How to promote your products in video on Tik Tok?

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In recent years, the notoriety and credibility of the social network Tik Tok have continued to grow considerably on the web. According to the analyzes carried out by the experts, it should be noted that users today spend more than 53 minutes per day on this free app. Moreover, Tik Tok is among the most downloaded mobile applications in recent years. Many entrepreneurs who tended to take advantage of profitable online business ideas are starting to turn to this social network to promote their product . What are the best ways to promote your products on video on this social media? The answer is to be discovered in the lines to follow. 

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Use AR filters

Just recently, there was the creation of a new internal AR filter application. This was the work of the giant Facebook. Thanks to this new application, you will be able to use filters allowing you to have better quality videos. 

To achieve this with complete peace of mind, the ideal would be to use platforms for downloading free Android applications and also for iPhone. Thanks to these, you will be able to download the mobile application allowing you to create augmented reality and original effects for your videos. 

By implementing the Spark AR Studio software designed by Facebook, you will be able to benefit from exceptional AR filters allowing you to add an image layer to the foreground or background of your video. To succeed in this industry, here are some tips to consider for engaging audiences on this Tik Tok social network: 

  • Proceed with the creation of filters that active users of the tiktok social network can easily use on their image. In this way, they will be able to benefit from an experience of their approach with the product. 
  • Make use of the best face tracking in order to implement realistic effects in your video. 
  • Offer the possibility to active users to be able to interact with your videos in a few clicks.
  • Place your video on real world objects and places. You can also transport active users following your video to new places to discover. 
  • Etc. 

By using this free iPhone and Android app, you will be able to add a fun element to your product promotions. This is a best practice for getting potential subscribers to engage with your brand. Thanks to this free application, you will encourage active users of this Tik Tok social network to try your products. This will significantly increase your notoriety and allow you to win more customers. 

Adopt Tik Tok Reels

To effectively promote your products in video on the social Media tik tok, you can also make use of a specific video editor. To achieve this, for example, download the Beatleap mobile application. These include an Android and iOS software to download 30-second multi-clip videos under its new Reels feature. These are generally inspired by the very popular content of the social network Tik Tok. This practice is considered one of the best ways to promote products and increase your brand awareness on this platform. 

Additionally, you can access apps offered by other platforms to create short, relevant and engaging content for your audience. With just a few clicks, you will be able to create amazing videos for your products. Using its best Android and iOS apps, you'll be able to sync music with video footage to get a better rendering. No need to be among the seasoned developers to use this kind of functionality.

In addition, it is possible to download the Facebook Creator Studio smartphone application for free to design your promotional videos. Thanks to this one, you will be able to create and modify your videos to have a consequent positive feedback. However, the ideal would be to publish the video promoting your products on your Tik Tok business account. 

Opt for Tik Tok video subtitles

Today, some active users of the Tik Tok social network tend to watch the videos without sound. To allow them to better understand your content, the ideal would be to add subtitles and captions to your videos. In this way, the marketing message to be transmitted will not be ignored during the promotion of the products. By using this practice, you ensure that at least one out of two people perceives your message. To achieve this, the ideal would be to use the Facebook application. To install the latter, go to the Android and iOS application download platforms. 

Indeed, the Facebook mobile application allows any active user to create subtitled videos automatically while downloading. You can publish your content on this platform first and save it later. In this way, you will get a video with subtitles that you will post on your Tik Tok account. 

However, it is important to check the legend offered by this Android and iOS software in order to correct automatic errors if possible. At the same time, this mobile application offers you the possibility to create your own dedicated subtitling file. Although this practice requires more work, it still allows you to bring more precision to your promotional content. It must therefore be deduced that adding captions to product promotion videos offers several advantages to anyone wishing to watch the content without sound. 

Set up your tik tok account for product promotions 

For a few years, the developers of the Instagram mobile application have implemented a free feature allowing any active user to create their own personalized storefront. Anyone who wants to sell products and has an Instagram account should take a look at this shopping feature to maximize their sales. Thus, active users of this platform can buy your products directly through the application and this will be done in a few clicks. 

Although being among the best Android and iOS apps, Tik Tok lacks these features. However, you can perfectly create amazing quality videos to showcase your products to the active users of this platform. This practice remains particularly very simple and effective to easily develop increased visibility and unparalleled notoriety on this social network. 

Take full advantage of the Messenger function of tik tok

The mode of operation of the Messenger offered by the Tik Tok apk remains particularly similar to Facebook Messenger. This feature implemented by the developers is particularly useful for anyone wishing to promote their product on video. Indeed, thanks to it, you will be able to manage customer communication on this platform. Likewise, it will be possible to conclude sales contracts with your customers. 

Moreover, you can particularly take advantage of the Messenger functionality offered by this application for Android and iOS to stay in touch with your audience or followers. For example, you will be able to:

  • Respond to specific messages; 
  • Send stickers; 
  • Send anime messages; 
  • Send personalized emoji reactions; 
  • Etc. 

This iPhone and Android app also has a vanishing pattern. By activating this feature, you will be able to send messages which may disappear once read. This allows you to have more privacy on your products. 

Mix user-generated content and photography

First of all, you should know that the Tik Tok app has both an Android and IOS program. Indeed, user-generated content has an estimated conversion rate of 4.5%. This figure is much higher than that of non-user-generated posts. You must start by taking advantage of the power of this mobile app in order to considerably increase the notoriety and credibility of your products. Specifically, you should use user-generated content to create outstanding videos of the products to be listed. 

The biggest advantage of user-generated posting is that customers have the opportunity to see themselves with the product on your tiktok page. Thanks to this practice, the video produced with the aim of promoting the products to be put on sale can be shared and liked in max. 

Besides, it is also recommended to encourage customers to post their photos or make a short video with your products on this app for iPhone and Android. By opting for this practice, they will make you advertisements while putting the link of your account in the description of their content. At the same time, you will have the possibility to mix the publications made by your customers on this Tik Tok mobile app to increase the reach, notoriety and credibility of your brand.

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