identify people with common characteristics such as the center of interest, similar socio-demographic profiles, etc. In a practical way, the tool allowing you to target users gives you the possibility of disaggregating the targets according to age, sex, financial income... There are also other targeting criteria such as socio-professional category, social class , etc.

More refined advertising targeting via youtube ads

Using advertising on the internet via the Youtube social media also allows for precise targeting to reach a specific audience. Beyond the simplified criteria for choosing the targets of advertising campaigns , you have the possibility of defining affinity audiences. This is a target audience that has shown a real interest in certain subjects or themes.

So the advertiser just hones in on the audiences that seem relevant to the ad campaign . In addition, custom affinity audiences allow you to target based on an interest or passion of youtube users. There is also the category of audiences in the market which targets Internet users who carry out research on certain products.

The third targeting option on Youtube is an ideal communication solution for advertisers operating in e-commerce. Because it allows targeted advertising of your product. The final type of advertising targeting on Youtube is Custom Intent Audiences. This is an option to target individuals when they search on Google to make a decision in their buying journey.

Other solutions to target audiences for a Youtube advertising campaign

To advertise on Youtube, youtube ads offers you different solutions to target your audience . Apart from the known targeting options there are remarketing and placement targeting.

Remarketing targeting on youtube ads

Remarketing on youtube ads is an ideal targeting approach to define audiences based on the actions users take while browsing. In this regard, the advertiser can create an advertising campaign targeting only users who have interacted with a specific advertising format . This is a targeting based on the behavior of Internet users.

Targeting by content category

On YouTube advertisers advertise to users who have viewed a specific form of social media content. This is a targeting allows you to choose the youtube channels that will broadcast advertising . Thus, sponsored advertising content is associated with specific youtube videos.

Ad formats on youtube

To launch advertising campaigns on Youtube, it is mandatory to choose the type of advertising to be broadcast on youtube channels. Ad format can impact advertiser conversions.

The indisplay ad format

Youtube users often view the indisplay type of advertisement. This ad format is displayed at the top right of the youtube user's screen. It is visible at the top of the list of youtube videos suggested to the Internet user. Many advertisers opt for youtube in-display advertising, because this type of unobtrusive advertising acts on the subconscious of the person watching the video.

In general, this form of advertisement allows the Internet user to view its content on Youtube while being captivated by the advertisement. The youtube platform displays this type of advertising on laptops, smartphones and tablets, depending on the targeting defined by the advertisers. Youtube ads accepts ads of 300 x 250 or 300 x 60 format of thirty seconds or more.

The Instream ad format

Suitable for advertising videos of up to three minutes, the instream type of advertisement is an advertisement on the Internet that the Internet user must watch at least in part. On social media, youtubers are forced to watch the ad for 5 seconds before ignoring the ad. There are 6-second Instream ads called bumpers that users cannot skip to enjoy the video they have chosen.

The viewing of this specific advertising format starts automatically when the youtube user watches the video on a computer, smartphone or tablet… TV screens and game consoles are broadcasting Instream advertising campaigns. The target audience defined by the advertisers then receives web advertising regardless of the equipment they use to connect.

Youtube Overlay Advertising Format

The Youtube video overlay ad appears at the bottom of streaming youtube videos. This is a type of advertising without audiovisual content that Youtube presents in a frame representing approximately 20% of the content viewed. This discreet mode of advertising via youtube ads is favored by advertisers for advertising campaigns based on a BtoB communication strategy.

It usually comes in the form of catchy text along with a link to the advertiser's site. The display frame is visible in the dimensions 468 x 60 or 728 x 90 only on computers. Some advertisers add an in-frame image to highlight their Youtube overlay ad format.

The Youtube Insearch advertising format

Among Youtube advertising solutions, there is an advertising format similar to Seo SEO. This type of advertising on Youtube makes it possible to target Internet users during their research on the Internet. It is displayed among the Google results pages when the visitor enters keywords related to your Internet advertising .

By opting for Insearch advertisements, Youtube will display your advertisement in the first place in the search results to encourage viewing. They are suitable for advertisers who plan an advertising budget in seo like Google AdWords . Just define a title of 25 characters and write a description of the advertisement with 35 characters per line. Next, optimize the ad using keywords.

The advertising budget to display your advertisement on Youtube

To prepare the advertising budget for your first advertising campaign , keep in mind the youtube platform offers different billing options. For the indisplay and Insearch ad format, the advertiser pays when the youtube user launches the ad video. This is called cost-per-click (CPC) payment .

Alternatively, enable cost-per-view (CPV) billing to pay when the user views the ad for at least 30 seconds. Here, advertisers pay the price of advertising on youtube based on the number of views and interactions received by the advertisement. Also, cost-per-thousand billing means the advertiser pays when their ad gets the thousand YouTube impressions.

The budgeting of advertising campaigns depends on the objectives set by advertisers to reach an audience .

As a result, Youtube applies a billing option depending on the type of advertising you have chosen. Likewise, the advertiser has the possibility of combining different advertising formats in his advertising campaign. The ideal is to create eye-catching visuals that encourage the user to interact with your ad.

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