What strategy to use when buying Insta Likes?

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Social networks today occupy an essential function in the promotion of business. They are one of the best means of communication to make yourself known. Among the current social networks, Instagram is one of the most frequented. The audience rate and the number of reactions determine the notoriety of an account. These statistical data influence Instagram users to come and inflate the rank of followers. In this sense, buying subscriptions and reactions is a way to attract the attention of the public. However, it is not enough to buy Instagram likes , a well-established strategy is essential to show a natural growth of your account.

I - The concordance between interactions and the number of subscribers

The credibility of the reaction rate of an Instagram account is based on a balance of the ratio between their number and that of the followers .

Notion of engagement rate

The calculation of the engagement rate determines the performance of an Instagram account. The calculation consists of obtaining a percentage and is done using three methods. Each of them involves the number of subscribers.

  • For the first method, the rate is calculated by dividing the sum of Instagram likes and comments by the number of subscribers. Quotient equals percentage. So, to get the rate, we multiply it by 100.
  • The other two calculation methods use the same approach. For the second, the relationship is established between the number of interactions and the number of users who viewed the publication.
  • The third includes in addition to reactions the number of shares and backups made. The engagement rate is used to assess the impact of the content on the audience.

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II - Adapt purchases

Buy Instagram Likes produces an abnormal increase in the engagement rate. Indeed, it increases the number of visible reactions. Bringing this rate back to a value closer to normal and therefore more credible is essential. This requires further purchases.

Buying Instagram followers comes as the first solution . The choice for active and targeted followers allows an enhancement of the Instagram account. The prospecting pack system ensures the purchase of authentic followers. It offers on the one hand to increase the statistics and on the other to find potential subscribers. By referring to the keywords of the content, it clearly defines the targets to guide the purchase of followers. The acquisition of followers is done according to a setting established by the owner of the account.

In addition to likes and followers, buying views completes engagement rate adequacy. The correspondence between the number of subscribers, likes and views is a factor of credibility . In addition, it improves the visibility of the content on the platform.

III - The interest of buying likes

Buying Instagram likes is a method of displaying a notoriety, although virtual, superior to that of competitors. However, it is not a question of inflating his hearing punctually. A subsequent drop in the engagement rate would damage the image and denounce the purchase. The purchase targets users who are likely to be genuinely interested in the content of the account.

IV - Use of applications

Some specialized applications effectively guide the purchase of likes on Instagram. Using these apps is a safer way than buying in bulk. They guarantee the authenticity of the likes and followers purchased. In addition, they allow the creation of identification groups. Obtaining likes is done automatically. Some applications offer the possibility of acquiring free Instagram likes . The collection of likes is done automatically.

1) Supremeboost

The French leader in the purchase of Instagram likes and followers and other social networks is the Supremeboost.com site on which you are currently. It offers you the possibility to enter your account name then all your publications will appear and you will only have to select the one you want to boost . You will have several choices regarding the number and quality of Instagram likes .

2) Airgrow

Airgrow offers several choices for getting likes. It offers a free trial and allows you to get the first likes. Registration then allows you to join engagement groups. Members automatically like posts within the group. The application detects targets based on their hashtags and the parameters mentioned during registration. It remains functional even if the user disconnects.

3) Fast Likes

FastLikes implements very real followers and likes. It automatically provides likes. However, the selection criteria are limited to gender and nationality. 

4) Followerspascher

Follwerspascher offers the possibility to choose the number and frequency of authentic likes. The automatic version provides a daily like for a month. It offers a 2-year warranty that protects the user in the event of loss.

5) EasyTag-Likes

EasyTag-Likes allows you to create your own identification group. Members will be able to automatically exchange likes. In addition, the application presents popular hashtags to help the user in his choices in order to increase his community.

6) Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes helps the user in collecting hashtags and tags. Thus, it is enough for him to insert them in his publications. The account grows proportionally with the number of likes and followers.

7) IstLike

Specific to Android and iOS users, IstLike uses the principle of likes against likes. It offers the advantage of ease of use. It allows the acquisition of free likes.

8) Royal Likes

Besides bringing more likes, Royal Likes presents relevant hashtags to the user. It increases the volume of the community and allows to obtain automatic likes for each publication. She keeps the account prominent on Instagram.

9) Turbo Likes

Developed by MMobileDev, this application is also based on the principle of likes against likes. So, through Turbo Likes, the user can get Likes for free. You just have to be diligent in the interactions. The application has compatible versions for Android, iOS and for PC.

10) Like Hub

LikeHub offers a free trial, and is subject to likes versus likes. She stands out for her assistance in improving the photos to be published. It also offers speed and ease of use.

11) Super Liker

Super Liker is specially designed for iOS. The operation consists of a loading of the star account. These will be used to ask other users to offer you their likes.

12) Get Likes More

Upon installation, Get Likes Plus automatically provides likes to the user. To gain other likes, it will then be enough to visit and react in the accounts of other users.

13) Star Liker

StarLiker features relevant hashtags and offers filters for photos. It allows the automatic obtaining of many likes.

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