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Today, almost all people living in France are active users on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course Tik Tok. Thanks to these different platforms, people will be able to share any type of content. Although several companies use social media to do digital marketing, there are other interesting fun options on these platforms. What are the best challenges made on the tik tok social media in 2022? This is the main topic of this article.

“In 2022 I will…”

Most recently, “In 2022 I will…” was a resounding success on almost all social media. By way of illustration, it can be cited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Indeed, this filter has also spread at high speed on the social media Tik Tok. Compared to Instagram followers, active users of this platform will just have to choose from the effects before registering. A box will appear above their head with a random message telling them what they will be doing in 2022.

Likewise, this filter has been used by several influencers and celebrities. The total of the commitments obtained by the latter is quite substantial. Similarly, any entrepreneur can perfectly use the “in 2022 I will…” filter. Thanks to the latter, he can develop his community and set up a remarkable media marketing strategy.

In addition, to access “in 2022 I will…” on the social Media Tik Tok, you must use the hashtag #in2022Iwill or #en2022je aller. However, it is important to clarify that you cannot do without music from this filter.

“Infinity Challenge”

“Infinity Challenge” is one of the most popular challenges used by tik tok social media influencers. Indeed, this trend consists of filming oneself while lifting a Ring light. While listening to music, the influencer places the ring light above their head in a fully lit room before going dark. This way, the light ring will become the only light in your video. It illuminates you by letting your silhouette appear. Many active users use this challenge to gain followers. “Infinity Challenge” is considered a tik tok trend specifically based on “body positivity”. Apart from influencers, several creators around the world have used this challenger to promote on social media. Some companies have used this challenge to increase the number of users of their products. Do not hesitate to use "Infinity Challenge" to increase the notoriety of your products and have an influence on social networks like tik tok.

For this challenge to be a total success, it is important to play music. To inspire you, you can use a few hashtags like #infinitychallenge or #ringlightchallenge on the social media Tik Tok. Thanks to these, you will find the necessary inspirations to design a quality video.

“Your DMs in quotes”

“Your DMs in Quotes” is one of the hottest trends for social media influencers like Tik Tok. These tend to share their funniest DMs in the form of inspirational quotes. In this way, they impress their followers.

As a company, you can perfectly opt for this challenge. The latter will be very useful for promoting yourself on social networks. Likewise, the challenge will be very useful for you to set up a judicious social media marketing strategy to allow you to gain followers.

Furthermore, it is important to specify that there is no music specifically linked to this challenge. You can use whichever suits you best. Use this hashtag #inspirationalquotes to get the inspirations you need to set up a renowned challenge for your account.

Duet Me Challenge

First of all, you should know that the concept "Duet me challenge" can be approached in different forms. However, the objective remains particularly the same. To pass this challenge and gain notoriety, you must create a split screen video with the video of another active Tik Tok user. You can also have yourself filmed reacting or participating live on a streaming platform.

An entrepreneur can perfectly use this practice in order to obtain more visibility. Indeed, he will use this challenge to react to videos made by active users about him. It may be a matter of denying statements and restoring one's notoriety. In this way, he will be able to increase his engagement rate and increase the number of followers of his account.

Compared to the previous challenge, there is no music specifically dedicated to this effect. However, you can perfectly take inspiration from the hashtags #duetme or #duetmechallenge to create a playlist to use.

"The Vogue Cover"

“Vogue cover” is one of the hottest trends on Tik Tok social media. In this challenge, influencers choose to modify their favorite photos so that they can look like the cover of a vogue magazine. If you have a professional account, you automatically know that you have at your fingertips a formidable social media marketing strategy. Thanks to this challenge, you will be able to present the photos of the best-selling products by your company. You can also share your latest campaign photos, photos of people using your product, photos of your partners, etc. This is a good practice for promoting them on social media.

Unlike the two previous challenges, to succeed in this trend, you must use specific streaming music. These include Gimme clout pls—Tik Toker' playlist. To get inspirations to make a great video, you can use the following hashtags:

  • #voguechallenge;
  • #voguemagazine;
  • #voguecoverchallenge;
  • Etc.

"The Album Cover"

"The album cover" is a challenge being in the same spirit as the previous one. However, this one is much more fun. He has had great success on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Indeed, this trend is to transform any photo or object into an album cover. As an entrepreneur, you can use this challenge perfectly to:

  • Develop your e-commerce;
  • Be popular on the famous social network Tik Tok;
  • Expose your activity on corporate social networks;
  • Have more visibility on corporate social networks;
  • Increase the notoriety of the company;
  • Improve e-reputation and community management;
  • Promote your brand;
  • Develop the company's audience with its followers,
  • Etc.

To be successful in this challenge, the ideal would be to use the music “Hiiipower x Diand, Michael”. If you lack inspiration, then use the hashtags #albumcover or #albumcoverchallenge”. These will allow you to set up quality content that can develop your notoriety.

"I'll Never Forget You"

"I'll never forget you" remains particularly a challenge to highlight having had a significant impact in their lives. For example, you can use this trend to tell an important moment in your life and reach your target. This will allow you to improve your notoriety and have a remarkable digital communication.

Today, the presence on social media is essential for any entrepreneur. As such, you need to be active on social media and improve your brand awareness. To achieve this, you must adopt a fairly substantial social media marketing strategy. For example, you can make use of this trend to reach your target and start a new challenge. Any entrepreneur opting for this practice will be able to:

  • To promote its brand;
  • To animate his community;
  • To increase the audience via the most used social network,
  • To engage the community;
  • Improve your brand image
  • Etc.

To succeed in this challenge, you must use the music "Never forget you, Noisettes". Similarly, it is possible to use one or more hashtags that can serve as referencing. For inspiration, refer to the hashtags #illneverforgetyouchallenge or #iwillneverforgetyou. To be sure to design relevant content, you must use a web marketing agency. This will put everything in place so that you have a remarkable social media marketing strategy. Thanks to his skills in SEO, the social media accounts of your companies will be able to obtain more visibility. In addition, a community management agency will be essential to ensure a strategy of presence on social networks like Tik Tok. In this way, you will gain millions of active users. This will offer you good digital communication and increase your notoriety on social networks.

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