Who has the most Tik Tok followers in 2022?

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Who has the most Tik Tok followers in 2022?

who has the most followers on tik tok

For a few years, the statistics provided by the experts rank the tik tok mobile application just behind the most used social network (Insta). Indeed, this social media has more than a billion subscribed users. Among these, you will find several influencers, some of which are more valuable than others. However, who is the active user with the most followers on Tik Tok? The answer is to be discovered in the lines to follow.

Khaby Lame: the best influencer of Tik Tok

At the age of 22, Khaby Blade is known to be the most popular man in the tik tok social network. Of Senegalese origin, this influencer lives in France and now has more than 143 million subscribers . Thanks to this figure, Khaby Lame is the most followed person on this social media.

Indeed, Khaby Lame started his career as an influencer by creating an account on the famous tik tok social network . On his profile, he took care to show an exceptional promise, "if you want to laugh, you've come to the right place". He regularly posts funny videos qualified as relevant content. His rather particular style allowed him to gather a large number of subscribers on his account.

This influencer of Senegalese origin living in Italy has become since June 23, 2022, the most popular man in the world on the famous social network specializing in the dissemination and sharing of videos adored by adolescents. Former worker, Khaby Lame revived on social networks including Tik Tok during periods of confinement caused by the coronavirus. The recipe for success that allowed him to be among the celebrities of the world on social networks lies specifically in short silent and humorous videos offered by him. Today, all of the most active users on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn follow Khaby Lame's account.

Laid off due to COVID-19, Khaby Lame recovers quickly

As mentioned earlier, Khaby Lame was born in the Senegal region. He came to Italy with his family when he was one year old. Since the age of 17, this future influencer has been working very hard to earn a living. According to the comments relayed by the Italian press agency Ansa, he declares "I was a waiter, a builder, a cook's assistant, a window cleaner...". However, his life of misery changed drastically in March 2020.

During this period, the coronavirus pandemic was hitting Italian regions hard. Khaby Lame had to be fired to save his employer's economy. Italy and the rest of Europe were in periods of confinement declared by the various governments in order to stem the progression of the virus. Being frozen in his family apartment in Chivasso (a city in the metropolis of Turin), Khaby Lame seeks all means to occupy himself. Trying to beat boredom with his phone, the future influencer turned to the tik tok mobile application. The latter was designed to allow subscribed users to post and view short videos. This mobile application has been widely used during periods of confinement and travel restrictions.

Khaby Lame started by posting relevant and humorous content. He told Italian news agency Ansa that “I noticed that people were enjoying facial expressions”. Having made this remark, the future influencer therefore continued to chain videos, viewers and subscribers. His humorous and relevant content has allowed him to have an incredible engagement rate. Khaby Lame has therefore attracted millions of members to the platform and built up a strong enough subscriber base to become one of the celebrities of this mobile application.

The main relevant contents of Khaby Lame

To stand out from any other influencer on the Tik Tok platform, Khaby Lame adopts a particular style. Relevant content posted differs from all others.

Mocking gestures tutorials

One of the main elements contributing to the success of Khaby Lame lies in the fact that this influencer turns nicely by making fun of other videos published on the famous social network Tik Tok. Much of the published tutorials and video clips are aimed at making life easier for subscribed users. However, some of them are a bit absurd or ridiculous. Being smart, Khaby Lame uses this marketing influence to increase the number of subscribers watching these videos. This allowed him to increase the engagement of his account and gain a significant number of followers in his early days.

As an illustration, take for example one of his videos published in April 2022. Indeed, Khaby Lame madly and without malice mocks another active user of the famous social network Tik Tok who is peeling a banana with a knife. Thanks to this idea of ​​imitating other subscribed users, he was able to quickly make a place for himself among the celebrities of the world. Today, Khaby Lame has a huge influence on social media, including people with Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Moreover, in the making of the videos, Khaby Lame does not say a word. The comedic aspect of relevant content is based specifically on highly expressive facial expressions. This is a good way to be understood by the millions of members of the famous social network Tik Tok.

The “universal language” of facial expressions

Today, many elements can perfectly explain the success of the influencer Khaby Lame on the famous social network Tik Tok. As a reminder, this is particularly due to the humor of its relevant content. Similarly, the humorous content of Khaby Lame remains silent and is based specifically on the universal language of facial expressions. This allowed him to explode all the records on this social network. According to the words of the founder of a specialized marketing agency in the USA, the future influencer has transcended the barriers of language and culture.

In addition, the videos offered by Khaby Lame appeal to the Internet population, because this influencer has managed to maintain a unique form of simplicity. At the same time, it stood out from several other sequences produced in a more professional manner and published on social networks. Thanks to relevant and unique content, Khaby Lame was able to:

  • Gain commitment;
  • Monetize your account;
  • Build a large subscriber base without buying followers, unlike many other influencers;
  • Be among the most reputable influencers and celebrities in the world;
  • Develop your community;
  • Attract new subscribers day by day;
  • Have a renowned authority;
  • Have a lot of influence on the millions of users of this famous social network Tik Tok.
  • Etc.

In the media, influencer Khaby Lame mentioned that "I am having fun, and that may be the key to success". He also felt that his goal was to "entertain people" and that he didn't think the action was going to be so successful. Thanks to the various relevant content published by Khaby Lame, many users of social networks like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube have registered on the Tik Tok mobile application. The number of subscribers to this social media is estimated at one billion subscribed users.

Today, millions of active subscribers rush to watch Khaby Lame's relevant content. This is possible since this influencer is part of one of the best celebrities on the planet like Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Similarly, many big brands use this influencer's hashtags to reference their content. Some companies offer him partnerships and affiliations so that he can offer them sponsored content to develop the notoriety of products and services.

In addition, Khaby Lame dreams today of becoming an actor. He enrolled in acting classes in English so that he could embark on another career. His immense popularity acquired on the social media Tik Tok allowed him to be invited to the last Cannes Film Festival which took place very recently in 2022. Unlike several other influencers with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, Khaby Lame has remained faithful on the Tik Tok platform.

Away from social media, Khaby Lame is in a particularly bad position to obtain Italian citizenship. Although this influencer is known as the most famous Italian in the social media Tik Tok, the Italian authorities have not yet granted him the nationality. Indeed, the latter is obtained mainly.

  • By right of blood;
  • By marriage, by adoption;
  • At 18 and under certain conditions for foreign nationals born in Italy.

According to the comments relayed by the Italian media, Khaby Lame estimated that he does not understand why the authorities did not grant him the Italian passport. However, he still added that he does not need this piece of paper to feel among the citizens. He will no doubt continue to insist on obtaining the legal papers allowing him to become a citizen of this great nation.

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