How to put a video on youtube?

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How to put a video on youtube?

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Youtube is a platform that hosts videos of all categories, including music videos. These contents are published by the users who animate their youtube channel. With the opportunities accessible on the hosting site, the number of youtubers is increasing over the years. These new members and youtube channel hosts are looking for tips on how to upload a video on Youtube. Learn how to post content to your channel.

Upload a video to youtube with your computer

To create views, youtubers must animate their youtube channel with new videos. This implies that the youtube channel promoter must upload a video through the Youtube lab. When using a computer, to share a video , log in to Youtube Studio with your Google account credentials.

After logging in, open the CREATE menu and select the Import Videos option. The platform redirects you to your computer's file explorer. At this point, choose the file to import; i.e. the video you want to upload. Youtube Studio allows simultaneous insertion of up to fifteen videos.

After inserting, some settings are required before posting a video. These changes concern the information to be added on Youtube in order to reveal important details to Internet users. When the youtuber has added several videos in the publication interface, he must make the configurations for each content.

Upload a video on youtube with your Android smartphone

With the Youtube application designed for Android phones, it is possible to import videos for youtube. The software also allows you to directly record the new video to put online. Thus, go to youtube by clicking on the application icon in the menu of the smartphone. Press the Create button to select the Upload video option.

At this level, the system redirects you to the phone's file explorer. Open the folder that contains the video and choose the content intended for youtube. Then click NEXT so that Youtube analyzes the video size and format. Indeed, the publication of a video from an android smartphone is subject to a few rules.

If the duration of the content of this video is less than or equal to sixty seconds, Youtube indicates it as a Short. This configuration is systematic when the video has been filmed and edited in a square or vertical format. On the other hand, when the landscape youtube video exceeds the reported duration, the youtuber should convert by clicking the Convert to Short button.

The necessary details to fill in to upload a video on youtube

​After uploading a video in the Youtube Studio publishing interface, don't forget to provide the related details. When the user closes the import page without setting the parameters first, Youtube saves the post project as a draft.

Set video title

The youtuber must set a title for the youtube video. This is to give the name of the youtube video. This title will be visible on the internet by subscribers to the channel and millions of youtube users.

Give a description

On Youtube, any hosted video must have a description. This information concerns the information available under the posted video. The ideal format for writing this data is [Channel Name]|[Video Title]|[Video ID]. This is a standard form imposed by the youtube platform.

Youtubers who use a computer to upload a youtube video can complete the corrections section which is accessible in the description section. This part allows you to make corrections to the sequences concerned. Then click on the mention "Correction:" or "Corrections:" to see the timecodes of the content of this video and apply corrections.

Insert Thumbnail

With Youtube Studio on a computer via the internet browser, it is possible to add a thumbnail to the youtube video to put online. The thumbnail is an image that is highlighted on the video. It attracts the user's attention. At this level of the youtube share follow the instructions to choose the image file you plan to feature on the video.

Classify the video in a playlist

Before publishing a video, Youtube Studio's algorithms require the youtuber to choose a playlist for the video. This means that you have to categorize video clips into different categories. Advanced users have already created their playlists in which they store videos on youtube . If you don't have a category yet, you will have to create one.

Define the shooting location

If you post the youtube video with an android smartphone, it is necessary to let youtube and internet users know where the scenes were filmed. This information is required to share a video .

Define your audience and the age limit of the youtube video

YouTubers who upload content via a computer access the Audience and Age Limit sections on the first page of the details to provide. On the other hand, Android users need to click NEXT button to set Audience and Age Limit on the second page.

Regarding the target audience, the youtuber must comply with the COPPA law relating to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. In this regard, it must be known whether the content of this video is designed for children. Also, apply an age limit to videos whose footage is not suitable for all audiences.

Adjust advanced settings to post a video on Youtube

When you've finished embedding a video and filled in the details, tap the More button to access advanced settings. At this level, you have to make some settings in the sections:

  • category,
  • add tags,
  • comments and reviews,
  • license and distribution,
  • automatic chapters, etc.

To put a video on Youtube, it is essential to mention to the viewers if the content includes commercial communication. Also, you must define the language option and subtitling certificate and authorize or not the use of extracts from your videos to create Shorts. At the comments and reviews level, indicate whether visitors to your youtube channel can comment on the posted video.

Also choose whether followers can see the number of likes the content gets. In the advanced settings, the youtuber must add keywords that best describe the message conveyed by the video. It is indeed a question of defining the tags or hashtags which make it possible to direct the search engines. Also adjust the parameters relating to automatic chapters to give readability to the viewing of the video.

Optional advanced settings

To post a youtube video , in order to earn money with youtube views, the youtuber must go through the monetization and ad eligibility sections. In these advanced settings, monetize to generate advertising revenue or other financing solutions must be activated. For this purpose, choose the ad formats you wish to take advantage of.

For a youtube channel to be eligible for ads, the youtube channel must meet certain criteria. Indeed, you have to participate in the Youtube Partner Program in order to monetize the views obtained on the platform. Also, access the Checks page to identify any copyright issues.

The checks allow to see if the content of this video:

  • contains restrictive elements,
  • does not contain sequences or works protected by the law and
  • adheres to recommendations for advertiser-friendly content.

In general, performing these checks can take a long time. The checks run in the background and do not prevent the youtube video from being published.

Fill in the visibility section to share a video on Youtube

Visibility on Youtube app for android smartphone is about video privacy settings. On Youtube Studio, these settings relate to choosing when a video is published and which youtube users can see it.

Set youtube sharing terms

The settings made for a video to put on your youtube channel allow you to decide where the videos can appear and the Internet users who can watch this content. These are the default privacy settings which are set to Private or Public. The first option is for youtubers under the age of 18 and the second default mode is for adult users.

Regardless of age on youtuber, the privacy setting is editable. It is possible to choose from the accessible options, you can make the videos private, public or unlisted. The last option is ideal when the content of this video is intended for monetization. Enable it while Youtube performs the Community Guidelines compliance check.

Choose when to share the video on Youtube

To put a youtube video online, you have to choose from the youtube sharing options. In this regard, Youtube allows you to systematically publish the video or schedule the publication. If you want to publish the content after making the changes, select the Publish option and choose the sharing type in the privacy setting.

If not, tap the Schedule button to set the ideal time when the video will be posted. A date and time must be set for subsequent publication. The content of this video is not visible before the deadline indicated. Once these settings are complete, validate the operation by clicking on the Save button.

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