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Since its launch in 2016, the tik tok social network has become more and more popular with people. Indeed, it was able to gather on board more than a billion users. At the same time, it has allowed some people to become influencers and earn a living through the various opportunities available on this platform. Indeed, Tik Tok offers its subscribers the possibility of publishing short videos , whether they are intuitive, explanatory, funny, etc. However, what is the most viewed video on this social media? The answer is to be discovered in the lines to follow. 

most viewed video on tiktok

Auut (black screen): 61 billion views

For many years, Auut has been considered the most watched video on the social Media Tik Tok. It has about 61 billion views. However, it is important to specify that the downloader in question proceeds to the purchase of the false views to increase the notoriety of his account. According to the analyzes carried out by the experts, it is impossible to have so many views without deceiving the algorithm of the social Media Tik Tok. 

Besides, you should know that the most watched YouTube video is that of “Baby Shark Dance”. It has about 10 billion views. Today, this video posted on the social media Tik Tok has achieved 6 times more views than the most viewed YouTube video. 

At the beginning of 2022, the video having reached 61 billion views was not removed from the Tik Tok platform. In addition, the content of this video has raised some questions from several YouTube and Tik Tok users since it is only a black screen. 

Zach King's magic broom: 2.1 billion views

With a total number of views reaching 2.1 billion, Zach King's video ranks second among the most watched content on the social media Tik Tok. The content of this video is specifically based on the magic broom found in the Harry Potter movie. 

Technically, Zach's video should be positioned at the top of the most watched content on Tik Tok, especially if the authorities take into account the Taking real views. The content of this video showed the famous Zach on a broomstick. This one later revealed that it was an electric skateboard. Another new video was released in which Zach felt the magic broom trick was done with intense choreography. It is precisely thanks to this video that he was able to: 

  • Gain followers; 
  • Have a high engagement rate; 
  • Have more influence on the social network algorithm; 
  • gain popularity, 
  • Etc. 

Christmas party by James Charles: 1.7 billion views

First of all, know that James Charles was considered a very famous youtuber and makeup artist. He has about 24 million subscribers on YouTube and his total number of views stands at 2.3 billion. Just recently, James popped up on the social media tik tok. He has published several videos, one of which has allowed him to develop his community, to have a significant engagement rate and to increase the number of his subscribers. The content of this video is titled “Welcome to the Sisters Christmas party”. 

The video was released on December 9, 2019. Since that day, the content has earned him estimated views of up to 1.7 billion. This is the main reason why its content is considered the 3rd most watched video on the TikTok social media. Compared to these contents on the YouTube platform, this posted video helped him build a solid subscriber base, monetize his account and earn money. As he gained popularity, James Charles was approached by several brands so that he could offer them sponsored content. 

Zach King's Magic Glass: 996 million views

Compared to Henri Tan of “Rire Jaune” on YouTube, Zach King offers relevant content of exceptional quality. Apart from the “magic broom” that helped him gain subscribers, he also posted a new video. This time, the latter has recorded 953 million views and is ranked 5th in the most viewed videos on social Media Tik Tok. 

The content of this video is titled “This is the best hiding spot ever”. His videos on YouTube have also had success on the social network. He was able to achieve interesting and quite consistent views with his followers. 

M to B by Bella Poarch: 679 million views 

First of all, know that Bella Poarch is a singer born in the Philippines and very well known on social networks like Tik Tok. This one became famous after posting several contents, one of which allowed her to gain millions of subscribers, increase her audience and gain a significant number of views. The content of this video is titled “M to the B”. It was uploaded on October 18, 2020. In this video, Bella shows off shaking her head in rhythm. 

Besides, the content of this video posted by Bella is also considered the post that received the most likes on Tik Tok. Indeed, this video managed to amass more than 55 million likes. Thanks to her talent as a singer, Bella was able to have views and gain popularity on this social network. Today, the number of likes of this artist stands at one billion and a solid subscriber base. This is one of the reasons why Bella is among the best-known influencers on social media like Mister Dream, Kaby Lame, Kim Kardashian, Henry Tan (Yellow Laugh). 

Caution wet paint by Zach King: 659 million views 

As mentioned earlier, Zach King presents himself as one of the most famous influencers on social networks. By using the hashtag of this personality, it allows to influence the published content. Each of these videos features optical illusions of magic and dismantling. On his famous channel on the YouTube site, you will find each of these relevant contents of very good quality (that is to say Full HD). King is one of the influencers who issues a challenge during every video posted. 

Compared to his YouTube videos, King is always successful in every content posted on the Tik Tok social network. This is the case for example of "caution wet paint", a video posted by this famous. The content of this video boils down to an optical illusion of a passage. Thanks to his talent and his experiences in the sector, he was able to amass thousands of views, more precisely 659 million views in record time. With each video posted, King gains notoriety and popularity. The number of views per day recorded on his account is among the best estimates made on YouTube and Tik Tok channels.

Daexo's Laughing Baby: 390 million views

In principle, Daexo is a tale specifically dedicated to a baby whose management is in the hands of the famous Dae Warner. The latter is located precisely in the vicinity of Annapolis. The most watched video produced by this influencer comes down to a baby who is laughing. This achievement by Warner has amazed the active users of the social media Tik Tok. This is precisely what allowed him to have nearly 400 million views. Likewise, the increased number of views of the content of this video has allowed this account to have more notoriety on several other social media like Instagram. 

Shortly after it went online, “Laughing Baby” had millions of views. This allowed the Daexo account to have a good reputation with a large number of followers. According to analyzes carried out by experts, the virality of this posted and shared video has influenced the algorithms of several social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and of course Tik Tok. 

Khaby Lame rearview mirror: 349 million views

Originally from Senegal, Khaby Lame is now one of the most famous influencers in the world. He gained notoriety through the social network Tik Tok. In general, this influencer tends to post funny videos in order to make his followers laugh. On this social network, Khaby Lame has a great notoriety for these candid answers to overly complicated life hacks. Currently, the number of followers of this influencer helps about 145 million. With a particular style, he was able to seduce a large number of subscribers and also major brands. This influencer's advertising revenue is practically comparable to that of the biggest social media influencers like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Khaby Lame's most-watched video is titled "Rearview Mirror." The content of this video provides a simplified tutorial on how drivers should look outside the car. 

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