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Today, the influencers of the social network Tik Tok design exceptional videos. To achieve this with peace of mind, these tend to use music in the background . Active users who follow these various published contents sometimes admire the songs used to design the videos. Also thanks to this practice, several artists have seen their music gain more notoriety on social networks. Today, what are the music of the moment on the social Media Tik Tok? We will discuss the subject further in the lines to follow. 

current tiktok music


Gayle is considered today as one of the popular artists appearing in the musical news of the social network tik tok. Indeed, only 17 years old, this young girl released her first album in which there is one of the most popular songs on this platform. This new track is titled “Abcdefu”. Since the release of the album, the artist has recorded a total of 87 million views on the various platforms dedicated to this purpose. This unedited track has been used by several active Tik Tok users to craft videos of exceptional quality. An excerpt from the disc (more precisely the chorus) is part of the music of the moment on tik tok. 

The excerpt entitled "Abcdefu" is very popular. On the tik tok social network, a handful of influencers take up the title of this single.  Some of them even sang this new title in French version. Just like other artists such as Vitaa, stromae, soprano, Jay z, Gayle's new single is among the most popular new songs on the tik tok social network. 

Dance Monkey

Dance Monkey is one of the most famous musical novelties on the tik tok social network. This is a song that has established real authority. Indeed, Dance Monkey allows anyone to hop. Today active users of tik tok social network put this song in favorite music list. Similarly, some make use of rhythmic and catchy songs like Dance Monkey. The latter is considered one of the new musical releases that they use as the perfect background music. 

Users who have watched the various videos made with this new single have been very dazzled. Some of them even found a kind of addiction and crushes on this new single. Whatever the difference between the videos, this song of the moment perfectly left your ears pricked up. However, the most popular videos with this music are usually those: 

  • Of dance ; 
  • riding
  • From tone and I; 
  • Etc. 

Compared to several Eminem songs, Dance Monkey has adopted a rather particular style, notably jazz and rock n roll. It is also music for a special event night. Dance Monkey plans to release a new album very recently. This artist has promised that there will be music that moves and allows her fans to wiggle their hips to beautiful melodies. 

This is for Rachael

This is for Rachael is one of the most famous music of the moment on tik tok. She has gained considerable popularity on this social network. In fact, this music is from the Twitter clip of 2018. It is a resounding success on the application. As the name suggests, the creator of this video has truly gotten creative. He knew how to set up fantastic electronic music, accompanied by a sublime video in which you will see the transformation of a fish into a human being. 

To compose this electronic music, the creator to use software other than those offered by tik tok. Regardless of the style of the video produced, listening to “This is for Rachael” music allows you to relax. Several active users of the tik tok social network today use this new single to put together outstanding videos. 


"Intentions" was sung by the famous Justin Bieber. Since putting this music online, it has been in the music news for a long time. Indeed, this song remains particularly touching. Although the lyrics are mainly directed towards relationships with women, many active users on the tik tok social network have taken inspiration from the musical extracts of this electronic music to put together tons of videos. 

In the official music video for Justin Bieber, the girl shows some kind of excitement factor, which caused the music news as a whole to panic. Musical extracts from this song of the moment have been used many times for different videos made on tik tok. Thanks to this excerpt from his album (Justin Bieber), active users of this social network have been able to create exceptional quality content with this electronic music. 

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a musical excerpt that was shot in a funny video. However, this electronic music offers pleasure by the presence of its beautiful tone and also of these funny moments. Since the advent of this new single, this electronic music has had incredible success on several social networks such as tik tok. Although this song appeared in 2008, it was able to be part of the music of the moment of tik tok. Today, no one can ignore his notoriety. 

In addition, “Shooting Stars” was the work of the Australian composer group Bag Raisers. Many tik tok users resort to this electronic music to get some publicity out of it by dancing, acting or doing other interesting entertainment. This is why the work of this group of composers is ranked among the most famous musical novelties today. 

All I want for Christmas is You

"All I want for Christmas is You" is one of the most trending and used new musical releases on social networks. Available on Apple Music, many active users have taken hold of this electronic music which was the work of the famous Justin Bieber. Each year, this song of the moment comes back on the musical news, especially during the winter periods. Everyone listening to this song receives positive vibes and other good things. Likewise, the title of Justin Bieber's music is very alluring. This song of the moment is also considered the first extract from the album Merry Christmas by the famous Mariah Carey. 

Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

Set up by composer Billie Eilish, Bad Guy is also considered music of the moment on the tik tok social network. As one of the new musical releases, active users of this social media have used excerpts from this electronic music in the most popular video. Indeed, this new single is on the front page of musical news. 

Besides, Billie Eilish's official video was breathtaking. Indeed, the artist performed just like the queen of cold hits. However, be aware that there has been a fairly slow pace in the growth of this electronic music's visibility on tik tok. Similarly, users tend to duets. Some are even ready to pair with this album to make a short video. In addition, several other users of the tik tok social network have used an extract from the disc for all kinds of videos such as: 

  • Artistic, 
  • Not funny, 
  • Design, 
  • The painting, 
  • Makeup: etc. 

This is one of the reasons why Bad Guy is one of the most used music on the tik tok social network. 

Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid)

Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid) is one of the music of the moment not to be overlooked on tik tok. Considered one of the greatest hip-hop, Blueface baby is a popular rapper. Part of one of the most popular songs of the moment, Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid) is the perfect electronic music to dance to or lip sync. Available on Apple Music and Google Play Music, this song called "Thotiana" has been in the limelight for several years. Many influencers of the tik tok social network have used this electronic music to gain millions of views on this platform. This is possible since the majority of users of the tik tok social network like to wiggle under this sound signature. Likewise, a handful of influencers perform this classical music in the video. 

Compared to other songs by rappers such as Lady Gaga, Soprano, Orelsan, this rap music is in the music streaming list. If you want to listen to good music, then refer to the latest album of this artist. In addition, the latter has established collaborations with several media such as France Inter and YouTube, so that his music albums are broadcast. You can also find this new song on the Google Music and Apple Music platform.

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