How to make an impactful Tik Tok video?

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Regularly posting content on tik tok is not enough to increase its notoriety or the number of potential subscribers. To have more visibility and increase the audience of your account, the videos to be published must be impactful . To achieve this, many active users use a digital marketing agency. However, there are remarkable web marketing techniques that can be used to generate engagement and increase the number of new subscribers to your account. You just need to put into practice a formidable social media marketing strategy so that your content can get more visibility on this Tik Tok social network. 

The camera should be as stable as possible

A video made for the Tik Tok social network will generally be viewed by millions of users. It must in no case contain printing defects.  If you want to monetize your account, it is important to invest in the purchase of adequate equipment, in particular the camera. Active users who want to use their smartphone should buy a tripod. Thanks to the latter, they will be able to have absolute stability at the level of the camera. 

By opting for this practice, you avoid that your videos are qualified as amateurs. Your followers will be delighted with the content published and will be able to like them. This will dramatically increase your engagement rate. Likewise, videos made with a stable camera offer an opportunity for influencers to attract other followers and build a solid subscriber base. 

By offering fluid and very good quality videos, you will be able to attract the attention of subscribed users present on social networks like Tik Tok. This is possible since the perfectly executed video will remove any distractions that could distract millions of subscribers from the heart of your content. 

The external microphone: an absolute priority

To catch the attention of followers allowing your video to be impactful, the ideal would be to use an external microphone. This equipment remains essential when your content includes thoughtful dialogues or noises in a particular atmosphere. If subscribed users can perfectly hear every sound of your video, they are likely to become your new subscribers. 

Today, the quality of the microphone built into cell phones leaves something to be desired. To compensate for this lack, the perfect solution would be to use external microphones available on the market. This option becomes much more interesting when you want to be live with potential subscribers. By using an external mic for the design of the videos, you will be able to interact with the community. This is a good opportunity to increase the engagement rate and gain notoriety. It is therefore recommended to greatly improve the quality of the production of the videos to gain many views. 

Digital zoom: an element to avoid

Today, several active users tend to use the zoom of their smartphone to make videos posted on social media pages like Tik Tok. Please note that this practice is absolutely not recommended. Indeed, the zoom of smartphones negatively affects the quality of the video produced. This could be a blow to your e-reputation. Hearing the advances in technology, the ideal would be to bring the smartphone closer to the person or object you want to film. By proceeding in this way, the quality of the video will be there. Which will allow you to attract the attention of millions of users. 

Lighting: a key detail 

First of all, you should know that the mobile phone generally has inefficient photographic sensors. These will not allow you to produce a video of exceptional quality and in the image of your e-reputation. Using a phone to film in a dark environment will absolutely result in a poor quality final render. In this way, you cannot have more influence with subscribed users. It is therefore essential to make your video in a well-lit shooting location. 

In addition, it is important to opt for automatic adjustment so that the device can adapt to the ambient light. Refrain from frontal light and backlighting. Thus, you will get more visibility on social networks. Likewise, your video will be able to attract the attention of potential subscribers, which will help you gain popularity. 

Choose an appropriate format

In general, the majority of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok accept videos made in landscape format. Indeed, the latter is generally the one used on television and in the cinema. Horizontally oriented video is inevitably pleasing to the active user's eye. Conversely, watching a video made in portrait format is not at all pleasant.  This will not allow you to obtain more visibility on social networks. Indeed, a video in portrait format has large black bars on the side edges of the screen. This phenomenon is not observed when viewing Instagram stories. 

In addition, Tik Tok is a social network that has a very specific audience. The videos to be made must adapt accordingly to the active users of this platform. In this way, you can define a unique editorial line and gain notoriety. 

Also, social media tends to support native video playback. This is precisely what has witnessed the enormous successes of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course Tik Tok. In addition, the tik tok social network recently updated its algorithm offering live videos. 

Use an editing application to erase the superfluous

While making a video, you may be hesitant at first. Likewise, some of the content may have diction or audio quality errors. To sublimate the notoriety of the work carried out, you must remove these small missteps. 

If you want to do simple editing, then you can use YouTube or tik tok editing app. However, users who want to make more dynamic videos should use professional editing apps. To have several interesting shots during editing, the ideal would be to film the video from several angles. 

Any user making use of an editing application will be able to set up a video of exceptional quality in a few clicks. Thus, he will be able to gain followers and increase the number of his subscribers. This is a good social media marketing strategy to promote your brand and increase the number of views on this content. 

Attract attention from the first seconds

According to studies done by a digital marketing agency, you should know that the first 5 seconds of a video determines whether the active user is interested in it or not. That's why, you need to attract the attention of a large number of users during this time. By opting for this practice, they will be likely to interact with your content. Similarly, you have a good chance that the viewing will take place in full. This practice will allow you to have a lot of influence on potential subscribers. Likewise, you will be able to expand your activity on social networks, especially Tik Tok.

To attract attention, you can also opt for a story. From expert analysis, you should know that inventive, emotionally-charged storytelling has a real impact on multiple subscribers. If you want to go in this direction, the ideal would be to opt for a story relating the triumph of a person finding himself in difficult difficulties to overcome.

Don't drag on 

Today, long-form videos are not much appreciated by active users of networks and social media. In addition, influencers opting for this practice find it difficult to have a significant number of views on their content. Although exceptions exist, it is still not recommended to drag out your content. This is precisely the reason why, several networks and social media like Tik Tok impose a time limit on their platform. By making qualitative videos of short duration, you allow your relevant content to attract subscribers to your account. The viewing of your videos can be estimated at millions of views. Communication on social networks will be tender with your subscribers. 

Add captions or on-screen text

Today, many influencers believe that active users are only interested in posted videos. However, these ignore the importance of on-screen text. Indeed, when the message to convey is not sufficiently understandable thanks to its visual, you must add subtitles to your content. With or without sound, active users and potential subscribers will easily understand the content. In this way, they will be able to appreciate the latter. This is an action to increase the engagement rate of your Tik Tok account. 

To better direct your potential subscribers, you can use hashtags. This is a practice of social networks to give references about your content. It is generally used to promote on social networks. Hashtags are important for any business wanting to promote their brand. 

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