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In recent years, the tik tok social network has increasingly become one of the most widely used social media in the world. It generally has more than a billion users. This social media is very famous for its short videos, featuring dances or other popular challenges. However, what profile picture should you post on your tik tok account?

What are the right dimensions to change the profile of Tik Tok

To delete or modify the profile of your Tik Tok account, it is important to take into account the dimensions recommended by this platform. These will allow you to have an appropriate image resolution to perfectly meet the requirements.

Indeed, the ideal dimensions are displayed in the policy of use of the social media tik tok. You can perfectly take a look at it to get a clear idea of ​​how you want to personalize your profile. You should know that this social media deletes the list of profiles whose ideal dimensions are not respected to the letter. For a profile photo, the optimal size set by the platform is 100x100 pixels. It must therefore be deduced that the photos on the profile must be square.

To add a profile, these previously mentioned pixel dimensions should not be overlooked. You must comply with it. It may happen that the size of the image to put on his profile is too large. At this level, you can resize it. To edit the image and crop it, you need to use a specific tool like Photoshop. This software is also capable of bringing amazing photo editing to your profile picture.

What is the right format to choose Tik Tok profile?

Today, there are several formats dedicated to taking photos. Here are some of them:

  • JPEG format;
  • PNG format;
  • JPG format;
  • Etc.

However, almost all of them are not accepted on social networks like:

  • twitter profile,
  • LinkedIn Profile,
  • Facebook profile ;
  • Etc.

Among the items listed earlier, the correct format to use on the tik tok social network is the PNG format. However, the shape of the photo also remains essential. Indeed, it is forbidden to choose the landscape format. On the contrary, the square format remains the ideal solution for adding a profile to your Tik Tok account.

Tips for having a nice profile picture for your social Media Tik Tok

To have a nice photo of yourself to put on your Tik Tok social media, it is important to follow some tips. So here are some of them:

Capture attention and show personality

Whether it is for a professional or personal profile picture, the main purpose of having a profile picture is to capture the attention of active users of the Tik Tok social network. To achieve this with complete peace of mind, you must do everything possible to make people want to know more about yourself. Indeed, the cover photo to put on your Tik Tok account should make you want to get to know you more. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to make the profile picture during your best day.

Refrain from selfies

First of all, know that it is quite possible to use mobile phones to take a profile picture. However, you should absolutely refrain from selfies. The ideal would be to use a framing in order to focus the taking of the profile image on your face. To achieve this, you need to position the phone slightly below your neck. Put everything in place so that your phone can serve you as a camera. If you don't have a tripod, enlist the help of a friend of yours so that they can manage the colors and opt for a better touch. This is a good opportunity because it's easier to get your profile picture done faster.

Forget photos with a pet or accessories

Cover images for social networks like Tik Tok must be done perfectly. To have a beautiful profile picture, you must opt ​​for sobriety. Users looking at your profile picture will tend to know more about you. They will in no way be interested in your surroundings. This is the main reason why photography should not be done in groups. The profile picture to put on the Tik Tok social network must be a personal photo. In addition, the photographs taken in groups do not allow to have the adequate dimensions for a better miniature. Since group shots are larger, you won't be able to get the recommended dimensions on social media.

Adopt a good framing to have a beautiful profile picture

To have an optimal profile photo, it is important to take into account the framing to adopt. To have a nice profile picture to put on the Tik Tok social media, highlight and highlight your face. However, be careful not to make an exaggerated close-up. If you want to have a personal photo on your social media profile, then you must opt ​​for a profile image with an American frame. You can perfectly stop at chest level. In addition, it is possible to opt for a tighter framing at the level of the face. Specifically, the framing will be focused on the subject's head. However, be careful not to crop your profile picture too much.

Changing attitude based on intention

While shooting different cover photos, it is recommended to vary attitude changes such as:

  • With or without a smile;
  • Change the position of your arms;
  • Swivel slightly on you;
  • Etc.

In this way, you will have a larger stock of cover photos. By sorting through the images available to you, you can unearth a nice profile picture for your social Media Tik Tok. To allow your personality to be unique, you have to look at the lens. In this way, you will be able to create a connection with the spectator.

Wear nice clothes to have a nice profile picture

To have profile photos responding to news images, you must take into account your dress side. Indeed, the ideal at this level is to avoid excessively conspicuous patterns and accessories as much as possible, such as:

  • Hats ;
  • Sunglasses ;
  • Etc.

On the contrary, you should opt for discreet earrings, because this one will allow you to have an optimal and unique profile. To have a personal and flamboyant profile, it is recommended to stay sober. Specifically, opt for light makeup so that the color management is perfect.

Regarding color management, the ideal would be to favor plain colors and fairly simple shapes. Abstain as much as possible from patterns or clothing that do not allow you to show off.

attract sympathy

For your profile image to be perfect, you must smile all the time. You should make every effort to post a personal and unique profile picture. Appearing likeable is the best way to do this. A slight smile is more than enough to attract the attention of your visitors. For a personal profile photo, you need to highlight your personality. If you are for example of a playful nature, you can perfectly convey this aspect so that your personality can be connected on the profile picture.

Take care of the ambient lighting of the profile picture to put on the Tik Tok social network

To have a profile photo in portrait format of better quality, the ideal would be to bet absolutely on soft lighting. If you don't have the hardware to look great in color, you can go closer to a window. Thus, you will take full advantage of natural light. In this specific case, the ideal would be to take the profile photos under a soft light at the beginning or end of the day.

Pay special attention to the background of the profile picture

Apart from light, attitude and framing, the background of the profile image must imperatively be taken into account. Indeed, it is an essential element allowing to have a new remarkable profile. To have a nice profile picture to put on the social Media Tik Tok, it is highly recommended to choose a plain background. In this way, it greatly facilitates the colorimetric aspect of the photo.

Similarly, the colors to bring to the profile image will not be consistent. To achieve this, you can make use of a blank wall. Similarly, it is possible to stretch a white sheet behind using a curtain rod. In this way, you will be able to recreate the photos specifically dedicated to your avatars with complete peace of mind.

In addition, you must make every effort to ensure that your profile photo is perfect and unique. In this way, you will have all the personal information allowing you to reproduce the ideal profile image that will be able to seduce your audience perfectly. Similarly, it is possible to turn to a recruiter so that he can offer you the necessary advice to have a good profile picture.

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